LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 11 to 20

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 16

By : Kebby NG

Having no choice,I walked in and stood beside him watching the baby

“Why were you hesitating to come in?”he asked

“Me! Hesitating? Of course not”I said quickly

“Did Brian asked you to stay away from me?”he asked

“Why would he asked me to stay away from. You?”I asked

“Because he is jealous and he told me that this morning too”

“Brian told you to stay away from me?”I asked

“Yes he did,Who can blame him,He thinks the friend ship between us is some thing more,He thinks that we are……..I better not say it” He said

“You better say it William,I want to know what Brian said to you this morning”I said

“Well he said that we are kind of cheating him,Like you and I are having some kind of affair”

“That’s absurd”I said

“Yes that was my reply to him,It was absurd,How could he even say that about you,Doesn’t he trust you?”He said

“Don’t get me wrong Liam,when I say absurd,its referring to what you just said,Brian would never say some thing like that”I said

“So you don’t believe me?”he asked

“Yes I don’t,Brian might say any thing in a fit of rage but he would never say that am cheating on him”I replied

“Fine then,Believe what ever you want,Why don’t we change the subject,Carry baby jack in your arms”He said changing the topic to the cute lovely boy in the cot

“Baby jack? And since when was he called jack?”I asked as I lifted the child into my arms and smiling up at Liam

“Well since today,I named him Jack my self,He seemed like a jack,So I gave him Jack”He said and that made me laugh

“Jack,let me think! It’s good,I love jack and he looks like a jack”I said starring at the sleeping jack in my arms.

I didn’t notice that William was taking a picture of me and jack until I looked up and found him with his phone

“Why did you do that?”I asked as I put baby jack back in his cot

“Just wanted to take the expression,You both looked good together”He said starring at his phone

“Hey delete that! My pictures can’t just be taken”I said as I walked towards him but he was too fast as he dodge past me

“Are you going to make me run for it now?”I asked

“Some thing like that,If you want it deleted just take it from me”He said as he moved to the door

“Then you are on”I said as I ran after him

He kept on running and I ran after him,Calling him back

“Too slow”he said as he ran towards a statue

“Give me that phone while I ask nicely or once I manage to get it from you,I will break it”I threatned

“If those threat have worked on your maids,It wont work on me,Come get it”He said as he ran towards the library

I ran after him,Calling for him to stop and he did stop

It was so sudden that I didn’t notice,He stood still and turned to look at me and before I could stop myself I ran straight into his arms

As soon as I was in his arms,He held me tightly


“I think have stepped on some thing,Stay like this until I manage to pull it out”he said and I stood like that for a while.

I could feel him trying to get some thing off but his arms kept on getting tight around me

“There it’s finally off”He said as he let go of me to stare down at me

“What did you step on?”I asked

“Just a nail,We will have to make a report of this,if it had been one of them that had step on it then some thing worse would have happen” He said

“You are right!”I replied gently

“Your Highness,We need to leave for our next appointment” Grace said as she ran towards us

“Oh my,I totally forgot about that,See you later William”I said and ran off

I didn’t see the way William kept looking at me as I ran off.

The car stopped at the Campbell mansion and holding my invite,I went into the house.

Diane and I have been friends only because Brian and her husband are close friends

Diane is the only daughter of the former president,Though she tries not to show it,She is a very spoilt child.

She likes to talk and never knows how to stop and I would like to be some where else right now,I have no choice.

Brian won’t be here,So he agreed that I should come even knowing that I don’t like Diane and cruel remarks.

She sure is going to talk about her third child and make a cruel remark at me being barren,not that I haven’t grown used to it yet but her remark still finds a way to hurt me.

Breathing in a sigh,I walked into the room and there were a lot of guest,Some which I knew and some which I don’t.

“Your Highness you are finally here”on hearing Romeo voice I gave him a smile in return

His wife is the bitchy one but he is quite different.

“Hello Romeo,I couldn’t miss the christening of baby Laura and where is the angel herself”I asked

“In the study with her mom,You know how Diane is possessive with the child”Romeo said

“Well I will go and see her?”I said

“Are you going to go in with them?”Romeo asked starring at my guards and Mary who were behind me

“Her Highness doesn’t go any where with out us”One of the guards said

“I know but it might be some how for Diane and you know how she is”Romeo said again

“I know,Don’t worry they won’t be coming in”I replied

“But your Highness!”grace called behind me

“Don’t worry,I will be fine, Just stay here,I will just say hello to Diane and drop the gift and then I will be out again”I said and quickly went to the study.

There were four women there including Diane with the new baby Laura

“Oh look who is here,Her highness”Diane announced and when the three ladies saw me,They immediately bowed

“We are all female here,You don’t have to do that”I said as I walked in

“But you are the queen and you deserve some respect”Diane said and that made the three ladies laugh,Why they were laughing I didn’t under stand

“I came to see baby Laura and to give her this”I said as I put the blue shawl down

“What’s this?”She asked

“A shawl,I made it myself”I replied

“This is why ladies who haven’t given birth yet don’t know what to buy for occasion like this” She said

“What do you mean?”I asked

“Blue are for boys and pink are for girls your Highness”One of the three ladies replied

“I didn’t know that”I replied feeling like a fool

“And how you know that when you haven’t given birth ooops…..that slipped, I didn’t mean it that way your Highness”She said with a smile

“It doesn’t matter Diane”

“You see every one here have given birth and they knew what colour to bring which was pink, What am I going to do with this blue” She asked maliciously

“You can just give it out or do what ever you want with it”I replied

“Well that will have to be to throw it away”She said

“To throw it away?”I asked

“I have no use for it your Highness”She said

“Well then I will just have to take it back right,Since it’s of no use to you,It might be to some one else”I said and left the room.

I didn’t feel like going to grace and the guards yet,So I went to the rest room.

I stood in front of the mirror remembering what Diane said

Some times her remark wouldn’t hurt and some times it would

Today it hurts and Brian isn’t here to give me strength,I thought as the tears slipped from my face

Just then I heard some voices and quickly I went into one of the toilets.

“Serves her right”I heard a lady said

“Just because she is the queen,She thinks she is higher than all of us” Diane said and I knew who they were

“She can’t even give birth and yet she acts like an almighty”another said

“I wonder why that hunk of a king married a barren Lady like her”another added

“Well it’s because he had no choice,I heard that he had to marry her because it was all arranged”Diane voice came through again

“Really!”the other three chorused

“Of course,That was why he had to marry her,Am sure that he is regretting it now”She said and they all laughed

Having heard enough and getting very angry,I opened the toilet door and they all stood shocked when they saw me.

“Continue,Am a great listener”I said

“On…what your Highness”one of the ladies asked

“Why should we hide it,She heard every thing,We might as well continue from here “Diane said

“You three leave,I want to talk to Diane alone”I said

“Why should they? Don’t you want to listen any more”She taunted

“Your husband’s are all workers under my husband and with just one word from me,they can kiss their job goodbye,Do you want that for them?”I asked and immediately the three ladies ran off leaving only Diane

“What? Are you going to use that threat on me too, it won’t work cause I know for a fact that Romeo and His majesty are close friends,He wouldn’t want to harm his friend”Diane said smiling at me

“I know right but the two of us aren’t friends,So I can do this”I said and before she do a thing I punched her on her nose

“Ooooouch……….that hurts,Are you mad!”She yelled at me

“Have tolerated your insults enough,It’s time I teach you a lesson”I said

“Bitch!!!!”She moved towards me wanting to slap me but I held her hand and pushed her to the wall

“To slow fool”I said and held her hair tightly slamming her face on the wall

“For your information,I grew up in a neighbourhood where fighting is the only way to survive”I added

And then I turned on the tap and poured the water on her face,She kept on screaming for me to stop but I didn’t.

It wasn’t until her designer clothe was damaged that I released her.

Taking her by her hair I pushed her into one of the toilet and she sat on the floor starring at me .

“You should be grateful that this is a party or I might have done worse and for the record,My husband doesn’t regret marrying me,He loves me the way I am,Some thing I doubt that your husband do,So long my dear Diane”I said giving her a smile

Closing the door on her I used a mopping stick to hold the handle so she wouldn’t be able to come out and then I left the rest room feeling triumphant.

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