Episode 21

By Faith Lucky.

“This Saturday?” She asked with a quizzical expression. “In…In less than six days?”

“Yes, Nina. Aren’t you happy with it?”
Nina kept mute, staring at the card.

“Nina?” Declan called again and she shook her head, trying to come back to reality.

“Of…of course, I am. I…” she paused and sighed.
“I’m just a little surprised because…maybe it’s coming too soon.”

“Well, they had to hurry things up. But you don’t have to worry about a thing because everything’s set. This is gonna be the best wedding of the year and dignitaries from all over the world will be in attendance. Series of wedding gowns will be brought over so you can make sure and I’m sure aunt Denise here will be able to help you out.”

“Yes, Nina. You can always count on me” Denise said with her usual soft smile.
Nina stared at both of them and took her eyes back to the card. She couldn’t tell why she suddenly became weak.


“I…I need to go out dad. But I’ll be back shortly” she said and walked out if the house, not waiting for a reply.
She sat at the backseat and told the driver to take her to the cathedral.

Staring through the window, she thought of her planned wedding. She still couldn’t believe in five days, she’d be married to Theo. She couldn’t believe she was about to become a married lady. .

Although, Theo’s changed and they’ve gotten to know each other, but she still couldn’t adapt so easily to the fact that they were about getting married. She had no idea on family issues and couldn’t tell if she could cope.

So many thoughts kept flashing through her mind until she got to the cathedral.
She hesitated in the car before coming out, heading to her favorite part of the church.

As she approached it, she remembered the first day she had met Alvin. The soft sound of the keyboard that had drawn her to him, echoed in her heart. She remembered the bemusement she had felt when he turned around and she had a look at his face. The feeling still felt hew as though, it happened just yearsterday.

When she got to the entrance she met a guy on the keyboard and she badly wished it could be Alvin.

She walked in few steps in and stood behind, being reminded of him. But shortly, the guy turned around and stopped playing when he noticed her.

“Are you looking for something, miss?” He asked genially and it took Nina sometime before shaking her head.

“No. I…I was just passing by” she replied and walked away.

Surprisingly, when she got outside she met Theo who ws just standing, as if waiting for someone.

“Theo?” She called in surprise as they got close to each other.
“What’re you doing here?”

“I followed you” he replied with a smile, inserting his hands in his trouser pocket.

“Followed me? How?”

“Well, I was actually coming to see you at home then I noticed you were going out. So, I decided to keep you company. By the way, what’re you doing here?”

Nina paused and looked around.

“What else is done in the church?” She asked grimly.

“Oh, please. Don’t tell me you came here to pray.
Do people like Nina pray at all?”

“What’re you trying to say, Theo? Of course, I do pray.”


They found a place to sit, snuggled up next to each other.

“Have you been informed of the wedding date?” Theo asked after a while.

“Yeah” Nina replied nervously, fiddling with her nails.

“It’s this Saturday”.

“I know”.

“So what do you think?”

Nina rolled her ways and replied : ” Well, what do you think I should think?”
And Theo laughed, nervously, of course.

I’ll be going for my suit shopping tomorrow” he continued, trying to kill any possible silence. “How about you?”

“Well, daddy said some wedding gowns will be delivered to me soon so I can make a choice.”

“O…kay. Uhm, there’s this particular design I usually like – the off shoulder thing. Could you wear something like that?” Theo asked and Nina scoffed.

“And…I’d want the gown to be very long, like, very long so it sweeps the floor”

“And why don’t you wear a pink suit?” Nina asked.

“A pink suit? But that’s an odd color”.

“Good. So, shut up”.
Theo paused and laughed again, but this time around, it ws more freely.

“By the way, Nina, what do you think of our honeymoon? Oh! And that reminds me. Dad said he’s taken care if a house for us. And mom gave me a secret tip and told me it was more like a duplex.

“And one more thing, I think you need to work on your cooking skills. You don’t expect a married man to still depend on his mum for food, right?”

“And I think you need to work on your talking skills” Nina replied and took her eyes away.

“But I’m serious Nina. You…”

“Oh, my God! Look!” She said in excitement, pointing to the sky.
“There’s a wishing star, Theo! Look at it!”

“A wishing star? What’s a wishing star?” Theo asked, confused.

“A wishing star. Can’t you see the three wishing stars on a straight line? It happens on rare occasions and any wish made at this time will come to pass.”

“Really? That sounds serious.”

“Come on, Theo! Make a wish. Hurry up before something interrupts it.” Nina said ecstatically and stood up with him..
“Hurry up Theo”.

“Okay, okay” Theo replied and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.
“I’m done” he said to Nina after opening his eyes.

“You’re done? How come I didn’t hear a thing? What did you wish for?” Nina asked curiously.

“Well, it’s a secret – a secret between me and the star”.

“Damn you, Theo! You’re such kill joy” Nina said with a frown and slapped his arm.
She also closed her eyes and made a wish, silently.

“What did you wish for?” Theo asked when she was done, although he guessed the reply she was likely to give him.

“Do you even need to ask? You should know I wouldn’t tell you”.Nina replied and theo laughed.


Alvin laid upwards on the bed in his room, staring at Nina’s photograph.
His roommates were seemingly asleep and he was the only one awake.

Well, his welfare didn’t really matter much to him since he got to the seminarian school. He’s always been so dejected and didn’t really associate with anyone.

To him, he no longer had a cause to be happy.
“Hey, Alvin” he heard a voice in the room and noticed one of his roommates, Luke, was still awake.

“What’s up with the picture? Who’s she?” He asked and Alvin quickly put it away, remaining silent.

“Hey, come on, Alvin talk to me”

“She’s no one” Alvin replied simply, staring at the ceiling.

“No one? Like seriously? But I’ve always noticed that picture around and you don’t ever go to bed without looking at it. So tell me, who’s she?” He asked again but Alvin remained silent.

“Listen to me Alvin, I don’t really know what you’ve been through, but there’s no point being here if you haven’t let gone of certain things.
Not everyone’s meant to be a priest and being a priest isn’t the only way to be a devoted Christian.”

“You don’t understand dude. It’s complicated” Alvin replied with depression.

“Well, every complication Has way out and it all depends on how smart you are to find it. Don’t commit silent murder and when I say silent murder, I mean self murder. Follow your heart before it gets ruined.”

Alvin stared at him and turned away.

“Goodnight” he said to him as he covered up himself with bedsheet.


Nina was on her way to class when Harmony ran upto her with a package.

“Hi nina. I’ve been waiting for you.” Harmony said with smiles all over.

Nina was surprised as she never expected such a friendly act from harmony since she’s always been so grumpy towards her.

“You’ve been looking for me?” She asked, pointing to herself. “But why?”

More surprisingly, Harmony embraced her.
“I just want to thank you Nina, for what you’ve done for my brother. Since you guys became close, he’s changed and treats me better. We were always at loggerheads With each other but now, we’re more like best of friends. Thank you Nina” she said reverently and embraced her again.

“By the way, I got you some cupcakes. Hope you like them”.


Nina collected the package from her and smiled.
“Thanks, harmony. I’m definitely going to like them”.

“And what’re you two talking about?” Theo showed up and asked, starring keenly at both of them.

“Oh! I was just telling her you took your bath before coming to school” Harmony replied and turned to Nina.
“Bye Nina. See you later” she whispered to her and left

“Seriously, what did she tell you?” Theo asked after she left. “Hope it had to do with the wedding cake?”

“And what business do I have with the wedding cake?” Nina asked, waving her hand in his face.

“Chill okay? Don’t eat me up” Theo pause and laughed. “Anyway, tomorrow’s the big day. So, I’m off for practice”

“So, what’re you still doing here?”

“Just came to drop something” Theo replied and gave her a peck.

“Bye” he added and ran off, running into his friends who had been standing behind and watching all the while.

They whispered something to each other and laughed before he got to them.
“Not a word, guys” he cut them off and walked pass them and they followed him behind, still laughing.


Nina looked at them as they walked away and hissed, but later followed it with a smile.

She continued on her way and ran into someone else- June.
She looked pale and looked like someone who’s being crying all day.

She stood in front of Nina and Nina wondered what she had to say.

“June? Are you alright?” She asked, perturbed, referring to the blanched look in her eyes.

“Nina, we need to talk” she replied, her voice wavering. “There’s something important you should know”.


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