ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 31 – The End

Enemies of the Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 37.

Rachael was furious and filled with anger. He almost slapped the man who was standing before her and explaining to her.

Rachael: What nonsense are you saying? I don’t understand one bit of what you are saying.

“Madam I nor speak big English o, na very simple matter, i say your motor gasket don burn and you nor go fit drive commot here until you change am…

Rachael: Is that how gasket just get burnt anyhow? This car was in order before I left the house and suddenly the car just went off

“Madam, you nor check your motor before you drive commot for house. Normally you suppose check your motor engine, oil and everything even tyre. If to say you check am you for see say water don dry commot for your motor. And if to say you take note you for know say your motor don day do over heat. When motor don too hot with no water to cool am down jar box go burn after which engine go knock. You even get luck say nor be your engine naim knock”

Rachael was irritated and angry at what the mechanic was saying.

Rachael: please tell me the way forward instead of all this your plenty talk. I have somewhere to be at right this minute. Tell me what to do with the car .

Mechanic: Madam life nor be rush rush. There is no hurry in life. You get Belle, and so you nor need any form of stress at all. This na time for you to say rest plenty plenty, make your blood nor day rush you hear? The way forward be say you go give me money I go buy new gasket and change am for you. That’s all.

Rachael: And do you think I have all the time in this world?

Mechanic: ah madam, the decision na your hand e day o. Na your choice weather you won do this car or not.

Rachael: oh oh oh God! What kind of thing is this. How long will it take to buy and fix this thing I have somewhere I need to be.

Mechanic: madam give me money make I but this thing and under one hour this thing go ready.

Rachael opened her purse and gave the man some money as she took the sit closest to her. The man quickly took a bike and dashed off. Rachael brought out her phone and tried to call Alfred once again but the number was still switched off. And so she sent him a text.

“Alfred am giving you 15minutes to read this text and call me immediately because if you don’t then something will happen. Something really bad. Something that will make one of us hurt badly and trust me when I say that person will not be me.

Rachael sat and waited for the 15minutes and then she tried to reach Alfred again , she called and called but there was no answer. And then she called someone.

“Hello I have an assignment for you. I want you to go to that place I sent you earlier to. This time I want you to show yourself but make sure you are wearing a mask. You and your guys should hold the man and his wife hostage until I get there. Do you understand?”

She ended the call with a very scary look. It is time to deal with Alfred and remove that obstacle he calls a wife once and for all. She turned and looked around for the mechanic if he was back.

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