ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 31 – The End

Enemies of the Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 41.

Rachael rolled from one end of the bed to the other. Her head and left hand was bandaged , she had a big cut on her lips, her entire face was swollen and she whirled in pains as she gradually opened her eyes slowly.

She let out a loud scream that got the doctors and nurses running to her room. When they got there she had already passed out. The doctor was surprised as he couldn’t understand why she fainted. He sent for his stethoscope and the nurses hurried away to get them. He checked on Rachael and her vitals. Then he asked a nurse to stay with her in the room.

It was about thirty minutes later that Rachael re opened her eyes, she sat up in fear.

Nurse: Madam please calm down before you hurt yourself.
Rachael: Where is he? Where is he? (She asked in fear)

Nurse: Madam calm down. Where is who? You are in the hospital and we are taking good care of you.

Rachael: Hospital? (Slowly she remembered the chase of Alfred and his family, and then she remembered the accident, she remembered being carried by Alfred and his wife and one other man, and then she remembered her pregnancy. She looked at her stomach an it was gone. She screamed so loud that the doctor and other nurses came running in again.)

Rachael: My baby, my baby, where is my baby? What happened to my baby? Where is my baby?

Nurse: madam please calm down before you end up hurting yourself.

Rachael: Don’t tell me to calm down. Where is my baby, I want to see my baby right now.

Doctor: (to the nurse) it’s alright Nurse, let me take it from here. (To Rachael) Erm madam, my name is doctor Clement, you were involved in an accident and you were brought to our clinic .

Rachael: Yes I know this, but I was pregnant before the accident and now I am not seeing my baby neither am I pregnant. What is going on? What happened? Where is my baby? What happened to my baby?

Doctor : madam please calm down. You were critically injured during the accident and you are lucky to have survived it. However there was severe damage on your baby, we had to do everything possible to save him. That was why we quickly had a CS done on you.

Rachael: And?

Doctor: Unfortunately your baby was too weak when he was brought out, and despite all we did to save him we still lost him. We are so sorry madam but we tried our best.

Rachael: What nonsense are you speaking from your mouth. Lost who? (Laughs sarcastically) I believe you are telling a huge joke doctor, please kindly go out there and bring my baby for me please.

Doctor: Am so sorry madam, But God gives and He takes. We are only Messengers that try. He does the saving and the healing.

Rachael: (screaming) what nonsense is this? (Crying) what rubbish are you talking about? Where is my baby, go and get me my baby right now.

The door opens and he walks in. When Rachael saw him she almost fainted again. She raised her hand and starts screaming….

Rachael: Ghost! Ghost! Ghost!

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