LOVE HAPPENS: Episode 21-30

Love Happens

Authoress Kamara

Episode 21

I went upstairs searching for Ashley but i couldn’t find her.

I stopped to take a deep breath but i heard voices and turned back. Miguel.

I waited till they passed by making sure i hid my face. I followed the stairs they were coming from. I got there and saw a closed door.

I went to the closed one and it was strangely quiet.

I dialed Adrian’s number telling him to meet me here. Same with Lily and J.R.

As i waited for them to arrive, i tried opening the door but it was jammed shut.

Minutes later, they came panting.

“Whats up, you found her?”. Lily said.

“Dude calm down, she might be in there”. I said to Adrian who was walking to and fro nervously.

“Then what are you waiting for, open it”.

I sighed. “The door is jammed shut”.

“I better go get my toolbox from the car”. Lily said running back downstairs.

“Wait”. I stopped her.

She turned. “What”.

“Let J.R go with you”.

J.R groaned. “Why?”.

“Go with Lily,now”. Adrian instructed.

“Come on, douchebag, lets go”. Lily said rudely.

J.R sighed following her downstairs.

“I swear i’m gonna kill Axel”. Ian said clenching his fists.

“I saw André”. I said sitting close to him. “He was holding a syringe”.

Ian looked at me. “You don’t think they–“.

“I think they did”. I said quietly.

He suddenly stood hitting the door furiously. “It was all a d@mn bet”.

Almost immediately, Lily and J.R came back.

Wow, so fast.
Lily placed her toolbox down opening it.

“What is a girl doing with all these stuff?”. J.R asked.

Lily sent a glare which made him shut up.

She brought out the tools one by one.

“Claw hammer, flathead screwdriver, tape measure, adjustable crescent wrench, vice grip pliers, electric drill”.

She kept saying a bunch of stuffs i didn’t get bringing the tools out.

She continued. “Utility knifes and blades, oh here it is, hydraulic jack”.

She stood up holding the hydraulic jack using it to concentrate a large amount of force on the door.

After a few attempts. The door unlocked.
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