“what do you mean the contract has been cancelled?
Dmn it!! Mr Davidson slammed his Palm on his desk after the phone call

The serenity of the office should be well applauded but the turmoil going on in his head surpassed the calmness or whatsoever


Mr Davidson racked his brain hastily reminiscing his actions ever since the contract was signed if he had offended the Geralds in any way

The contract that had just been cancelled worth millions of dollars that he couldn’t afford to loose.

The company needs the money for an investment
“just why would the Geralds cancel the contract?
he asked himself.

If it were any other company that dared to do this, he would have closed them down immediately but this was GERALD CORPORATION in picture

One of the top companies just after the DONOVAN’S ENTERPRISE
“there must have been a reason for this outcome and I’ll find out”



“Sir, Mr Davidson is here to see you, should I let him in?
One of the bodyguards asked
“of course” Old Gerald replied as he took a sip of his cappuccino

he expected Mr Davidson to come visiting but not too soon
‘well who would be calm when his company’s biggest project is being cancelled?
old Gerald thought

Mr Davidson was soon led into the sitting room where old Gerald was seated

“To what do I owe this unannounced visit? old Gerald asked feigning ignorance
“please sit” he further gestured for Mr Davidson to sit

“thank you Mr Gerald” Mr Davidson said as he took a seat

old Gerald barely nodded when he clapped his hands and a maid came rushing in, bowing her head which means she’s at his service.

“Get Mr Davidson here, a cup of coffee and some cookies” old Gerald ordered, giving another bow, the maid rushed out to do his bidding

Mr Davidson himself wasn’t in a mood to have any coffee nor cookies right now but he didn’t want to refuse old Gerald’s kindness

if possible, he would bootlick old Gerald if that’s what it would take to recover the cancelled contract.

“so what brings you here Mr Davidson?
old Gerald asked just in time for the maid to come back with a cup of cappuccino and cookies on a tray

“thanks” Mr Davidson muttered when the maid kept the tray on a small glass table next to him
Taking a bow, the maid left

“I don’t know if you’re aware Mr Gerald but the business proposal between the Geralds and the Davidsons has been cancelled” Mr Davidson said
“business proposal? old Gerald placed his chin between his first and index finger in a deep thought

“oh yes the contract, I cancelled it”
Old Gerald admitted indifferently without remorse or sympathy

“Mr Gerald did I perhaps offend you in any way? Mr Davidson asked in confusion
because he didn’t understand how in one minute, the business proposal was approved and the next minute it’s cancelled

old Gerald just sipped his coffee indifferently without saying anything and as seconds go by, Mr Davidson grew anxious

“I only have but one thing so precious to me and that person is my granddaughter”
old Gerald finally broke the silence while

Mr Davidson wondered what brought about the statement but nevertheless listened

“i bet you’re wondering what I mean but you know there’s a saying an enemy of an enemy is a friend, that also means, a friend of an enemy is also an enemy”

“I clearly do not understand what you’re hinting at Mr Gerald, can you at least go straight to the point?

Mr Davidson was beginning to get irritated but had to swallow down his anger because of their difference in status and wealth
if it were someone else speaking in riddles, he would have stormed out by now

old Gerald saw through his calmness, the anger and impatience bubbling and couldn’t help but smirk

“your son hurt my precious granddaughter, I, Gerald haven’t for one day caused her to shed a tear but your son did, what right does he have? being a mere fiancee doesn’t give him the right

so I thought about it and realized there’s no reason to work with you anymore, it’s understandable right?
old Gerald explained as if he was just talking about the weather

“but you can’t just cancel the contract and jeopardize our many years of business relationship because of your granddaughter, please Mr Gerald, I think your granddaughter must have done something wrong, please reconsider”

Mr Davidson pleaded and tried reasoning with old Gerald but Old Gerald was having none of it

old Gerald chuckled darkly
“well I already did, and you should know me by now given the years we’ve worked together, I don’t reconsider, if you could please leave now Mr Davidson”

Mr Davidson gritted his teeth with anger seething in his eyes
“you’re going to regret this Mr Gerald” he thought as he left the Gerald’s family house.


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