As Dylan walked past his employees, they all stood, not daring to look up at him in fear of meeting his cold eyes.

Even though Dylan Donavon rarely grew up nor lived in the City, they still heard about him and he had as much influence over here as well as over there where he grew up

Dylan was taken into the care of his
grandfather when he was just eight.

He was a little kid that was normal just like every other child his age but because his mother was trying to seek favour in the sight of Jason Donovan, her father-in-law, she handed him over to him to raise her child.

Normally, Jason Donovan, wasn’t someone who fancied staying with little children as he tags them to be boring and annoying with their unnecessary tears and fears but he took a liking to his grandson, Dylan.

Dylan as a kid was a quiet type, he behaved more maturely than his age then. That made him not to have friends as kids his age were always scared to approach him.

Jason Donovan decided to raise Dylan in his own way as the man himself was a brutal man and a business tycoon.

Dylan grew up in a hard way, in the midst of violence, fights and most especially in the underworld.

Not many knee about it but the Donovan’s had a mafia history and foundation.

At his late twenties Dylan had already surpassed all his cousins in business all over the country and he was known as the business tycoon, women both young and old yearned for him but none of them could muster the courage to go within a close proximity with him for fear of loosing their lives.

Even till date in his early thirties, his legacy had doubled in capacity and he was unstoppable.

Though some assassins were after his life, none of them were able to smell success untill that fateful morning at the hotel’s parking lot.

Dylan walked into his office and began work immediately, but some things are bound to happen sooner or later.

He was interrupted by his phone’s ringtone that broke the serenity.

Checking the caller ID, he picked up the phone expressionlessly

“Dylan, are you really in town? the voice rang out from the other end marred with uncertainty

“I am” Dylan confirmed without a hint of warmth in it.

There was silence at the other end for a while

“So it’s true Dylan, you’ve been in town for more than a week and you didn’t bother to come home?

Mrs Donovan whose name is Viola, Dylan’s mother said in a pained voice

She couldn’t believe that after so many years of not seeing her son but only sees him via newspapers, magazines and television, he would return but didn’t bother to visit.

Any other person would have melted at Mrs Donovan’s tone but this was Dylan in the picture

“Home? I don’t have a home Mrs Donovan” Dylan said coldly

Viola was hurt but she knew she was the reason for Dylan’s cold shoulder towards her.

The poor child gree without mother’s love and turned out to have a feud with her

With that remembered, Mrs Donovan calmed down
“I’ll leave you to continue with your work”

Dylan only hummed and resumed his work after his mother hung up the call.


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