ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 11 – 20

Enemies of The Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 18.

Leo returned to the house very late at night. His eyes were swollen from crying too much. He went straight into his room and fell on his bed. Not quiet long Rachael walks up to him.

Rachael: Are you sleeping?

Leo ignores the question and laid still facing the wall. Rachael quickly goes on her knees and starts crying.

Rachael: Honey please, I don’t want us to live like this anymore. I know you are angry with me but I want you to know that whatever I have done I did for the two of us. I want us to have our own children, I want us to be parents like other people too. You know on a normal circumstance I will never allow any other man touch me. Please honey, I am not happy that things went this way but please let’s let go and move ahead with our lives. Honey please.

Leo: I begged you Rachael, I pleaded with you but you allowed the devil take possession of your heart. You allowed impatience overwhelm you and you lost yourself in sin. The sin of adultery.

Rachael: Am so sorry dear, am really sorry, I was desperate , I was determined.

Leo: Now you are pregnant. This is why you have suddenly realized you are sorry. If you weren’t pregnant you wouldn’t have come to your senses. You wouldn’t be begging right now. You insulted me, you threatened me, you even blackmailed me, you disobeyed and ignored me just because you were blinded.

Rachael: I am truly sorry my husband. I have begged God to forgive me and I know he has so please forgive me too and let’s plan our lives together just like we used to. Please honey. For the sake of our unborn child.

Leo: Your child Rachael, your unborn child, that child is not mine and I will never accept it as mine. That child is a product of sin and I will never be part of that sin.

Rachael: (angry) stop talking like that, ah ah. Don’t call my child such please. We did this together. We are in it together. Now am begging you so that we can come together and ask God for Mercy and build again like we used to you are bringing in the past.

Leo: I am not part of your sin. Don’t rubb me in.

Rachael: But you are Leo, you are. You brought the money we used in settling Alfred, so you are part of this.

Leo smiled and then raised up his head.

Leo: Rachael you are so lost and I will pray for God to redeem your soul. Yes I took the money from church and I quickly realized and wanted to return it, but you stole the money. You stole it. I never gave it to you.

Rachael: You had it in mind and that was why you signed it and kept it carelessly for me to steal. Whatever you say we are in this together. So let go the drama and let’s plan on how to take care of our baby.

Leo: Your baby Rachael, not mine. And don’t you think you will blackmail me once more with the 7million naira from church. Because I already returned it.

Rachael: What?

Leo: Yes dear, I returned it already. Look outside, I have sold my car, I also took some loans and by the grace of God, I have returned it same way I collected it.

Rachael: But how would you be moving around. You can’t be entering bike or cabs up and down.

Leo: I am not like you Rachael, I will wait on the Lord to bless me when He dims fit.

He stands up and walks away.

Rachael: buh buh buh…….

Leo: I forgive you Rachael. Ask God to forgive you too, and be truly repentant from sin and change your ways.

Leo walks away with Rachael stating at him as if she’s seen a ghost.

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