ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 31 – The End

Enemies of the Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 43.

As Leo looked at his wife on the bed battling to survive, tears fell from his eyes. He knows everything she has been doing all this while. He knew how lost she’s become he felt pained in his heart and wished she hadn’t fallen from her faith. He remembered the event that took place in the last six months.

That evening as he left the office and went home. He remembered getting to his house gate. He noticed the men in Black following him and he increased his pace and tried to rich into his compound but he was blocked by those men who shot at him countless times. He fell to the ground and watched in pains as life was slowly draining out of him.

He remembered seeing her rush out and speaking and shouting to the men in Black. “Did you have to kill him? I only said deal with him not kill him” and then he remembered the response from one of the men. “madam which one be deal with am but nor kill am, I don’t understand you o. Abeg the man don die e don die. Come give us our money make we get out of here”

Though he was completely shut out but he heard the sound of thier car as it drove away. And then just before he blacked out completely, he remembers seeing her like a shadow, running up and down and screaming for help. Then he passed out.

He woke up 2days later to a bunch of dead n@ked men and women. He knew he had died because he saw himself standing face to face with an angel of God, who had told him that he would go back and fulfill his calling. He stood up and walked out of the room filled with dead naked people. It was a quiet night and so nobody saw him. He moved straight to the doctor’s office and sat on one of the chairs until morning when the man came to work. The terrified doctor almost ran out mad when he saw him sitting at his office. But somehow the holy ghost was able to make him bold and he stood and listened to the reverend.

Then they planned together to keep his being alive a secret so that they can trace the persons who had tried to kill him. The doctor was sure that if the killers knew he was alive they would come back for him. There was only one person he could trust and that was the person that brought him to the hospital in the first place. And so he had the doctor call her.

Grace was terrified when she saw the reverend alive because the news had gone round that the reverend was dead. After running away from chief Ike who tore all her clothes she had waited till night before leaving so that people won’t see her n@ked on the street like a mad woman. She was going home and thinking of her life when she saw the reverend in the pool of his own blood. She had hit on the gate calling and crying for help but no one answered from inside. She had by herself dragged the reverend to the hospital, and when the doctor told her that the reverend was dead she quickly ran back home to her house and decided to remain silent as she didn’t want to be a witness to any case.

She was surprised when the doctor called her that morning to come to the hospital. Anc was even more surprised when she saw reverend Leo alive. She was told of the decision that has been reached by the Reverend and the doctor and she stood by it and has been the one taking care of the Reverend since then. With the help of the doctor, a dummy had been arranged and buried in place of the reverend.

From afar, reverend Leo had watched how his wife messed around with Alfred and how pastor Jim had turned the church into his personal money making center. The holy spirit had revealed to him that it was time to come out from hiding and that he should go to the hospital. He had obeyed and came here today only to find out that his wife was involved in an accident.

He was there all through the operation, he saw and held the dead baby in his hands before it was taken away. He wept seriously for Rachael his wife because bit was for this baby that she had turned her back in God and became a viper and a snake. Now the baby was gone.

Rachael was moaning in pains as she gently opened her eyes. When she saw Leo, she wanted to run again but couldn’t because her whole body was bandaged from head to toe. She managed to talk in pains.

Rachael: please don’t hurt me, don’t kill me please. Don’t take me with you please, I beg you Leo please.

Leo: Relax Rachael, I am not a ghost. I am very alive all glory be to God.

Then he went ahead and narrated everything to Rachael. He watched as she cried and he felt sorry for her.

Leo: Rachael you were so impatient and wanted to do God’s work for Him. Now where has that gotten you? The baby you so much agitated for, where is it? You almost dragged me out of faith because of your quest for a child, where is that child today?

The door opened and Grace came inside with her son. She greeted the reverends wife and stood with her son at one corner in the room.

Leo: God used Grace to save my life. God kept her late in the night just so she can help me when I was shot. You Rachael, you wanted me to die, so that you can have all your time with Alfred and your baby. What do you have now? Alfred is gone with his wife. You are lucky he was kind enough to bring you to the hospital, but he still chose his wife. Family comes first you know? But you toyed with your family and threw it away simply because you were desperate.

Rachael: Believe me Leo, I didn’t plan to kill you, yes a part of me was happy you were gone but a part of me was also very sad. I am so sorry my husband please forgive me. But it wasn’t me, I didn’t plan to kill you.

Leo: I know Rachael, I knew it wasn’t you. I saw the woman who planned it and it wasn’t you.

Rachael: who was it? Was it Mrs Alfred? Who?

Leo smiled.

Leo: Alfred’s wife is a good woman. Despite knowing about you and her husband she didn’t do anything. She didn’t fight you or her husband or exposed you. Rather she cried to the only person you can fight her battles. God! And she was patient. She was patient and that is why God has defended her. No Rachael, she isn’t the one.

Rachael: she knew? You mean she knew all along? If she didn’t plan to kill you then who?

Leo: Tina, it was Tina. Tina was jealous of you and wanted me to chose her over you, she came to my office to seduce me but I pushed her away. I guess it angered her to the point she wanted me dead. The police are on thief way to pick her right now. Meanwhile you who had me didn’t appreciate my love for you.

Rachael whirled in pains as she kept on crying.

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