ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 11 – 20

Enemies of the Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 17.

Reverend Leo woke up to see almost 200 missed calls on his phone. He was both surprised and scared because he just decided to sleep for two hours and then this. At first he feared that someone had died but then he decided to change his thoughts to positive thoughts only. He wanted to call the callers one by one but he didn’t know whom to start with. Finally he decided and picked one number. His heart was pacing up and down as he waited for sister Rita to pick. Finally she picked up.

Leo: Hello sister Rita, how are you? I missed your call.

Rita: Hello reverend, good evening sir, how are you and mummy?

Leo: We are doing great by the grace of God! I missed your call, I hope all is well and there is no problem?

Rita: Of course sir, there is no problem, I called because I wanted to tell you congratulations sir. I saw the good news online.

Leo who was surprised and had no idea what Richard was talking about decided to ask.

Leo: Thank you, but what good news are you talking about?

Rita: Reverend the good news about mummy, I am so happy, after so many years of waiting God has finally blessed you and mummy. This is a fufillment of scriptures and a proof that they that wait upon the Lord will never be disappointed. Papa you have no idea how you have built my faith and that of so many persons.

Reverend Leo who was still confused, was trying to understand what sister Rita was saying.

Rita: papa my prayers for you and mummy is that with this pregnancy, God will give you double or even triplet as a prize for all your waiting upon him in Jesus name.

It was at this point that Reverend Leo understood what sister Rita was trying to say. So Rachael was pregnant and he didn’t know about it? Who was responsible for the pregnancy? Did she go ahead with her plans with Alfred? Or was he the father of the baby? Leo was so lost in thoughts that he didn’t hear the last words of Rita, not until she asked.

Rita: Reverend are you there? Did you hear what I said.

Reverend Leo quickly remembered he was on call and answered.

Leo: yes sister, Thank you so much, I really appreciate, we appreciate your call.ay God bless you.

Rita: Yes sir, my regards to mummy and please tell her to take plenty of rest, we don’t want to hear stories now that God has finally done it for us and answered all of our prayers.

Leo: no problem sister she will hear.

After Rita ended the call, Leo received 7others calls all of which was to congratulate him on the pregnancy of his wife, which he was not even aware of. He decided to call Rachael who was in the kitchen cooking. They’ve not really being intimate as husband and wife since the Alfred’s saga, they just lived like two strangers in the house. Leo barely spoke with her. But after hearing this news he decided to call her.

She grudgingly walks up to him without answering his call.

Rachael: so you still remember my name. I thought you have totally forgotten.

Leo: Rachael are you pregnant?

Rachael looks at him. And started rubbing her stomach and smiling.

Leo: Answer me Rachael are you pregnant?

Rachael: So you finally noticed, I thought you would never ask.

Leo: So it’s true, you are pregnant and the whole country knows about it except me your husband.

Rachael: The whole world. What do you mean by the whole world. I’ve not told anyone about it.

Leo: You’ve not told anyone yet the whole country is calling me to congratulate me.

Rachael: Well I don’t know anything about that.

Leo: So who is responsible? Who is the father of the child you are carrying?

Rachael: what kind of question is that?

Leo: Rachael I haven’t gotten angry with you in a long time than I can remember, don’t make me get angry now because if I do it won’t be funny, just answer me, who is responsible for your pregnancy?

Rachael: It’s our baby Leo, yours and mine…..

Just then her phone starts ringing. Leo picked up the phone and sees the caller. It was Alfred.

Leo: Pick your call Rachael.

She bends down and takes the call. Leo listens
as Alfred congratulates her, he watches his wife as she smiled and grinned from ear to ear. After the call he spoke with pain in his voice.

Leo: So it’s Alfred’s baby?

Rachael: No baby, it’s ours, Alfred may have been the instrument that God used to put in this child but the baby is definitely ours. (Leo was staring at her) Baby, nothing has changed. We will just relocate from here and have our baby in peace. Alfred will not bother us. God has answered our prayers, ain’t you happy?

Leo: Shut up, just shut up!

With tears in his eyes , he stands up and walks away.

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