Georgia hurriedly crossed over to the other side when she noticed the person she saw had started retreating from her position

Running over to catch up with her, Georgia called out

“Velvet! wait up”
But Velvet kept walking away even faster without halting.


Georgia was bewildered, she didn’t think for one day that there would be a day when she would see her again.

It’s been Five heavy years already.

“Velvet please wait up!
Georgia called out, putting more efforts in her strides and finally caught up with her.

Getting hold of her shoulder’s, Georgia turned her around but was surprised to see the hate in Velvet’s eyes

Was she hallucinating?
Georgia asked herself
But then, Velvet swatted Georgia’s hand on her shoulder as if she made contact with a virus.
“Velvet I’m so happy to see you, it’s been so long, where did you guys disappear to?

Georgia asked not minding Velvet’s actions earlier.

She had really missed the Hill family, the Hills were her mother’s friends, especially Mrs Hills who was personally her mother’s best friend.

But they suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth before her mother past away.

“It’s good to see me? You? Georgia Sterling? Ha! I must be dreaming, you and your family are the worst people on earth, I cvrse this day I set my eyes on you again!

Velvet spat hatefully, if looks could kll, Georgia would surely be dead by now.

Right now Velvet didn’t care if she was few years younger than Georgia, she just wants to slap her senseless!

Georgia froze at a spot, she looked into Velvet eyes and she was more shocked to see the amount of hatred held in just a single gaze.

Is this really real? How come the sweet girl she spoils and loves so much talk to her in this manner with hate?

What happened to cause this hatred? and why does she look tattered? She isn’t like the Velvet I Know.

These unanswered questions kept whirling in Georgia’s head
“Velvet, I don’t know why you’re saying this to me but we need to go somewhere and talk” Georgia said, it isn’t proper to stand on the road and they had started gaining attention from pedestrians
The last thing she wants is for someone to recognize her.

“Go somewhere? I will never go somewhere with a stranger not to talk of a mvrderer like you!
Velvet was beginning to get aggressive

“Look, Velvet, I don’t understand what you’re talking about at all, your family disappeared years back without a message or any clue and now I’ve finally seen you again, you’re acting strange and you hate me?

Georgia asked confusedly as she couldn’t grasp what was going on exactly.

Velvet eyed Georgia suspiciously
“you-you really don’t know what happened years back?

She asked Georgia calmly reducing the level of aggressiveness she displayed initially

“I really don’t know Velvet, please let’s go somewhere and talk, I’m actually heading to that restaurant over there, join me” Georgia invited and Velvet warily followed after her.

In the restaurant, Georgia watched in awe as Velvet hurriedly did justice to the big size hamburger and switched over to the pasta, She ate like she had been starved for weeks

Georgia couldn’t help but notice how skinny she looked, her hair had Even lost its colour and was now looking pale

She’s just sixteen, what the h’ll happened?!

Georgia let the girl eat to her full, when Velvet noticed how Georgia had been staring at her, her cheeks reddened in embarrassment

Georgia had always been her favorite since her toddle stage that was why her hatred wasn’t that deep even after what Georgia and her family did to her family.

“Tell me Velvet, what happened that you hate me so much?


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