ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 31 – The End

Enemies of the Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 35.

Pastor Jim had taken over reverend Leo office and chair. He had practically changed everything in the office. An air conditioning office with CCTV cameras everywhere. He had secretly installed a CCTV camera in the treasurer’s office because he has been looking for a reason to drive him. He finally got the opportunity when he saw the treasurer taking some money from the offering box last Sunday without telling him. He then invited him to his office.

As the treasurer stepped into pastor Jim’s office, Pastor Jim wore a look that could scare a new born baby.

Treasurer: My pastor, this one you are looking like this. I hope all is well? Hope there is no problem?

Jim: Have your seat.

The treasurer took the seat that was directly opposite the pastor. Then he observed and noticed the changes that has taken place in the office.

Teausurer: Pastor you sure have a good taste for good things. See how this office has transformed just few days of your coming in. You really know how to enjoy life. Do you know if it was still our reverend that as here, he will never decorate this office like this, new chairs, AC, TV, Habba, never he will never do it, he will say they are material things and God is not interested in material things. Am glad he is gone and no one will challenge your authority. I am so glad.

Jim: Erm, listen that’s not rhe reason for which I called you.

Treasurer; Erm sorry my pastor, don’t mind my manners. What is it exactly that you want me to do.

Jim picked up the TV remote and put on the tv. Then the treasurer saw himself opening the tithe box and taking some amount of money from it. He quickly put the bunch of thousand notes in his pocket before stepping out of the office.

Treasurer: what is the meaning of this?

Jim: Exactly what you are seeing sir.

Treasurer: Are you spying on me?

Jim: is that the issue on ground? I just showed you a video of you stealing from the church box and you are here talking of spying or not spying on you.

Treasurer: stealing? Really?

Jim: Anyways I didn’t call you to batter words with you , I only called you to let you know that the position of treasurer is suspended for the now in this church until further notice.

Treasurer: oh really?

Jim: Yes , for now there is no treasurer in this church. We are still undergoing some renovations in the church and we are putting some positions on hold for the time being until when we are done.

Treasurer: We or you? Who is the we? I am asking you? Even reverend Leo who is the founder of this church never for once spied on me. And you who just took over for how long now? Few months? You just want to change everything? It will not work.

Jim: what do you mean by it will not work.

“I say it will not work, I agree I took ten thousand naira from the money because my son was not feeling well and I needed to get him some drugs. This days since you assumed your new position you have made yourself unseeable. No one can access you anymore , or you are simply avoiding me I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I would have told you about the money. But you were inaccessible, I had to do what I had to do and now you are sitting there judging me.

Listen, you can’t kick me out do you understand? You simply can’t do that? We’ve done deals together for years and you can’t just wake up one money simply because you are now in charge and you just decide to kick me out. Never, it won’t work ok? Better have a re think”

Jim smiled to himself before talking.

Jim: I knew you would bring all this up, I knew it but am not bothered. You can go ahead and do whatever you have in mind. My decision is final.

“It can’t work, it won’t work. I will go to mummy reverend and I will tell her everything. After all she is the one who is supposed to be on that chair you are sitting not you. The whole church will hear ” the treasurer’s was curious as he spoke.

Jim laughed out loud.

Jim: is that your plan? Such a weak plan, I thought you had something big for me. Anyways like I said. Go ahead with your plans ok? Am not going to try to stop you. Let’s see who the world will believe. Meanwhile for mummy reverend , please don’t bother wasting your time okay, she is not interested in church activities and voluntarily assigned and handed everything over to me but you can try if you want okay, let me not stop you.

“We shall see” the treasurer said as he storms out of the office with pastor Jim laughing non stop.

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