LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 11 to 20

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 15

By : Kebby NG

As soon as the taxi stopped in front of the palace,I got out of it .

Thanks to the stupid work have been doing at the hospital,I now have some money with me .

I always knew that working wasn’t for me and I was right!

Using my scarf to cover my face,I walked in to the palace with out the guards stopping me

After all a ceremony was being taking place and people were allowed into the palace to show their love and support to the new queen and also to the new king.

Well support won’t be what they will be recieving from me,I thought as I marched into the hall where a lot of people where in.

Squeezing into them,I managed to get to the front,Where I could now see Brian and the imposter herself and also with Brian parents and my parents.

How could they have been fooled by her,Couldn’t they see that we are different,I thought as I stared at all of them.

While I was dying away in the hospital,They were all here enjoying their lives.

Even if I die today,They wouldn’t know,I thought as I wiped off the tears falling from my face.

“Can you please tell us more about yourRelationship with her highness” one of the reporters asked Brian.

He starred at Her with love in his eyes,Some thing he never did with me,I thought as I watched him give her a smile before he answered the reporter

“Well I wouldn’t say it’s love by first sight,As a lot of you will know,It was an arranged marriage, At first I didn’t like her to be my wife but as time went on,I realised that she is the one for me,The one destined for me, The love of my life and here today I am telling the whole world that am lucky to have her”He said starring at her.

How could he? How could he fall for some one else,it should have been me,I should have been the one he love,not that imposter,I thought as I clenched and unclenched my hand

I won’t be the one in the shadow, I thought.

I was about to walk up to them when some one came to pull me,I didn’t have the time to pull away because the person grip on my hand was strong and he had used the scarf I had wrapped around my face to cover my face entirely

“Let go of me before I scream”I said

“Just shut up and come with me”He said as he pulled me into a car.

As soon as the car drove off I opened my scarf to see a guy starring at me

“Who are you ?”I asked

” Some one who is after your interest”he said

“And how are you after my interest,I don’t even know you!”I said

“Well let’s start knowing each other because I believe that we will be working with each other in the future” He said

“I don’t want to get to know you, Take me back to the palace, I have some thing urgent to do”I said

“Like what? Like telling the king that you are the real Dora and that the lady with him is a fake?”He asked suddenly starring at me

“Ho… do you know that?”I asked

“I know a lot of things Dora Baxter,So just come with me and we will talk about it”He said

All through the ride,I kept on thinking,who he was and how he knew who I was.

“Are you perhaps Micheal”I asked and he smiled

“No,Am not and as I believe,The so called Micheal is dead,Am William,William ray”He said

“Your name doesn’t ring a bell”I said as I kept on starring at him.

He got out of the car and opened my door “why don’t you come out so we can talk about it”He said and reluctantly I followed him into a luxurious pent house.

After being served a drink that I didn’t touch at all,I asked

“Who are you and how did you know my name?” I asked

“Let’s just say,Am some one who have been watching the royal family for years”

“And why have you been watching them for years?”I asked

“That is because I have a score to settle with them and you my dear will help me with that “He said

“How will I do that! I don’t have a life,That lady over there have taken it from me,She has stolen my identity and if you hadn’t stopped me,I would have done some thing today”I said

“And what do you think that you will gain! That lady has it all,Your life,Your parents love and most especially Brian love”

“That was because I was in a coma,If I hadn’t been in a coma she wouldn’t have been able to get into my family life”I said

“But she did and what’s worst, Brian knows her real identity,He knows she is not you and still he kept on with the lie”

“That’s a lie, Brian wouldn’t be that heart less”I said

“But he is okay,He and his entire family is,Didn’t you ever wonder why he never came to look for you when he found out and your parents! Though they found it odd that their daughter survived a big crash like that,They never bothered to look deep, They took her in and made her their child and you! Poor you had to suffer alone”

“Think about it,If they ever cared or love you,They would have found a way to the truth but they did nothing,you cant forgive them for that,Each and every one who made you suffer must suffer too”He added

“So what you are telling me right now is that my parents and Brian knew that the girl there is not me yet they kept quiet about it?”I asked

“Now you are thinking”he said

“How could they? I always knew that they never liked me but for them to have kept shut even after knowing that the girl there is not their real daughter is really cruel”I said crying

“This shouldn’t weaken you Dora,This should make you strong,So you can have your revenge on each and every one of them”He said


“Yes revenge,They betrayed you and it’s only fair that you make them all pay”He said

“But how do I do that,I don’t have the means or the source to do that”

“That’s why am here,I will help you”He said

“And what do you gain by helping me”I asked

“As have said before,I have a score to settle with the the royal family and with the both of us helping each other,Our goal will be accomplished” he said

“Fine then,I agree to help you but tell me what’s the real identity of that imposter”I asked and he smiled

“If I tell you,You will be shocked,So it’s better that you don’t know”He said

“And also we need to do some thing about your face”He added quickly

“My face? But why?”I asked

“If we are to have our revenge,No one must suspect a thing and am afraid that your face can tell a lot”He said

“So what will we be doing about it?”I asked

“We will be travelling to los Angeles for a plastic surgery”He said

Still holding onto my cheek,I came back to reality, Sighing a bit,I stood up and went towards the mirror to stare at myself

The plastic surgery had been worth it,No one recognise me

Not even my own mother! How will she when she chose some one else over her daughter.

William was right,They all have to suffer just as have suffer and I won’t rest until I bring them all down,I won’t, I thought holding onto my cheek.

As soon as we walked into the orphanage home,I was greeted warmly by the kids.

“Grace please help me bring out the gifts I had brought for them”I said to Grace who stood behind me

“Yes your Highness”she replied gently and the kids went on to play,Still having it in mind that they had some gifts to collect.

I saw the teacher that had taken me to the little boy yesterday and I went to meet her.

“Oh your Highness,Have you come to see the little boy”She asked on seeing me

“I want to know how he is”I said

“Well he is great hands,come with me”She said and I went with her.

As soon as I got to the room where the baby was kept I stopped short on seeing William pacifying the boy.

“He arrived some hours ago and since then he has been taking care of the baby”she whispered gently,

“You can go in,I will just be out there,if you need me just call your Highness”She said as she bowed and left in a hurry.

I didn’t know if I should leave or go in,it was hard to decide,I thought as I kept on starring at William who kept on saying some thing to the little boy which made him laugh.

“Just come in,None of us will bite you”William said suddenly and he turned to stare at me giving me a smile.

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