LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 41 to The End

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 42

By : Kebby NG

“How do you plan on scarring him “Alicia had asked him

“Firstly we hire an assassin”

“What? An assassin,Are you crazy?”She had asked

“No am not”‘He replied

“I just need him to scare them,Not for him hurt any one “I answered

“And then what?”

“Once Brian sees the great danger Emma is in, He will certainly let her go and tell her the whole truth”

“This issue will be put on his dad,I will just tell him that the king wants her dead and that he should do the right thing”

“People gets sentimental when it comes to that,So am sure that he will do the right thing and leave her alone ”

“Are you really sure that this plan of your will work”

“Of course,all I need is to get them out to the same place at the same time and then the man will be there to do what he should”

“What of some one gets hurt?”I asked

“No one will, he will be a professional,All he has to do is to scare her “I said

“Fine then,I just hope that this doesn’t back fire”She said

“It certainly did back fire,Look you are the one in pain,The one who is suffering right now”Alicia said

“Common stop over reacting,Am now okay and a little drama should be put into it,To make it real”I said

“So is the next plan ready?”I asked again

“Yes it is,I called him and told him to do it right”I replied

“Make sure that he mustn’t touch Emma,He is only allowed to scare her,I don’t want Emma being hurt”I said

” Have got that,Now just have your rest,You will need it”She said to me

“I will only rest when I see Brian out of her life completely”He said

“Remember that Emma also is part of our revenge,I came back solely to get back at her” She said

“Yes I know and every thing with happen in its due time,Just relax and enjoy having Brian by your side”

“What do you mean?”

“He wants to get a divorce and so you need to be by his side now more than ever “I said

“And if possible try to get him to sleep with you,it’s time that you get pregnant for real”I said and she Nodded in return

I stood out side the hospital waiting for Alicia to show up

Once Emma sees me coming back with Alicia,She will certainly wake up and then she will give me the divorce I want

I turned just to Alicia walking towards me “why are you still here your majesty ” she asked

“To take you home of course”I said opening the car door for her

She got in and I got in with her,” this is not some thing you will do with out having a reason Your majesty,Care to tell me what it is?”She asked

“Have told Emma that I want a divorce but she doesn’t want to give me one ,She thinks am just lying and that am too stressed,So to convince her that I really want a divorce,I have to break her heart”I said

“So you plan to do that by using me ?”

“Some thing like that ”

“What will I benefit from it”She asked still not wanting to give in easily

“Marriage to you will come next”I replied

“Fine then,I will do it”she said giving me a smile

Have just sold my soul to the Devil,I thought as the car drove into the palace

The lights emanating from our room upstairs clearly shows that Emma is still awake and that she will be waiting for me

I got out of the car and helped Alicia out,She moved close to me and kssed me on the cheek

“It has started already, She is watching us at the balcony” Alicia said and on hearing that I pulled Alicia close to me and kissed her lips

“Good night”I said and left her standing there

As soon as I got to the room,Emma was laying on the bed,She had switched off the lights

She didn’t want to talk but having seen what happened out side will make her realise that I meant what I said about having a divorce

Though it hurts and it’s very hard,I have to let her go before she gets in more danger .

On getting to the hospital I went to see William

Brian didn’t tell me last night that William has woken up

He didn’t even say a thing to me this morning when he woke up

Seeing him In Alicia arms last night shattered my heart but I know that he is only doing it to get me out of his life and I won’t give him the pleasure of achieving that goal neither will I be giving him a divorce

How dare him even suggest a divorce,How dare him,I thought angrily.

I got into William room and I found him on the bed eating

“Dora! What a lovely surprise”He said

“I had to come see you,After all you took the gun that was meant to have hit me”I said

“It doesn’t matter,I saw that you were in danger,Any one would have done that same thing “He answered cheerfully

“So then Tell me,How are you feeling now?”

“Better that I was ,Just seeing you have made my day”He said and I laughed

At least seeing me has made some one day,I thought sadly

“Do you need any thing,Maybe a glass of water?”I asked

“Yes,This food is very spicy,Have drank up my first glass”He said

“Okay then,I will get another for you at the cafeteria” I said and left the room

I passed through the operating Room hall,It was quite empty mostly because the doctor are in the operating room,Dealing with a surgery or so

I didn’t notice that I was being followed by some one

It wasn’t until I got to the end of the hall that he used some thing to cover up my nose

And then I lost consciousness.

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