ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 31 – The End

Enemies of The Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 42.

Reverend Leo was leaning onto the walking stick. He was looking healthy and strong even though he was still leaping and meaning on a walking stick after so many months. He was looking handsome and smart in his white polo and blue jean trousers.

He walked up to Rachael’s bed and sits by the edge. A terrified and scared Rachael was screaming at the top of her voice and using her hand to cover her battered face.

Rachael: No no no don’t come bear me, you are dead, you are a ghost, stay away from me. Jesus, Jesus, blood of Jesus I cover myself with the blood of Jesus, someone help me, someone take this dead man from here.

Doctor: Madam can you please calm down, you are hurting yourself and your blood pressure can go up if you continue like this.

Rachael: Doctor get this man from here please. He is a a ghost. He is dead and has been buried already please please get him away from here.

A smiling Leo, raised his head and looked at her, he shakes his head in pity and then spoke for the first time since he entered the room.

Leo: Rachael, can you just have pity on yourself and calm down?

Rachael: The ghost talks, the ghost talks o.

Rachael jumps from the bed and straight out of the hospital room. The nurses tried to hold her down but just like a flash of light she dashed passed them to the waiting room and them into the streets.

Reverend Leo , the nurses and doctors ran after her trying to hold her and calm her down, but she was much stronger and smarter as she pushed everyone out of her way. She ran into the street screaming “the ghost talks, he is talking, the ghost is talking.”

All efforts to catch her proved abortive. The doctors and nurses finally gave up on their pursuit as they all turned and returned back to the clinic one after the other leaving reverend leo to chase after his wife.

Rachael kept on running and screaming in the streets, turning to look back at intervals , and once she sees leo coming she increases her speed and shouts the more, falling and trampling on goods and people.

She didn’t look at her front and so she didn’t see the car that was coming her way. Before reverend Leo could shout and draw her attention to the vehicle coming with high speed, Rachael already ran into it. The car hit her hard and she fell to the ground.

Leo got to where she was and lifted her up and took her back to the hospital where she just ran away from.

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