LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 41 to The End

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 46

By : Kebby NG


“Helen! Helen ! Helen where are you? Helen my sweet”

I stood behind a tree hiding from her,I didn’t want her to see me,After all we were playing hide and seek.

“This is not funny Helen,Come out mommy wants to see you”She said again and on hearing that ,I went to her.

“You lost mommy,You couldn’t find me”I said as I hugged her and she hugged me close too

“Don’t you ever hide like that again.Do you know how long have been searching for you? Have been so worried”She said as she hugged me close.

“I won’t mommy”I replied and we both walked back to the palace.

“And where are my two lovely girls coming from?” On hearing my father voice,I quickly ran to him and he pulled me into his arms and gave me a very tight hug.

“Mommy and I were playing hide and seek but mommy lost because she could not find me easily”I said

“Is that true! You lost to our pretty Helen?”He asked my mom as she walked towards us

“Your little daughter cheated,She is just like you”She said jokingly and he pulled her into a hug

“Helen takes after you my dear”He said giving me a kiss on my head.

“I take after you both”I said and they burst out laughing.

If I had known then that that will be my last time with my parents,I would have spend enough time with them.

(The day of the accident)
“Common mommy,Daddy,We will be late”I called to them both as I ran into the car.

“We are coming!”I heard my father say.

He stood by the entrance talking to a Mr Baxter and his brother.

The few times have seen my father brother have always been scared of him.

I don’t know why but I have this weird feeling about him and maybe that’s why I don’t like him.

Seeing him with my dad made me feel angry and scared.

“Daddy let’s go”I called again and this time my dad said his goodbye to them and together we left in the car.

For a reason I didn’t seem to understand,The car stopped by the gate and I was collected by that Mr Baxter.

“You stay here okay,We will be back soon”My mom had said and she got into the car and they both left.

That was the last time I saw them,The next thing I knew I was being waited on by all the maid in the house.

Even Brian father and mother came to me to console me.

They made it known to me that my parents were dead and though I was just a little child,I knew what death was.

At first I cried and threw a lot of fit about it but every thing changed when Brian father became the king.

I wasnt allowed to go out or to go to school,I was always locked in my room and some times I was locked in with out being given food.

But one day I packed some few stuffs of mine into my back pack, intent on running away but I didn’t make it out because I was caught by Brian.

“Where are you going?”he had asked

“Shhh……I just want to go out for a while,I promise to be back soon”I lied wanting him to believe that I was saying the truth.

“That’s a lie,You are planning to run away and Dad made it clear to you that you mustn’t “He said as his voice kept getting louder

“Am not running away,I…….”

“Daddy! Daddy! “Brian began to call and quickly I ran to him,holding him and pleading with him not to say a thing.

“What’s going on?”His father said as he came to us.

Brian jerked himself from me and ran to his father

“I caught her trying to leave dad” He said

“What? Were you going to leave when I asked you not to”He asked,Looking at me with so much anger.

“I didnt want to leave,I didnt want to”I denied quickly but he pulled me to him and took off my bag, Pouring out the content in it.

” And you weren’t going to leave right?”he asked as he slapped my face.

“Am going to teach you a lesson,You will never forget”He said as he pulled me by the collar and then he took me straight to the storage room, Where he used his belt to beat me.

Long after he was gone,I sat alone in the room crying, Calling out for my mom and dad but no one came to my aid.

And as days flew by,I was always beaten for one thing or another.

Punished for speaking out,Punished for disobeying one of his wish and also punished for every little mistake Brian made.

When Brian saw that I was also punished for what he did,He began to feel guilty.

I remember that he always come to me in the storage room,Some times to give me food or to play with me and I enjoyed every of his company but every thing changed when the king found out.

Brian kept his distance and I had to keep my distance and as days went by the king punished me for every moment Brian spent with me.

I prayed that some one will come to my aid,Some one who will save me and get me out of my predicament and it happened,It happened because I met Peter Chadwick.

He was not only kind to me but he Saved Me during the fire, He took me out before I was burnt to death.


Just as the king wanted me dead years ago,He tried to do the same thing again but am not sure if he succeeded or not.

Slowly I opened my eyes only to find myself in a room, An unfamiliar room at that.

I sat up only to feel pain on my right arm,I looked at it only to see a made up bandage Wrapped around It, my arm had been the only thing that got burnt in the fire.

I didn’t die this time too, I thought as the door opened only for the doctor to walk in.

” You are finally awake your Highness, He said as he walked towards me

” What happened doctor? How did I get here ?” I asked

“You were brought to the hospital by your husband your Highness,Thank God you were found quickly, It might have been worse if the king hadn’t found you”He said as he checked up on the burnt.

“Your injury is getting better and you just need more rest “He said

“Would you like to see your husband now,He has been waiting for you to wake up”He asked

“My husband?”I asked remembering every thing that have just remembered.

“Yes your husband or have you forgotten him?”He asked as he stared at me

“No have not but I don’t want to see any one,Can you make that possible?”I asked starring at him

“Sure,If you don’t want to see any one,I can make it possible”He replied and then left the room.

My mind is in chaos right now, I don’t want to see any one from Brian’s family not even Brian himself.

I was about laying on the bed to sleep some more when the door opened and Brian himself walked in.

“Do you know how long have been waiting for you to wake up?”He asked looking so worried

“I said I don’t want to see any one”I said softly

“Not even me your husband?”He asked

“Not even you Brian,I don’t want to see anyone,So please leave!”I said stonily

“What’s wrong Emma? Why the coldness?”He asked

“I know the truth Brian,All of it “I said and he stood looking at me in shock.

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