On a second thought, Georgia wondered why the person would be generous enough to consider Leah’s reputation and then it struck her memory

Of course, the anonymous person wouldn’t dare involve Leah, she was after all, a Donovan.

Checking the comments, she felt her mood dampen the more

‘She’s such a bch, treating her own sister like that’

‘So what if she’s the first young miss? her arrogance is way too much for a lady’

‘She’s both a bch and a wtch! She almost caused her stepmom to miscarry, poor woman’

‘i feel pity for Ariana Sterling, she’s such a sweet girl but was ill lucked to have a sister like that’

‘i wonder who the other person there is’

And many more comments that Georgia didn’t dare continue going through them

Rose felt pity for her boss and at the same time scared that she had upset her boss
“Ma’am I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have” she apologized meekly

Georgia sighed, giving Rose back her phone, she massaged her temple

“it’s not your fault, people talk, go get the contract regarding the estate deed of conveyance from the financial manger”
Rose bowed her head slightly and left

Georgia sighed, she was drained out, no wonder she had been getting unnecessary stares when she walked in
She didn’t even know and probably wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for Rose
She was already in a bad mood since yesterday as she still didn’t have a single clue where her Necklace could be and now this

Did I offend someone in my past life that makes me experience all these misfortunes?

Georgia couldn’t help but wonder as she walked into the elevator.



Hurriedly, Garfield walked, no ran to Dylan’s office as he kept staring at his phone
Getting to the door, he immediately pushed it open without knocking which would have been considered a terrible crime had it not been that the information he just received was more important than the protocol for now.

“Sir there’s….”

” Garfield I told you to not report any thing during this hour” Dylan said coldly with a frown as he didn’t appreciate being interrupted when he was signing papers.

there could easily be a mistake if there was any slightest distraction.

If it were any other time, Garfield would have literally ran out of the office but if he didn’t tell his boss about the matter at hand, he would be dead meat or even have his salary bonus removed.
“I’m sorry Sir but you must see this”

Garfield walked foward to Dylan’s desk and passed his phone to him

collecting the phone from his assistant who was adamant in telling him about this so called pressing matter
He frowned when he saw the content shown to him

Garfield suddenly shivered
‘How did the temperature suddenly drop?

He thought as he felt chills eminating from the man who looked no less than The God of war right now.

“who released this? Dylan asked in anger
The little woman was being degraded and insulted all over the internet,
How dare they treat his woman that way?

If Georgia was to know Dylan’s thought of her being his woman, she would definitely choke.

Garfield was terrified, he hadn’t seen his boss lose his cool like how he is now
That made him wonder, how did the lady suddenly become so important in his boss’s life?

“Sir it was from an anonymous blogger”
Garfield answered Dylan’s question

“I want you to identify the blogger and take him or her down in 2 hours!

“Yes Sir” With a bow, Garfield left immediately to start work
Being Dylan’s assistant wasn’t a child’s play

You must be capable with many talents which was why Garfield was still by Dylan’s side even after so many years.


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