ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 11 – 20

Enemies of the Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 19.

Mr and Mrs Alfred sat at the dinning table enjoying thier dinner. The children has all gone to thier various rooms, some were watching TV in the sitting room. Mrs Alfred was the one who started the discussion.

Mrs Alfred: Honey have you heard?

Alfred: Heard what?

Mrs Alfred: Chief Ike is set to take another wife, the number 7th wife.

Alfred: What?

Mrs Alfred: Yes dear, he wants to take another wife. An elder in the church and yet no one is talking to him.

Alfred: who will talk to him?

Mrs Alfred: The deacons and deaconesses, the pastor’s, the reverend. Someone ought to talk with him.

Alfred: you are making me laugh. Chief Ike is like the pillar of that church, nobody will tell him anything . You want him to angrilly leave the church? Who will sponsor the church, who will support the church. Haven’t you heard him brag that his tithe alone is enough to settle all the members of the Church for life?

Mrs Alfred: Are you serious? Na wa o. I don’t understand out churches these days. Pure and physical sin like this and no one will rise and speak about it. Not even the Reverend.

Alfred: Which reverend ? Abeg talk of something else.

Mrs Alfred: Talking about the reverend. I heard his wife is finally pregnant. After all the years of waiting.

Alfred: I heard it too

Mrs Alfred: Thank God for her o, I am very happy for them. Expecially for our Reverend. Thank God for them.

Alfred’s phone began to ring, he looks at his wife and then picks up the phone and steps out. Mrs Alfred has been noticing him for some time now, he has been acting funny expecially when his phone rings.

Not quiet long, he walks back in and gave his wife a peck and told her he was coming and needs to meet up with a client. Mrs Alfred was not happy because this attitude recently started. But she said nothing. She watched him step away.

Hours later he returned. Mrs Alfred was still very much awake, but she quickly pretended to be fast asleep as Mr Alfred took his phone and replied a WhatsApp message that came in and then falls on the bed, and few minutes later he was snoring so loud.

Mrs Alfred got up and picked up his phone and went through it to see the client that called her husband that evening and kept him so late till this time. She went through the call logs and saw the number saved as Mr Wale.

Then she went through his WhatsApp chats and she got the shock of her life.

Mr Wale: Thank you for being such an amazing lover. I had fun tonight.

Alfred: I had fun too sweetheart. Please no more messages am off to bed. I will see you tomorrow.

Mr Wale: no problem am home already and about going to bed. I hope you are home too and your wife has no suspicion.

Alfred: No dear, she is already here snoring like a cow.

Mr Wale: Hahahaha. See you tomorrow darling, I promise to give you treats that your wife has never and can never give to you. Good night. And please delete this messages from your phone.

Mrs Alfred was surprised and furious. The last message from Mr Wale came when Alfred had probably slept off, because it was not yet read.

Mrs Alfred was angry, she thought of what to do to her husband whom she has concluded ic cheating on her, she wanted to wake him up, slap him or even hit him with her phone but then she thought again “who is this Mr Wale?” Obviously it’s not a Mr, it’s definitely a woman, and so she picked up her phone and copied out the number and dialed it. What she saw almost blinded her. Boldly written on her phone. “Mummy Reverend”

“It can’t be” she muttered.” It’s not possible” she repeated! How can her own very reverend Leo’s wife be having an affair with her husband?

Mrs Alfred wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, different emotions overwhelmed her, she wanted to be mad but surprisingly she was just there unable to do anything.

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