Leah almost jumped up to give Ariana a slap but Georgia made a gesture to her which Leah understood.
Leah angrily sipped her coffee

Georgia gingerly faced Ariana with a smile
“Ohh what did I do again? I can’t remember” Georgia asked her “doting” sister who “cares” about her so much

“You- um- that thing you did” Ariana stammered shyly

“I don’t seem to recall, my memory is all jumbled up with stuff, care to tell me the details? Georgia asked with a pressuring gaze
she wanted to see how long Ariana was going to put up with her acting.

She knew her sister, it wouldn’t take long for her to drop the act or so she thought.

Ariana was bewildered
what is she trying to do now! she already knows what I’m talking about, yet she’s pretending not to!

“Sister brother Raymond loves you very much that’s why he was so mad at you but if you apologize he’ll forgive you” Ariana said lovingly

“Brother Raymond indeed” Leah couldn’t help but mutter under her breath

“Oh and how did you know I haven’t apologized yet?Are you two now an item? Georgia asked with raised brows

Ariana scolded herself inwardly
She shouldn’t have said that, it sounds suspicious. how could I forget that Georgia is smart.

“How could you say something like that sister? it’s- it’s because he hasn’t come around ever since that day”

Ariana said with watery eyes, her pitch was a little bit high that got some people around to notice them
Georgia and Leah was still sitting while Ariana was standing with her head lowered, looking like a bvllied fragile girl.

Georgia knew her sister so well and understood she wanted to make a scene and play the victim like she always do.

“Then if it isn’t true why are you looking guilty and about to shed those tears from that dmned eyes of yours?

Leah spat pissed off already, she had been putting up with the bch’s acting and couldn’t take it anymore

Ariana was mad but had to swallow down her anger as she had a mission to accomplish.

She envied Georgia so much, she had Leah Donovan, the famous model as her best friend. what a luck!

“I’m just hurt” Ariana sniffed as she wiped her tears hurriedly

some people had started to get interested in the show as they wondered why the girl was Sobbing.
Georgia noticing this, ignored Ariana

“Leah let’s leave” She stood up to leave, Ariana grabbed Georgia’s hand in panic
Georgia instantly withdrew her hands from her
“Ahhhh! Ariana yelped and fell to the floor.

Georgia gasped, this scenario felt familiar to her
Where was it again? oh yes, Susan also played the same trick that got her disowned. She must really applaud their acting. Indeed like mother like daughter!

“Sister I’m sorry, it wasn’t intentional but Mom nearly had a miscarriage when you pushed her down!
Ariana said loudly while sobbing

People gasped in shock and looked at Georgia in horror

“she pushed her own mother down and nearly cost her a miscarriage?
one lady said as she looked at Georgia in disdain

“she’s so evil, can’t you see how she treats her sister, she even came to apologize, poor girl” another lady said looking pitifully at Ariana who was still on the floor

“Aren’t they Sterling’s daughters?

“They are, although one is illegitimate and the other is legitimate but the legitimate acts arrogantly and is evil but the illegitimate turns out to be a good daughter”

Though Ariana wasn’t happy about the tag they gave her, she was still happy how things turned out
She smiled inwardly


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