JUST TWO MONTHS: Chapter 51-The End

?Just Two Months ?

Chapter 58.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
I woke up the next day and Daniel wasn’t by my side,i became scared thinking he has left me again.
Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in”
A maid holding a shopping bag came in.
“Miss Kylie, Sir Daniel asked me to give you this, it’s your clothes and he said he is waiting for you downstairs”

Thank goodness,at least he didn’t go away.
“Okay, thanks”

She dropped the bag and walked away.

After getting dressed,i came downstairs to the dinning table,i saw Daniel and a certain girl talking and laughing.
She was wearing a really tight b.um sh0rt and a cr0p t0p,her shape was so visible, who is she?

“Hey,babe,come let’s eat” Daniel said pulling me closer.
“Beatrice,this is Kylie,my girlfriend and Kylie,this is Beatrice,my personal cook”
We smiled at each other.

So she’s the cook,then why is she wearing expo$ing cl0thes in front of my boyfriend.
“Hey, Kylie,you are so g0rgeous”

“Thanks,you too”

“You gotta try her food, it’s so good”

He must really like her food,look at the way he is eating it.
I tasted the food and it was so good, she’s a good cook.
“You like it?” Daniel asked.

“Yeah, it’s good”

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
We were still eating when Beatrice left,i saw the way Kylie glared at Beatrice, it’s so obvious she’s jealous.

Let me make her angry a little.

“Hmm, Beatrice’s food is good, isn’t it Kylie?”
“Yes, it’s good”

“She really knows how to cook and she’s really good with her hands”

I saw the anger in her eyes.
“How do you know she’s good with her hands?”

“She gives me a massage whenever she comes around”

“She what?”
“Yeah,she massages every part of my body”

“Every part?”

“Every part,you should try her sometimes”
“No, I will not and i can’t believe you left her massage you,why can’t you ask me?”

This is so funny,her jealous face is priceless.
“Babe,she knows how to do it”

“Ohh,so i don’t..am sure after you eat her food,then you eat her, don’t you?”

She’s getting really angry.
“Babe,calm down,i was just pulling your legs”
“Yeah,right.. how can a cook wear such expo$ing cl0thes?”
“I don’t know, she’s just my cook”

“Okay, since am here,she shouldn’t come here again,i will cook for you”

“Done,babe..just don’t get angry, you know how you get when you are in your period?”

“How do you know that am on my period?”

“Babe,come on,we have been dating for almost three years,i know everything about you, you get really insecure and jealous when you are on your period”

“It’s true,am sorry i got so jealous, it’s just that i love you so much”

“I love you too,babe”

After breakfast,my mom called me telling me to come back home.

“Mom,i will come back but not now”

“Then when? Daniel,am your mother and i need to see you”

“I know but I just need time”

“Time is what you don’t have, honey, come back home”

“Mom,look, I will call you back”

“Bye, mom”

I hanged up, everything is so frustrating.

“You shouldn’t have hanged up like that” Kylie said as she walked in.

“She was being too demanding”

“She’s your mother and she loves you.. your whole family loves you”

“I know but I need to be alone”

“Okay,fine.. I brought your medicine so take them”

“What’s the point of taking it if am still going to die?”

“Are we talking about this?”

“Yes,we are still talking about this, it’s my health for goodness sake”

“I know but we concluded that you will spend time with your family”

“Well, maybe I don’t want to”


“I don’t want to be pitied, that’s why”
“No one pities you,we all love you”

“I know that, it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“Kylie, am going to call my driver,you are going back home”
“No,i won’t,you can’t force me to leave,i won’t”



She wiped her tears.

“I will be in the room,when your anger is down,you can talk to me but one thing is for sure,am not leaving here without you”

She walked away,i ran my hands through my hair,go$h, everything is so frustrating.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
Daniel thinks he can push me away,he is so wrong,am staying with him.
G0sh,i have been feeling so nauseous since this morning,maybe it’s the food.

3 hours later,

Daniel walked in and sat beside me.
“What do you want to say now?”

“It’s time to leave, Kylie”
“I told you,am not leaving”
“Am talking about the both of us, let’s go back home”


“Yes,babe,so go get your things ready”

We were finally back home and the whole family was so happy to see us.

“Mom, So sorry that i sounded rude to you” Daniel said

“It’s okay,my son”

They hugged each other.
“Hey, aren’t you gonna give me a hug?” Austin said as he walked in

“Am not g.ay, Austin..you should hug Paris” he said making everyone laugh.

It was good seeing Daniel laugh again with his family.

“Thank you” Paris whispered in my ears.
“For what?”
“For loving him no matter what”

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
I might have a short time to live but am happy i can spend time with my family especially Kylie.

3 weeks later,

Kylie and I were at the balcony looking at the stars.
“They are so beautiful” Kylie said smiling.

“Yes,they are.. Kylie,when the time comes and i leave,i want you to know that if you miss me,you can look up at the stars,i will be there watching you”

“Sometimes i find it hard to believe that you are leaving..What if you don’t die and the doctors can do something about it”

“I doubt it,my dad has already taken my case to four different doctors in india and it’s thesame thing,i have already accepted it..so that’s why i want you to promise me something”

“What’s that?”
“Promise me that when i die,you will move on, find someone else to love you”

“Danny, that’s next to impossible,i can’t love another man,i can’t promise that”

“You have to,you can’t stay single all your life”

“I know that but i won’t be able to love another man the way i love you, that’s just the fact”

“I love you a whole lot, Kylie but there is nothing we can do”

“I know one thing we can do tonight”
“What’s that?”

“Why don’t you follow me to the room and find out”

She walked away,i laughed knowing what she meant.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??

I was already dressed but Daniel was still sleeping,i went downstairs to prepare his food.
“Is Daniel still sleeping?”
“Yes,mom but am making his food for him”

“Kylie,you are such an angel”

“Thanks,mom,i love Daniel and i will do anything for him”

After i was dine preparing his food,i went to his room but he was still sleeping.
I dropped the food on the table and went over to him.
“Danny,wake up, it’s time to eat”

I climbed him and tried kss him but something was wrong,i couldn’t feel his breath.

I checked his heart and it wasn’t beating,i became so scared.

“Daniel,no,no.. it’s not time yet,you can’t do this to me”

I tapped him but he wasn’t responding.

“DANIEL” I yelled.

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