ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 31 – The End

Enemies of the Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 39.

Rachael after driving for about 20 minutes saw the truck. She was excited and furious at the same time. She quickly picked her phone and tried to call her boys once again. But the numbers was switched off.

Rachael: I can do this. I can do it myself. To hell with you guys. Useless idiots.

She threw her phone down as she increased her speed.

Rachael: Alfred I will deal with you. You and your useless wife. So this has been your plan all along. You chose your foolish wife over me. You think you can abandon me and our child right? You that I am ready to give everything. Am ready to sacrifice everything for you. But you chose to be with your stupid wife.

I will deal with you today. Stupid man.

Rachael kept talking to herself.

Alfred who has been terribly scared from the moment he left Rachael’s house has not stopped looking back to see if he was been followed. He saw when Rachael drive past them into the compound. He also saw when she drove into the wrong lane and he was happy that she missed them.

But just as he was beginning to relax that she has lost them, he saw her car coming after them. Alfred almost fainted our of fear. He kept on screaming and shouting at the driver to increase his speed.

Mrs Alfred who understood everything that was happening even though her husband had not mwntio d anything to her just bowed down her head as she began to pray silently.

“He who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, you are my refuge and my strength, my God in whom I trust,

A thousand shall fall by my right, ten thousand by my left but non shall come near me, only with my eyes will I see The reward of the wicked. ”

Mrs Alfred kept on quoting the scripture with her head bowed. Alfred watched as Rachael’s car kept getting closer. There was no escaping from the viper.

Alfred held his wife by her hand and opened up to her. He confessed everything from the start and how it’ all happened to his wife. How the greed for money pushed him into this mess. As Mrs Alfred listened to her husband she cried.

Alfred: I do not want to lose you my wife because I love you. I agreed to what Rachael wanted because we needed the money and i felt she will keep her part of the deal but she didn’t. Instead she wants to kill you and our kids and have me to herself. Right now she is chasing after us, I am very sure she has a gun with her.i thought we would get away before she comes but she ia right behind us, and I don’t know what she would do to us if she catches with us. I don’t want any harm to come to you or the kids.

Mrs Alfred: Are you that afraid of her? Why are you so scared of her. Apart from the blackmail she has against you, does she have something else?

Alfred: Honey you don’t understand. I am scared of that woman because I don’t trust her. The way our Reverend died, I suspect she has a hand in his death. That woman is a snake and she can do anything. I am scared of her. And you should too.

Mrs Alfred looked at her husband who seemed to be confused and terrified. She held him in her hands and they prayed together. They were still praying when they heard the sound.

Alfred jumped up and shouted.

Alfred: Driver what is it? What happened.

Driver: Oga one Moto don day follow us since, I don day look her for my side mirror since. Just now d Moto one overtake me, I just use side push am naim she run enter bush go hit tree so.

Mr/Mrs Alfred: What?

Driver: I nor know why all this small motor go day won drag road with big Moto.

Alfred: stop the truck, stop the truck right this moment.

Driver: oga I nor understand you o, just now you say make I fast now you say make I stop.byoi know weather the Moto na kidnapper day inside?

Mrs Alfred: stop this truck now.

The driver slowly pulled over. As mr and Mrs Alfred rushed to the tree that Rachael had hit. She had fallen off the car and was bleeding seriously. She looked at them slowly before passing out.

Mrs Alfred: We have to get her to the hospital.

Mr Alfred: no oooo, leave her, leave her there let’s just go. This is God that is fighting for us. Leave her let’s go.

Mrs Alfred: you don’t know what you are saying. How can you leave her here? What about the innocent baby she is carrying? Come on help me carry her let’s go.

Mr Alfred: Honey please leave this woman to die. If you were in her shoes she will let you die. She will still want you dead even if you save her now. So.please just leave her now let’s go.please .

Mrs Alfred: Dear we cannot leave her to die. Please let’s help her please. Let’s get hwr to the hospital at least after which we can leave.

Mr Alfred: we leave as soon as we drop her right?

Mrs Alfred: yes.

Alfred then agrees, and together they lifted her into the truck as they searched for any nearby hospital.

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