JUST TWO MONTHS: Chapter 51-The End

? Just Two Months ?

Chapter 60

? Nina’s P.o.v?

“Kylie,you can’t say that to yourself” i said looking at Kylie.
“Yes,i can,Nina,i love Daniel and i can’t live on this earth if he isn’t with me”

She’s already sounding suicidal.

“Kylie,do you remember when we were little and we had that pet dog called lucas?”

“Yes,i remember,he wasn’t even ours,he was just a street dog we found”

“Yeah,but we loved him so much,we would give him food and water and play with,make sure he is okay..but he fell sick and the veterinary doctor said that he would die”

“Where are you going with this,Nina?”

“What am trying to say is that even when the doctor said he would die,you prayed everyday and said he wouldn’t die and i could remember your words clearly,you said that even if the doctor said he would die,there is a God above that said he wouldn’t die and Lucas didn’t die,he became stronger.. Kylie,have faith that Daniel will wake up, don’t do this to yourself”

“Am so sorry if am sounding suicidal but i just really love him”

“If you love him,then be strong for him”

She hugged me so tight and i hugged her back.


2 months later,

?Paris P.o.v?
These past two months has been the worst month of our lives,Daniel hasn’t woken up yet.
Everyone is so unhappy,the whole house is dark and empty. I can’t stop thinking about my Daniel.
Am so scared that he will die and leave us. The happiness in the family has been sucked away.
Kylie hasn’t been herself lately,she hardly talks or smile,she goes to the hospital to see Daniel then come back home.
She surrounds herself with Daniel’s pictures, sometimes i watch her hug his pictures so tight and cry sliently.
Everyone is so helpless, there is nothing we can do to help.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
I woke up still feeling a little dizzy and nauseous,i have been having this feeling for sometime now.
Suddenly my mom walked in holding a tray of food, ever since Daniel has been in the hospital,Mrs Mendes suggested that we all stay together so my family moved in.

“Good morning,honey,you slept for so long”

“I know,mom,and am still feeling dizzy”

“Well,i got you your favorite, it’s scrambled eggs and toast”

Immediately i smelt the eggs,i felt so nauseous. I ran to the bathroom to throw up.

“Honey,are you okay?”

“Yes,mom,just a little feverish”

I washed my mouth and came out.

“You look pale”

“Yes,i know,i think it’s just stress and mom, i really don’t want that food,it makes me want to vomit”

“Okay but it’s your favorite”

“Not anymore,i think..can you prepare me spaghetti?”

“But you hate Spaghetti?”

“Mom, that’s what i feel like eating”

My mom looked at me weirdly.


“Oh, it’s nothing”
She said and walked away.. weird.


After breakfast,i went over to the church,i come here everyday to pray for Daniel.

I knelt down and looked at the altar.

“God,am here again, the same girl who comes here everyday and ask for the same thing, for you to heal the love of my life. I don’t want you to take him because it’s too early,God,he is the only man i have ever loved and i can’t love any other man, just please save him for me.. Please”

After i was done praying,i stood up to leave.

“My dear,you are so strong” i turned around and it was that old lady from the mall.

“You again?” I asked surprised,she smiled at me.

“Yes, it’s me again, Kylie, you are really strong,you have gone through alot of pain and you are still here,i admire you”

“Who are you and how do you know my name?”

“That’s not important, what’s important is that Everything will finally be okay, happiness will return and a new life will be formed”

I was so confused,what new life?

I was still thinking about what she said,i looked up and she was there anymore.

“Where did she go?”

I suddenly got a call from Paris.


“Kylie,come over to the hospital,the doctor wants to say something about Daniel’s case”

“Okay,am on my way”

In no time,i was at the hospital,the whole family was waiting for me.

“Kylie’s here,now Doctor,what do you have to say?” Mrs Mendes said.
“Well,i have been making researches and also talking to other doctors about Daniel’s case,we found out that his tum0r can actually be removed surgically”

“Really?”I asked surprised.

“Yeah,but it’s a really delicate surgery and i will have to call two brain doctora for this”

“What are the chany of him waking up and becoming healthy?” Mr Mendes asked.

“It’s a 50-50 chances so i need to know if you are up with it”

“Well,yes,we are” Mr mendes said.

“Okay, I will get the other doctors aware”

Nina and Paris hugged me so tight,i was happy that there ia a chance my Daniel can live.

The dizziness came back with full force,i held on to something so that i won’t fall.

“Ky,are you okay?” Mason asked.


I blacked out completely.

I woke up on the hospital bed.

“Oh,you are awake”

“What happened to me,doc?”

“You fainted” Nina said.

“So i ran some test on you”

“What do the test say?” My mom asked.

“Kylie is 6 weeks pregn@nt”

I just paused when he said that..am pregn@nt,oh,G0sh, carrying Daniel’s child.

“Oh my G0sh, Really?” Mrs Mendes asked so excited.
She always wanted grandchildren.

“Yes, but Kylie,6 weeks is one month and some days,you didn’t notice anything?”

” I was so focused on Daniel, that’s why”

“Well,now you need to focus on yourself,eat more and sleep, don’t stress yourself, congratulations”

“Thanks Doctor”

The doctor walked away,this is what the old lady was saying about a new life being formed.

My mom and Daniel’s mom came to hug me,they were already crying.

“Thank you for this amazing gift, Kylie,even if Daniel doesn’t make it at least his child will be used to remember him” Mrs Mendes said

“Don’t say that, Daniel will wake up and he will take care of his child,am sure of that”.

“Am gonna be an uncle”Mason said.

“Am gonna be an Aunt” Paris and Nina said making everyone laugh.

Carrying Daniel’s child has given me more hope that Daniel will make it.

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