Leah sighed, her brother was one h’ll of a character.

“Leah look I have to leave this hospital right now! this instant, I don’t want to cross paths with your big brother”
Georgia anxiously told Leah

“calm down, let’s sit here and talk about it” Leah assured gesturing to a seat close to them but Georgia frantically shook her head and almost got a whiplash

“No, I want to be away from this hospital Leah, I don’t want to be here, you know I hate hospitals” Georgia insisted

“oh! my bad, totally forgot, to our favorite coffee shop then?
Leah asked and Georgia nodded.



“I want to get this straight Gi, you told me Raymond and Ariana set you up right?

Georgia nodded

“okay, so how come you ended up in my brother’s room then because that same day was the day Dylan flew back to the country after so many years.

They couldn’t have set you up with Dylan. it’s impossible”
Leah reasoned in deep thought

Georgia knew Leah was right
Dylan was like an unreachable personality and Raymond couldn’t possibly involve someone like that in his plan.

Ariana wouldn’t even try setting me up to sleep with someone like Dylan because he was far more better than Raymond.

Dylan’s wealth, handsomeness, coldness, aura name them was enough to send girls into madness

She bet Ariana would even leave Raymond for Dylan without batting an eyelid if given the chance to.

So the question remains, how did it all get mixed up?
How did Dylan come into the picture?

Leah felt pity for her friend, she had to loose her vrgnity in such circumstances

Even though it was her very own brother, that doesn’t mean she was happy with what happened to Georgia her friend.

“I’m going to scold my big brother, why couldn’t he control himself! For crying out loud you were drugged! why did he have to take it all away!

Leah whined but even though she was fuming, she knew too well that she wouldn’t dare scold Dylan.Ha! who was she kidding, She could scold Ryan but Dylan?

He would send her to the family house to reflect on herself for one week as punishment

And h’ll no! The last place she would want to go was their family house
Her mom would literally nag her brains out.

“Forget it Leah, my vrgnity is lost already, it can’t come back, the only thing I have to do is avoid your brother, you don’t mind do you? Georgia asked after all, Dylan is her brother

Telling someone you’ll be avoiding the brother is kinda awkward

“Sister? A sweet voice rang out before Leah could form a sentence and they immediately turned to see who the person was

Ariana walked over to their table, her eyes with gentleness and a little bit of concern

Georgia felt a headache beginning to form, she didn’t want to deal with her pretentious sister at least not now

Leah herself was beginning to form a plan on how to deal with Ariana in her head but was disappointed because the plans she was getting wasn’t something she could carry out in public as a public figure she was.

Yes, Leah as a model had a reputation she had to keep, not only for herself but for the company she signed with.

Any slightest misconduct, BOOM! it would be all over the internet.

There were times Leah wished she wasn’t a public figure and this was one of them!

“Sis I’ve been so worried about you ever since the family issue, are you okay?

Please don’t take what Dad said to heart, he was do angry at the moment because of what you did”

Ariana said the last part meekly like an innocent little lamb. But Georgia knew better than to be deceived by the facade.


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