M.I.A (Merciless In Action): Episode 11-20

M.I.A (Merciless In Action)
Writer: Seunnzzy

Episode 11

Desmond’s POV

We went back to the station along with some of the teachers and the inspector was put inside one of the cells.
I asked of the DPO and they replied that he’s not around at the moment.

The teacher that accompany the student wrote a statement of how everything happened and after she finished that I called her over to my table.
” Did any of the student have a cell phone with them?” I asked.
” No sir, we didn’t let them take their phones and also it’s not in the school protocol for them to bring their phone to school” the teacher answered and I sighed.
” Then how do we find them when we can’t even tell where they went” I said frustrated.
” Please sir…..do everything to find them… please” the teacher pleaded.
” Don’t worry, we will find them….. we will work on it” I said then the teacher left.

I stood up and went to the cell they are holding the inspector from earlier. I opened the cell they are holding him and took him to the interrogation room.
After we got there I cuffed him to a table in the room and sat before him.
” Tell me what you know about the kidnappers” I requested and he looked stunned.
” What are you talking about?…..I don’t know anything” he said.
” How do you expect me to believe you….do you remember earlier that I wanted to check their container but you refuse to let me do so” I said then continue.

” I suspected that container cause it’s the only one we’ve seen since morning, but you stopped me from checking it……..do you think anyone would believe that you had nothing to with that” I said.
” Please you have to trust me……I don’t know anything….. it’s just an unfortunate coincidence….
…I swear I know nothing about that” he said.
” Do you think I will have my own daughter kidnapped?” He said.
” I don’t know…..I don’t know what you’re capable of doing……maybe you’re even desperate and heartless enough to do that to your own daughter…..maybe it’s all part of your plan” I said.
” I can’t do that to her……I have no idea something like that is going to happen” he said.
” Then why are you so hell bent on letting them go without checking them…… I’m very sure it’s not because you collect a bribe from them ……so I suggest you talk now” I said.
” It’s the DPO……he told us before you arrived that we shouldn’t allow you do as you wish, that we shouldn’t let you control us” the inspector said.
” Whaat?” I said a Little bit surprised.
” It’s only four inspector here in this station so only the four of us can’t obey your order…..but the rest are sergeants and corporal so they have no choice” he said.
” I can’t believe this” I said.
” Please you have to believe me…….I don’t know it’s going turn out like this” he said.
” What are we supposed to do now……cause right now I have no idea……what the next step is” I said and the inspector keep crying.
” I wanted to track them but none of the student are with their phone, so I can’t think of any other way” I said.
” Wait…..wait….can you track a wrist watch?” The inspector asked.
” It depends the type” I said.
” I bought an apple wrist watch for my daughter two months ago, she can use it to call as well” the inspector said and I sprang up.
” Really?” I asked.
” Yes.” He assured then I uncuffed him.
” Follow me” I said then went out of the room and went outside of the station.
The inspector follow me as I went to my car and I entered then bring out my laptop to begin the search.
” Give me the Watch details” I asked and he told me and I input it then I begin tracking them.
” I found them” I said as I saw the signal on the map.
” Where are they?” The inspector asked.
” The pointer is moving which means they haven’t reached their destination” I said.
” We have to go after them” the inspector said.
” Yes we are…… but I hope we catch up on time cause they are way ahead” I said.
” go into the station and report that we want to go in search of the kids but don’t let anyone know of what we are about to do cause I don’t trust anyone of you…. including you” I said.
” okay …… whatever you say” he said then went into the station and after a while he came back.

” We are taking your car….not mine and I’m driving” I said coming out of my car with my laptop then we went to his car.
I entered the driver seat and he went to the passenger seat then I ignited the car.
” Don’t even think of double crossing me…….or else you won’t come back” I said then drive out of the station.
One hour later we are still driving after them as the pointing keep showing that they are still moving.

” Has something like this ever happened before?” I asked.
” Yes, but not around this place……we’ve been hearing about people kidnapping kids but that one happened last year” he said.
” What has the police done about it?” I asked again.
” Police have no clue……they find no trace of the kids” he said and nodded in pity then suddenly the pointer stopped showing signal.
” Oh oh oh” I exclaimed.
” What Happened?” He asked.
” There’s no signal in that area” I answered.
” What do we do now?” He asked.
” Let’s get to that pointer first and find out what happened” I said as I drove faster.

Almost an hour later I got to where the pointer sign is which turn out to be on the road with bush surrounding the place.
” Check your phone do you have signal” I said then the inspector checked his phone and realised that there’s no signal.
” No signal” he replied.
” Let’s keep driving if we can see where they could have pass” I said then continue driving and after a while the inspector announced that the signal is back.
” Really?” I asked then he showed it to me.
” Something is wrong…….this is the only way and if they pass through here the pointer would show they are moving again but it’s didn’t” I said wondering.
” So what does that mean?” He asked.
” They are somewhere around the place the signal stopped” I answered then drove back to the place and parked.
Then I see a man coming out of the forest carrying a dirty bag, the way he look and his mode of dressing shows that he’s a madman.
” There’s nothing here” the inspector said as we keep looking around for a clue but no luck as the place is nothing but a forest.

I noticed something familiar fell out of the madman’s bag but he didn’t know and i went to check the thing.
I was surprised when I saw a bundle of thousands note, then I ran after the madman and kick him and he fell down.
He turned around surprised and I pointed my gun at him and showed him the money that fell down and I can see the surprise look on his face.

I told the inspector to check the dirty bag and he did that and pour the content on the ground and lots of thousand bundles dropped.
” Where did you get this?” I asked and he tried to continue his madness and I shoot him on his leg.
” Aaaaaaahaahhhhh” he screamed loudly in pain.
” Where did your madman get this bundles of thousand notes?…..and if you don’t answer me you will suffer a faith worse than death ” I said and he pointed to the Forest.
” You got it from the forest?” I asked and he nodded affirmative.
” Is that where they are keeping the girls?” I asked and he nodded again.
” You pretend to be mad so you can abduct kids for ritualist huh……no problem” I said then turned to the inspector.
” How do I get there?” I asked.
” You will keep walking for about an hour then you will see them” the madman said.
” Cuff him inspector and put him in the car, let me check it out ” I said then the Inspector did as I said.

I went inside the forest and keep going for almost an hour just as the madman said before I see some people gathered at a place.
I’m still very far from them so they can’t see me and I can see the girls too seated on the ground in their school uniform.
As I looked at the place it looks like a village cause I can see some young women there as well and I wondered what all this is about.

For me to get the girls out I need to get in alone which is the most dangerous thing ever, I also noticed all the men dress in the same attire.
I decided to go back to the main road and I find it hard cause I don’t remember how I came to the forest.
I keep going till I reached the main road and I couldn’t find the inspector or the car, I looked around only for me to see the car down at the other side then I walk to him.
” Why did you move the car?” I asked as I got to him.
” No I didn’t….and why are you coming from that side ?” He asked then I realized someone could get lost.
” It’s the forest, someone could get lost if care is not taken……..it’s like a maze” I answered.
” So did you find the girls?” He asked.
” Yeah…..I did, they are all there” I replied.
” Let’s, let’s call for backup,” the inspector said.
” …yes we will but I need to go in first” I said and he was stunned.
” You alone?” He asked surprised.

” I don’t trust who you’re going to call, cause we don’t know whether they are working together with them or not but before that could happen, I need to go in and make sure they don’t leave” I said.
” You are right” he said.
” So this is what we are going to do, take this madman and take him to the nearest station and lock him up” I said.
” Okay sir” he said.
” And on your way back get me a paint, a white colour paint…… and don’t call anyone yet …….okay ” I said.
” Yes sir” he replied.
” Go now….. it’s almost dark” I said then he entered the car and drove off.
I waited for about an hour and a half later formulating my plans, it’s dark already no car could be see anywhere then I see his car coming over.
” I’m sorry I’m late” he said.
” No time for that…… let’s hurry up” I said then he bring out the paint I asked for.
” The DPO called earlier” he said.
” What did you tell him?” I asked.
” I told him we are still looking for the girls” he said.
” Good” I replied.
I checked my gun and see that it’s fully loaded and I tucked it under my shirt, I collected the Inspector’s handgun as well.
” Where’s your dagger?……I didn’t come with mine” I said then he entered his car and bring it out.
” immediately about an hour later, you can call for back up before they got here it’s going to be in about three hours later so by then I would’ve been in there with the girls” said.
” and make sure they are discreet, no siren alarm and tell them not to engage unless th kids are safe” I said and he nodded.
” Listen to this cause it’s very important” I said.
” Okay sir” he said.
” I will be going in from that side so I want you to get a big bus or maybe a luxurious bus enough to contain them and parked it right at that position then wait for them” I said.
” Okay sir” he said.
” Make sure you’re there and don’t mess it up” I said.
” I promise I won’t” he assured.
” Good” I said then turn to leave.
” Please Sir” he said kneeling on the ground.
” Please save them” he begged.
” And I will, what’s your daughter’s name?” I asked.
” Dolapo” he said.
” Okay….” I said then went inside the forest from another angle with touch light in my hand.

I opened the paint and pour it on the ground as I walked towards the forest, I walked for almost an hour before I could see the place again.
There’s no light in the place except the bonfire in the middle of the place which brightened the place.

I was still looking for a way for me to make my way into the forest.
Then I saw one of them coming towards my side singing, at first I thought he saw me only for me to see him opening his zipper and urinate and I sighed deeply.

Then I waited for him to finish and as he turned to go I moved closer behind him and strangled him.
He tried to get off but I hold him still and make sure he makes no sound, as he make it difficult for me then I hold him tight then snapped his neck.

” Stubborn Bastard” I said breathing heavily then took off his cloth and put it on to disguise myself and make my way among them.
Since they only use a bonfire as their light it only add to my advantage cause it will make it difficult for them to recognize me and I really hope they won’t cause it’s full moon tonight.

I compose myself and make my way towards them, there’s a Small Media Player they are dancing to.
I noticed some of them are drunk as well and I tried to join them by picking up a bottle and start drinking and dancing along with them.

I make sure I avoid eye contact with all of them so as to not blow my cover, then I started taking notes of everything one after the other.
I can see the school girls on the ground looking at us as we dance, they are of different schools and there are about 40 of them.

The young ladies I saw earlier were the ones cooking and doing some other things.
There are only seven of them, then I saw an old woman at a corner kneeled before a statue covered with bl©©d.
With the look of the woman she must be their priestess, the one that perform all the rituals for them.

The men there are about 30 of them here and all in their late thirties or early forties
Only five of the men are still holding guns while the others put their guns on the ground as they dance.

It got to point when they started moving towards the school girls and bring them to their feet and started dancing romantically with them.
I decided to play along as I moved towards one of the girls for me to dance with as well, I grabbed one of them and stood her up.

I started started dancing with her as I draw her closer and started smooching and caressing her as the others are doing to their partners.

The girl with me is trying to free herself from me then I draw my mouth closer to her ear.
” calm down….. I’m not with them …..so play along” I whispered to her then I see her eyes bulge out in surprise and I nodded affirmative.
” I’m inspector Adams, tell me what you know about these people” I whispered to her again as I continue dancing $eductively with her.
” One of the young girls told us that we shouldn’t fight them if we want to live, cause there’s no way we can escape from here” she whispered back.
” You mean the young girls over there say that to you?” I said and she nodded.
” They said they were taken the same way and since no one came for them, they stopped fighting to escape” she said.
” Really?…..what exactly are they doing here?” I asked.
” I don’t know, please save us” she pleaded almost crying.
” I will but if you don’t control yourself then we might as well be a dead meat”
Since the young girls are also kidnapped that means I need to have a word with one the young girls for me to have more clarity on what’s going on here.

I look around and see the men already taking off the girls clothes and some of the girls are in their bra and panties already.
I have to think of a way to stop this cause I can’t let them have their way with this girls then an idea came to me.
” I have a gun in my back, take it and hide it” I said to the girl and she was shocked.
” Go ahead, do as if you’re caressing my body then take it” I said looking around to make sure no take notice of us.
Then she did as I instructed and she took the gun and hid it and I turned to them.

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