Leah worriedly looked at Georgia
“Gi let’s get out of here”
Leah dragged Georgia out of the Cafe, not without giving Ariana a glare.

“Ariana is the perfect example of Jezebel I heard of in the Bible” Leah said as they got outside
Georgia just smiled
“I know right”

Leah’s phone made a ding sound, it was a text from her manager asking her to come to the studio ASAP for a shoot
Georgia watched as her friend let out series of curses. Busy life. Georgia thought

“Gi I’m sorry I have to run now, would you be fine on your own? Leah asked concerned that she would have to leave her friend now

“Yeah sure, I’m okay, go do your thing” Georgia assured and Leah left after they shared a bear hug.

Georgia sighed, she had nothing doing as her Grandpa forcefully gave her a leave for a week to rest before coming back to work, even though she was the vice president of the Geralds Company.

Ariana really loves to paint me bad in public
How does she mange to do that?
How did she even know I’ll be there
is she stalking me?

Georgia in her thought, didn’t realize she had deviated from the Zebra crossing and a car almost ran into her

In shock she stood transfixed, her heart clearly left it’s position and settled down in the pit of her stomach!
She almost died! she’s just 22!

“Jesus! what were you thinking barging into the road like that, aren’t you seeing the streetlight?!

The guy who almost ran her over, came over to her
Georgia raised her head still in shock

She was surprised to see him looking at her coldly

wait a minute! she knows it’s her fault but shouldn’t he apologize? she almost lost her life!

Though his gaze was intimidating, she wasn’t afraid of him a bit, rather she was pissed!

“The least you could do is apologize, can’t you see I almost got klled?!
Georgia asked him glaring back at him

surprise flashed in the man’s eyes
“You’re talking back at me huh?
he asked

“why wouldn’t I? what are you? Zeus or Thor?
Georgia replied
“men like you shouldn’t have a car!

she uttered and crossed to the other side of the road, disappearing into the Streets

The man stood rooted on his spot as he chuckled darkly
His phone rang
“What? He spat immediately he picked up

“Jesus, Ron where are you? get here already will you?! You can’t do anything properly, anything!

The voice at the other end shouted dramatically and hung up

Ron shook his head at his brother, he could imagine his face right now.

He took one more glance at the path Georgia walked off to earlier
He smirked.



Garfield walked briskly making sure he met up with his boss as he reported the schedules on his tablet.

His boss has been managing the company perfectly even though he wasn’t present and now he’s back

The company was more to soar higher to its peak

“1pm, lunch with the Western spokesman”

“Cancel it”

“Done, meeting with the H.O.DS by 9am”

“Set the venue, let them know I need every draft of their progress so far, anything else?

“No Sir, that’s all” Garfield replied
with a nod, Dylan strode into the private elevator to his office.


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