LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 1 to 10

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

(American Story)

Episode 6

By : Kebby NG

The man stood starring at the two of us , I was still in shock to speak.

How did he know about this place and why is he here,I thought

“What is this? How dare you come in here with out making your presence known first”Brian said angrily.

The man gave us both a smile and bowed gently and just then his PA walked into the room

“Am sorry your majesty,Your Highness”He said bowing quickly

“I had lost sight of him because I was talking to one of the ministers,I didn’t know that he had come in here looking for you and judging by your look,He came in unannounced” The PA added

“Its of no use apologising, One thing I was taught by my parent was having manners and knocking before entering was one of them,I did knock but it seems like the king was very busy with his queen and he didn’t hear me knock”He said starring at me

I turned away not wanting to stare at him,I could still remember what he said to me at the hospital

“I think that have fallen for you ” I closed my eyes trying to shut out that memory

“You should have waited for my response,You didn’t have to come in like that”Brian said again

“Fine then,I made a mistake by coming in with out waiting for you to ask me to come in,Am I pardon your majesty”He said bowing at the both of us.

“Who the hell is he? He is getting on my nerves”Brian asked starring at his PA.

Quickly his PA walked towards us and said some thing into his ears ,That certainly brought Brian temper down.

“So you are the architect?”Brian asked starring at him

“The one and only William ray”He said

Brian turned to me “I will talk to you later, This meeting is very important”He said as he kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Please James,Escourt my wife to her room”He said to his PA

I walked out of the study not looking at the man who stood by the door.

I knew he was starring at me but I dare not look at him.

He mustn’t know that I remember him,I thought as I left the room.

Later that day,I stood in the garden helping with the decorations.

I was Trying to make a romantic atmosphere for dinner tonight

After all it was our anniversary and am sure that Brian would love it.

While the maid help me set up the table and chair,I wondered if William has left already.

I never thought that I would be meeting him again,Just knowing that he is an architect and would be working close with Brian made me feel weird.

“Your Highness,Where do you want this light to be?”one of the maid asked as she showed me one of the decoration lights.

I took it from her and climbed the little ladder to put it amongst the other lights.

I smiled seeing that it fitted that place perfectly

“Preparing all this to surprise your husband for your anniversary”A familiar voice said .

I turned to look at him but it was a wrong mistake because the ladder Shaked and I lost my balance,Falling in the process.

But I didn’t fall on the floor instead I fell into some one arms and when I opened my eyes to see who it was,It turned out to be him

“I think have fallen for you” I remembered what he said and that made me blush .

“Do you know that you blush beautifully”He said and I starred at him

As quickly as I could,I got out of his arms and straightened my gown before starring at him

“Why are you here and where is my husband?”I asked

“Oh I think he is some where looking for you,Why didn’t you tell me that you were married?”He asked

“Tell you? When would I have the chance to tell you that when I just met you today”I lied starring at him

He smiled gently “So you are pretending not to know me now?”He asked

“Have we met before? I doubt we have beside I would have remember if I knew you”I said lightly

“Its okay if you don’t want to acknowledge knowing me” He said

“I don’t know you,I only met you today,You might have confused me for some one else”I said quickly and he starred at me strangely

“If you would excuse me”I said and walked off.

I was heading towards the house when I collided into Brian

“Hey you look like some one is pursuing you and where is your escourt?”He asked

They were all helping me with the surprise I had for him.

“I actually sent them off?”I said as I held his hand


“Cause I felt like being alone”I lied

“You know how worried I get when you are not with them”He said

“I know but I..I just wanted to be alone,Let’s stop talking about me,Tell me about that architect guy? Why was he here?” I asked changing the subject and also wanting to know why he was here

“Well i needed an architect to help me prepare some thing and they told me that he is the best in town,So I hired him”He said

“Where would he be working on and why do you need an architect ?”I asked

“He would be working in the palace”He said

“Palace? But why? Are you planning on building another house but all these are enough”I said

Just knowing that he would be working in the palace and he would be close to me got me feeling agitated

“Am building it for you”He said

“For me? But why”I asked

“My anniversary gift to you”He said and I starred at him

“Really?”I asked and he starred at me

“Yes,Come with me?”He said pulling my hand.

We walked for a while until we got a deserted area.

The palace is very big and it had a lot of unused land amongst it

“This place you are looking at will be where I will build the house for you ” he said as he stood behind me and wrap his arm around me

“Remember telling about the orphanage?”He asked


“You told me that it would be good if the palace could have a lot of kids playing in it”He said and i nodded

“I said that on impulse Brian because I felt hurt seeing the way they were living in that terrible building and neighbourhood”

“And you rectified it by providing them with more food and security,Are you doing this for them ?”I asked

“For you my sweet,I figured that if I build this for you,The kids can move here and since you hardly do any thing,You can always come here and have fun with them” he said gently and I felt touched

“So in short you did all this for my benefit”I asked feeling very touched

“Yes,I did”he said and i turned to give him a kss

“You are the best”I said as I hugged him tightly

“Your majesty”James,His PA ran towards us

“What’s wrong?”he asked

“She is here! The king said I should tell you this way,That you will understand” He said

We both knew what the king meant and we starred at each other

“You can go first”I said slipping my hand out of his

He took my hand and held it tight “If we are going to see her for the first time,We will be doing it together”He said and I nodded gently.

Together we went back to the palace only to see the king and queen outside.

A lady stood in front of them,Talking to them , with her back facing us.

Just by looking at her clothing,I could tell that she will be a very beautiful woman,I thought as we walked towards them

“Finally you are here son”The king said and just then the lady turned and I gasp seeing how beautiful she looked

She looked so very much gorgeous as she starred only at Brian.

“So you are Alicia ray?”He asked starring at her

“yes I am and you are his majesty Brian Stone,Nice to meet you”She said stretching fourth her hand and Brian took her hand in his .

“And you must be her Highness,Dora Stone”She asked starring at me in a strange way

“I am”I replied holding unto Brian arm

“Well it’s nice to meet you too”She said stretching forth her hand and i Shaked it too.

“Isn’t she pretty,She has class too”The queen asked starring at Brian,Waiting for him to comment on her beauty

But he disappointed her by saying “Shall we all go in”

“Of course we should”the king replied and together we all went in

Unknown to us William ray stood at a distance watching us all

“This looks very interesting”He said gently and smiled.

We were all sitted in the patio and while Alicia ray got Every one attention ,I watched her silently

Trying to know her by watching her closely,There were times that I found her starring at Brian.

And each time she stared at me,She will give me a smile.

“Tell us about your brother”The great king asked

“Oh there isn’t much to tell about him, He will be working as he always does and besides…..I think his latest project is in the palace”She said suddenly

“In the palace? “The king asked

“What work does he do?”Brian asked

“He is an architect”She replied and my suspicions began to form a reality

“Don’t tell me that you are William ray sister” I asked suddenly and she stared at me

“You’ve got that right your Highness, Am her brother”William said standing by the door starring at us.

Not only is he the stranger I unburdened my heart to,He is also Alicia brother.

Things can’t just get worse,I thought sadly.

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