ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 11 – 20

Enemies of the Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 14.

Another Sunday and Rev.Leo was absent again. Pastor Jim who was always delighted and happy whenever Reverend was not in church gave a beautiful sermon. The holy spirit moved like never before. There was great deliverance, testimonies and miracles. This motivated the people to even give more than before because the man of God made them understand that giving opens the door to your breakthrough.

After the service, brother Isaac the treasurer was sitted in his office counting the offering and tithes and seeds sown by the members. He came across a huge envelope and he opens it. It was filed with dollars and a short note attached to it.

”God has used this ministry to bless my life and my family. Reverend Leo stood by me in prayers and encouragement and i wouldn’t be where I am today I not for him. Today my family and I are in the US because of the lessons I learnt and followed from this great church. This is a token from my heart to God. Let the house of God be built from it. Once again. Thank you Jesus and thank you my able Reverend Leo.”

Brother Isaac took a look at the envelope, there was no name or forwarding address attached to it. The money in it was huge and so he knew that it was a reasonable amount of money. He looked round to see if anyone was coming. And when he saw no one, he quickly dipped the envelope inside his bag and kept he bag a little bit far from him but at a very visible point where his eyes can always be on it.

Not quiet long Pastor Jim walks in excited.

Jim: Isaac ma man, how far? What do we have for today?

Isaac: Pastor I am still counting, the people really gave today.

An excited pastor Jim say down and helped brother Isaac with the counting. With brother Isaac stealing a glance at his bag from time to time.

At the end of the count, a whopping sum of 1.7million naira was recovered. Pastor Jim jumped up and started dancing round the room.

Isaac: pastor why are you dancing?

Jim: I should dance my brother, God has blessed us. Since the history of this church, never have we gotten this kind of money on a Sunday service. Never! Except during programs or raising of funds. Never!

Isaac: But we do get this kind of money sometimes. Not very often but sometimes.

Jim: Ehn! It’s possible, you know I really didn’t put interest in church money and offerings until last two years. I didn’t care. You know na. That our Reverend is the only one in charge. Collecting and syphoning all the money. Greedy fellow!

Isaac: ah ah pastor, Rev Leo is not like that. He has never taken money from the church purse, except for a project in the church and he makes it open for all the committee members of the church.

Jim: see you, will you know? How will you know if he collects money. This is how someone outside will say, brother Isaac has never collected a dime from church money since I know him. Or do you go out to announce that you took church money?

Isaac: No oooo, how can I do that?

Jim: O o o oh! That is how Leo will not tell you If he collects money. See ehm, Rev Leo is greedy. He is making money from this church. Didn’t you see he changed his car? And bought a new one for his wife? Do you know how much those two cars will cost? If am not mistaken those two cars will cost nothing less than 7.5million. where do you think he got the money from?

Isaac: I still doubt pastor, all the money pass through me, and you and I always collect more than half of the money that comes into the church. So where and how did he gather that kind of money.

Jim: Shut up there you don’t know anything. Okay fine let’s assume he is not collecting the money what is he now doing with it? He is not building the church anymore. There is no project on ground. What is he doing with all the money?

Isaac: He pays church workers na.

Jim: How much? How do you think I got frustrated to start collecting church money? It’s because of reverend’s greediness. He collects huge offerings and tithes from church yet pays us meagre salaries. How much is my salary you think? 30,000 naira, miserable thirty thousand naira. If I his assistant is receiving 30,000 naira , how much then do you think other church workers are recieving?

Isaac: Mine is 18,000 naira.

Jim: Minimum wage, you see? You see what I am saying? How can a church be receiving hundreds of thousands of every Sunday and yet paying peanuts to church workers. Is that not wickedness? And then you expect me to feel guilty when I am collecting church money? Never I am only paying myself the salary I am supposed to receive. Abeg share this money let’s leave here abeg.

Isaac: How much do we keep for the church?

Jim: Erm, bring 1.5million. keep 200k for the church .

Isaac: But that’s too big sir.

Jim: It’s like you don’t want money. My workers are working in my site o, I nee to pay them. Anyways if you don’t need money, you can leave your share with the church.

Isaac: Noo ooo, I have big responsibilities too o.

Jim: No you don’t have. Two hundred thousand is too small for the church. What are they doing with the money? Abeg give me 900k and keep 600k for yourself.

Isaac wore a big smile on his face.As he quickly separates the money and keeps two hundred thousand in the church safe , keeps 600k for himself and gives Jim his share.

Isaac: my pastor the correct man.

Jim: Make sure you record on ground very well o, 200k do you understand?

Isaac: Trust me pastor, that’s my job. I know what to do.

Jim: Good, am going home. Pack up and leave.

Jim steps out of the church and Isaac heard the sound of his car driving off. He quickly rushes to check his bag if the dollars was there. After making sure it was there, he smiled to himself as he packed up to leave.

He drives off quickly to meet his aboki friend that normally changes dollars to naira. And demanded that the dollars be changed for him.

It was a total of 5million naira. Isaac almost fainted, but he composed himself, lifted the Ghana must go bag in his car and zooms off.

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