Georgia Sterling, a promising young girl of 22 who’s father brought in a woman together with her 21 years old daughter just after three months of her mother’s d.eath.

Being a maltreated young Miss who’s step sister Ariana was determined to covet everything belonging to her, Georgia found herself fighting for the love of her father which seemed to vanish after her mother’s de.ath


What happens when she finally crosses path with the richest and coldest business man in the city?

What happens when she finds out that she was betrayed by her fiancee who sent her off to the Billionaire’s bed?

What happens when Dylan Donavon, the youngest billionaire in the city had a one night stand with Georgia Sterling?

Will he be defeated by the power of love?

When his heart refutes love
Will he become intoxicated by her and help her seek revenge?

Wanna find out?

Grab your popcorns cause it’s gonna be one h’ll of a fun rollercoaster.


Chapter 1


The interior part of the room was so exquisite with the decore in all White that one would avoid touching in fear of dirtying the walls.

On the huge king-sized bed, Georgia stirred lazily awake and squinted her eyes due to the reflection through the window

Getting her eyes adjusted to her environment, she furrowed her pretty brows

Georgia was about getting up but noticed there was something preventing her movement

Looking beside her she discovered a large and long arm holding her waist in place that was when she realized

She was wearing nothing!!!!
Looking beside her, hot breath was fanning her neck,

The man’s eyes were tightly closed as he was still in a deep sleep

His face was so perfect as if sculpted from a fine masterpiece

If she wasn’t panicking right now, she would have admired the face more

Georgia felt a splitting headache, massaging her head slightly, she looked around the strange room

‘Okay Georgia, calm down, don’t panic.
Just think, think think think!

She racked her brain, the last thing she remembered was her phone ringing, Raymond asking her to meet him in a hotel, this very room and blacking out when she arrived.

Georgia glared at the man lying bare beside her, holding down her waist and she felt heat creeping up her cheeks

She could still blurrily remember how the man ravished her over and over till she lost count of how many rounds they did the did

Slowly, she took hold of the arm holding her waist, as gently as humanly possible so as to not wake him up

When she finally succeeded in breaking loose from him, she discreetly climbed down the bed

Her heart almost leaped out of her chest when the man stirred but sighed in relief when he didn’t actually wake up

Quickly and hastily, Georgia put on her dress which was discarded with reckless abandon on the floor

The man’s clothes were also discarded on the floor

She hastily arranged her messy hair and walked out of the hotel room.


Just as she exited the room, the man who’s eyes were tightly closed just a while ago opened his eyes as he gazed at the door with an unfathomable expression

Sitting up, he smiled and if his assistant was to be here, he would surely faint

Dylan Donovan, the ruthless business man and Billoniare doesn’t smile

Anyone he smiles at should start preparing for his/her funeral because Dylan Donovan’s smile could only mean one thing,

‘a calm before the storm’

Truth was that, he woke up few seconds before she awoke but pretended to go back to sleep to gauge her reaction.

He is Dylan, any woman will grovel at his feet and go to any length just to stay a moment with him


He was actually surprised when the girl instead of squeeling in happiness or waking him up coyly decided to sneak away without him finding out

Dylan chuckled as he had just witnessed the most astonishing moment of his life

Gazing down at his Palm, he opened it to reveal a peculiar shiny neckless and he smirked

“We’ll meet again little cat”


~Raymond’s Abode~

“Is it done?

“Yes boss, these are the proof” a man claded in black trousers and black shirt answered, handing over stacks of photos

Raymond collected them and signaled him to go.
He looked at the pictures and smiled
“Bingo” he said

The bathroom door opened, revealing a young girl looking like a white lotus, wrapped in a towel, her long smooth legs exposed

Walking over to Raymond, she coyly wrapped her arms around him

“It’s done already? She asked in astonishment as she gazed at the picture

Her astonishment turned to happiness in no time

“Yes, we can finally proceed with our plan”
Raymond smiled as he kssed her nape while Ariana kssed him and soon they were lost in a sinful pleasure.


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