Episode 05

Mr Rodney’s Pov

“Listen to me Skyler, I don’t trust you anymore and I don’t want you in my house… I only let you spend the night here because I can’t send you out of my house that late!” I yelled at her

“Roddy! Am very sorry for what happened in the past and am here to make things right and to make this relationship work” Skyler said as she tried kissing me.

“Stop it Skyler! I just hope that before I get back from work that you are finally out of my house” I said as i pushed her aside roughly and walked away.

“Rodney! If I can’t have you then no freaking person can..” Skyler said in annoyance.



I walked downstairs and saw Ariana heading out of the house.

“Ariana!” I called her and she turned around angrily.

“Is she out of here?” Ariana asked and I flinched

“Calm down Ariana, she’s not as bad as you think she is” I said and she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“No daddy! She’s more evil than you can imagine… If you want me and you to be in good terms again then threw Skyler out of this house” She said

“Aria..” I called but she sighed and walked out on me.

“Nanny! Where the hell are you? I don’t wanna be late for school” Ariana said from outside as i slumped into the sofa.

“Why the heck did Skyler decide to show up when am trying to build a lovely relationship between Ariana and I” I thought


Skyler’s Pov:

I was all alone in the house since everyone already left except the maids and Nanny.

I lit my stick of cigarette and smoked from it as balls of smokes gushed out of my mouth.

“My main problem is that little witch that calls herself Ariana Sanchez! The earlier I get rid of her the better for me… Anyways she’s just a tip of ice berg for me!! Since I was able to get my friend Kira out of the way then getting her naughty little daughter won’t be a problem” I said audibly

“And one more thing, I need to gain Rodney’s trust again so that I can have him in my palms” I laughed hysterically.

Well I know you are anxious to know who I am to the Sanchez’s?

I am Skyler Salvador and am from a very popular and wealthy family.

Actually Kira Sanchez Ariana’s late mom happens to be my friend from childhood since our parents were family friends.

And we grew up and studied in the states..

We were very close and we loved each other so much but…

But I ceased loving her when my crush Rodney Sanchez, who was also from an extremely wealthy family falls in love with my friend Kira.

I was so heartbroken and jealous when they got married and I swore to get the love of my life back no matter what.

Kira got pregnant and gave birth to her daughter Ariana and that was when i became very angry.

I plotted an accident by removing the brakes of her car and she had an accident with her baby Ariana who was just four years old then.

Miraculously Ariana survived the accident while Kira died.

That was when i walked into Rodney’s life but unfortunately my damn boyfriend fvcked my plans up when Rodney caught us together and called off our wedding then.

And what I don’t understand is why Ariana hates me so much when she doesn’t even know that I had her mommy killed.

But right now, I am back to take what is mine and no body can stop me not even that little bitch “Ariana” Kira’s daughter.

I smiled warmly as i sipped my wine and smoked from my cigarette.

“You are mine Rodney Sanchez and as for you Ariana, I will get you out of the way the same way I did to your stupid mom Kira and I will have Roddy all to myself” I said aloud and laughed but then I suddenly heard a noise from my door and I furrowed my eyebrows.

“I hope no one has been eavesdropping” I thought as i quickly got up from my bed and threw the door open.


Lissa’s Pov:

I was on my way to my room when I heard a loud voice laughing and talking so loud.

it was coming from Skyler’s room so I decided to listen to her.

I covered my mouth with my palm as i heard all she was saying.

“Oh my goodness! Ariana was right, Skyler is a demon and she is even worst than Ariana thought…she killed Ari’s mommy and she also wants to have Ariana killed, I have to protect Ariana from her” I thought

I turned to leave when suddenly my feet hit against the door and Skyler stopped laughing.

Am in trouble 😳

Skyler quickly threw the door open….


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