ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 31 – The End

Enemies of the Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 40.

Pastor Jim had turned the office into something else. The place was well furnished and equiped that you would mistake it for one of those presidential hotel rooms. In less than four months since he assumed the position of general overseer of the church, the church purse had drastically reduced.

He had drawn w budget of 1.3 million naira for the funituring of his office in the church, but he had spent more than 4million naira and things he could not even account for. He had also stopped talking with the treasurer who was already furious and mad at him. He has kept to himself and does things all by himself.

On this cool afternoon as he sat in the office enjoying the coolness of the air condition, the office door flung open and Mr treasurer walked in obviously angry

Pastor Jim: how dare you? How dare you barge into my office like that? Are you stupid?

Treasurer: oh oh , it has come to that, it has come to the extent you a so called man of God now call me stupid right? After everything we’ve been through together

Pastor Jim: just shut up and keep that thing you call a mouth silent. What have we been through together uhn? I am asking you, what have we been through together. You just barge into my office unannounced, without proper introduction, not even that we have an appointment together, you just barge into my office and you are saying after everything, after what?

Treasurer: unannounced? I should announce or book an appointment of meeting before I meet you? Shoo see oh! Oh oh oh so you think because you have ordained yourself as the new fake pastor of this church you can now treat and talk to me as you please abi?

Jim: My friend will you keep silent? You don’t talk to the servant of God like that.

Treasurer: servant of God my foot. What servant of God? Anyways I have come to ask you what you did with over 2.5million naira?

Jim: And what sort of stupid question is that?

Treasurer: Jim, Jim, Jim, how many times do I call you? Do not tempt God o. This one you are stealing without thinking twice. God is seeing you o.

Jim: And who is telling me about God, you? My co thief? Please , please leave my office I want to rest.

Treasurer: see ehn, I have realized my mistakes o and I have repented of my sins. But I want you to know I will confess openly and clear my conscience once and for all.

Jim: since when have you repented? Since I blocked every chance for you to steal money from the church office? My friend go and sit down where you belong. You are only hungry and it is what is confusing your brain.

Treasurer: No problems. On Sunday we shall see about that?

Jim: Are you threatening me or what?

Treasurer: I am not threatening you. Ma only making ammends for my sins.

He turned and tries to walk away but Jim stopped him.

Jim: I know why you are angry. I understand very well. You see my friend, let’s forget the past. You do t have to confess anything. See eh this is our money bag. Church business is a lucrative business and there is so much money in it. Listen eh, am sorry for pushing you too hard. If you were in my shoes you will do the same. I was only scared that you would betray me that’s why. However it’s alright. Have your seat my friend let’s talk business.

He led the treasurer to his chair and they both sat down.

Jim: see eh, there is so much money here. And I want to compensate you. I will give you the sum of 1million naira okay? You dont have to confess anything. I will give you from time to time okay? How about that.?

Treasurer: one million? Pastor, have you even tried to check the account balance? The church account is going down and down by the day. What took reverend Leo 9years to build you are squandering them in months. The church account was almost 18million when you assumed this position. But in less than four months since you entered, the account has reduced to less than five million naira. When will you stop? Must the account go down completely before you stop?

Jim: (a bit angry) what is your problem? What is your business with the account balance? I just said I will give you 1million naira and you are talking and saying something else. What do you want.

The treasurer stands up and walked to the door .

Jim: oh Kay stop, just stop. I understand you. I will make it 1.5million, or rather 2million I will give you 2million on a monthly basis. How about that?

Treasurer: it’s like you don’t get it. I said I have changed, I have repented, I don’t need any money from you , even if it’s the entire five million. I don’t want.

Jim: (confused) since when na? Since when did you change this change?

Treasurer: since the day God used you to drive me away from this sinful act and open my eyes to see that I am headed for doom. I must say I thank you for doing all you did. Pastor Jim, from now on you are alone. I am not part of your deals. I have decided to turn a new leaf. I nor longer wanna be a co thief with you. Good day.

He turned and walked out of the office with an angry Jim staring at him.

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