By Mary Ann Adams


Author’s POV

“England?” Was the first thing Annie asked when Mrs Taylor told her about what the doctor said.

“Yes” Mrs Taylor confirmed.

Annie’s expression changed immediately. “Oh my God! Where am I going to get the money. This’s a disaster!” She said, her palm on her face.

Mrs Taylor sighed and gently removed Annie’s hand from her face.

“Hey, calm down okay? I will sort out the bills. You don’t need to worry about that.”

“You have being so good to me. To us. Why?” Annie asked fighting the urge not to break down again.
“You don’t even know who we are and you are doing all this.”

HER HUSBAND’S BOSS : EPISODE 51 – 60. Thingscouplesdo

“Annie. I don’t need to know you before I can help you. I was the one who saw you girls and brought you to the hospital. It have become my obligation to continue helping until you recover..”

“Thank you so much!” Annie hugged her.

“You’re welcome”

“Can I go too? Please. I want to be there when camille wakes up” Annie pleaded.

“Sure but for the accommodation..”

Annie interrupted. “I will stay in the hospital there”

“Oh come on. I would rent an apartment close to the hospital. You can stay there. I would have come too but work” Mrs Taylor and Annie nodded understandably.

“No problem. Thanks so much” Annie said hugging her body.

She hopes Camille wakes up soon.



Harry’s Pov.

I kept pacing around my room, my mind wasn’t at rest at all.

I had woke up early as I couldn’t sleep. I raked my hands in my hair frustratedly.

I honestly don’t know what to do. He.ll, I’m in a dilemma.

The sound of my phone ringing lapse me back into consciousness.

I walked over to it and checked the caller’s ID. It was from an unknown number.

I scrunched my brows and picked it placing it on my ear.

“Hello” I said and I hate the way my voice is cracked.

“Hi” a feminine voice I recognized said.

“What do you want?” I asked a bit coldly.

“Har..Harry” her voice shook.

“What’s it you want, Scarlett?” I asked dryly.

“I..got a ..message today and ..”

“And why are you telling me exactly…Scarlett, I’m dropping the call”

“Please don’t.” Scarlett already said and I groaned.

“He said his name is Finn and he said your dad is getting married and I should stay off..”

“And I don’t care” I interrupted.

“Harry, I’m sorry”

“For what, exactly?” I asked. Speaking to her alone is giving me headache.

“I..I..” She stammered.

“Did you call me to get back with me just because you know you can’t squander my dad’s money again. What was I expecting from a gold digger like you anyways..”

“No..No..I just..want to apologize for..”

“Hold your apologies, please..I don’t need and dong try to call me with another number ever again”

Before she could talk, I dropped the call and throw my phone on the bed carelessly.

She is nothing but a $lut, a gold digger and of course, an heartbreaker.

The door of my room opened and I turned my back to see Chloe.
She doesn’t look good at all.

She walked towards me and hugged me from behind.

“Chloe” I called softly.

“Let me stay this way please” she said, her voice cracking.


“I just need a shoulder to cry on” Chloe sniffled.

I guess she is still sad about the revelation of Finn being our step bro.
I can never accept him. He isn’t going to obviously.

Chloe is the only sibling I have and that’s the way it is going to remain.

“It’s fine..let it out” I whispered.

Chloe held me more tightly and started crying, loudly this time around.

“Everything hurts! It’s just so painful. Now I understand how you felt when Scarlett left you.”

“Chloe..it’s ..”

She interrupted. “I’m stupid after all. I fell for his looks, his charms and I made this happen to us”

“Chloe, don’t you dare blame yourself! None of this is your fault”

“It actually is. If I hadn’t gotten close to Finn, I wouldn’t have gone on a date with him. And I was also stupid. He fking drugged the wine and took me to that Godforsaken warehouse. You lost your company because of me” Chloe ranted.

“It isn’t your fault! It would have happened anyways. I was the one who accepted him as my P.A. I wasn’t aware he has a motive same way you weren’t..”


“No buts Chloe. About the company, Let just forget about it okay? I would try to sort things out and make everything right”

“Okay” she uttered. “Can we stay this way for a while, your hug is pretty comforting” she said sniffling.

“Sure. It’s okay to not be okay” I said.




I was in the living room operating my laptop and I groaned dejectedly when I saw my account balance. The sight wasn’t pleasing at all.

The money the company made this money was transferred to the company’s account and right now, I’m actually regretting I did that. I can’t access it anymore since the company belongs to Finn now.

No one would have actually thought this could happen. Oh goodness! What to do?

I was in thoughts when I felt Chloe’s presence in the living room.

Her hair was wet and it was obvious she just got out of the bathroom.

Her eyes were red too and I know she cried again. I can’t stop her from letting it out, all I can do is comfort her and assure her everything would be fine.

“Harry” she called.

“Yeah” I answered, my eyes on my account balance.

“So I have been thinking..”she started.

“About?” I inquired, looking at her now.

“Let’s move” she said.

“Uh?” I scrunched my brows.

“I mean, let’s move out of this place. To a new country maybe. Start a new life. It’s futile staying here”

“And why would you suggest that?”

“Because it’s the best option” she replied.

“Chloe, there’s no need for that..”

“Of course there’s!” She yelled and then touched her chest to cool down.

“Don’t you get it? What’s the need of staying here? You lost your only mode of survival”

“The company isn’t”

“We both know it’s”

“And how would moving out help us? How are we going to get the money for the traveling expenses. Getting a new apartment..”

“We would sell the house, your car and mine and I have some money in my account also” Chloe suggested.

“Chloe…” I said, not getting the whole point.

“Just try to reason with me”

“I feel it’s not necessary” I maintained my ground.

“It is.”

“It isn’t”

A angry look replaced the look on Chloe’s look but she tried her best to hide it. “Just..just think about it” she said and walked away.


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