M.I.A (Merciless In Action): Episode 21-30

M.I.A. (Merciless In Action)
Writer: Seunnzzy??

Episode 21

Desmond’s POV

(Two Days Later)

I was in my room after having my breakfast, I settled down and work on my laptop.
Since our discussion since two days have been thinking about how it’s going to be.

Mom has been devastated and I can see fear in her eyes, as to how this is going to turn out, she has been calling Vickie to ask about the drug.

Grace can’t even look me in the eyes anymore and I know it’s because she’s scared of me and also ashamed of herself especially when today is going to be the day.

Vickie left the house two days ago since we discussed about the drug since then she hasn’t come home.

She is working on what we talked about and she hasn’t call or text and I hope she call before sunset cause we need to be sure.

The door opened and my mom entered with milk in her hand and she handed it to me.
” thanks Mom” I said collecting it and drank it.
” I want to discuss something with you” mom said.
” yeah……okay” I replied.
” today is day” she said.
” yes Mom, it is” I replied.
” are you really going to kill those cultist?” mom asked and I sighed deeply.
” Mom, I don’t know and I don’t think I have any choice” I said.
” and are you sure you’re going to be okay with that? ” she asked.
” oh Mom, I’ve killed so many bad people, we’ve been taught not to feel anything when we kill bad people but the only thing that can shudder a person is when he kill good people…..he will never have peace” I said.

” which is why I’m giving this cultist a choice, it’s either I kill them or they lost few months in their memory which is better” I said.
” all we have to hope for is Vickie should find the drug on time before it’s too late ” I said.
” is there no other?” mom asked.
” I’ve been thinking about it but I can’t really come up with anything” I said.
” I will call Victoria and and asked how close she is” Mom said then stood up.
” okay mom” I replied and she made to leave.
” please tell Grace to come over” I said.
” okay” mom said and she went out.

I bring out my gun and started cleaning it making it ready for what’s to come, I sharpened the dagger as well then a knock came on the door.

” Come In” I said and Grace entered with her head looking straight to the ground.
” Sit” I said and she sat on the chair on my left side.
” have you received any messages or phone call from them?” I asked.
” yes, a phone call” she replied.
” when? ” I asked.
” this morning ” she said.
” what did they say?” I asked.
” they told me to be ready for tonight……and they asked if I’ve told anyone which I answered No” she said.
” Good……..how many of them should I be expecting?” I said.
” I don’t know…they never told me, but I know I’m not the only one that will be initiated today” she said.
” okay good” I said.
” Come over here…..sit beside me” I said patting then bed.
She hesitated for a while before she stood up and sat right beside me then I turn to her.

” I hope you know why i had to do what I did, I didn’t find pleasure doing that to my own sister, I’m not happy hearing your scream and seeing your tearful eyes” I said.
” it’s not easy for me doing that……i can’t let anyone do that to you so why would i……it’s because I have reasons” I said.
” first reason I had to do that it’s because you didn’t follow what I told you, it’s all to keep you all safe…….i don’t want you to….to end up….uhn….to end….Up like your…..sister” I said fighting the tears that’s about to fall.
” I find it hard to get over her death, she’s the reason I joined the police, to help those who can’t stand up for themselves” I said then continue.
” to help those that are been stepped on by those on the higher place, by the powerful people” I said.
” The second reason I do what I did to you is for me to have revenge on them for making me have to beat my own sister” I said.
” I want to have a reason to get back on them, I want whatever I do to them to count, so I won’t have to be beat down with guilt” I said.
” to make sure they deserve whatever I do to them, they are corrupt already……taking a life, their soul has been sold to the devil……but you’re yet to cross that line, which is why I’m giving them an opportunity” I said.
” their faith lies on Vickie’s experiment…..for her to make the drug, that’s is the best offer I could give them, maybe hopefully they can forget they ever joined cult” I said.
” After all of this is settled, please and please……don’t get caught up into something like this again” I said and she nodded affirmative.
” promise me” I said.
” I promise ” she replied and i hugged her.
” I’m sorry brother ” she said with tears.
” it’s okay….let’s hope this goes well” I said.

It’s time to go and Vickie is yet to be here, my Mom called her a while ago and she said she’s still working on it.
Well it’s almost 7pm and if she didn’t come by then, we have no other choice than to go for plan B.

I went to the parlour and see my mom terrified, even grace is scared cause I can see her frightened.
” here take this” I said giving grace an earrings.
” put it on” I said and she did.
” what’s it for?” she asked.
” it’s a tracker, I will use it to know your location……let’s go” I said.
” right now…….i think we should wait some minutes later for Victoria” mom said.
” mom, we can’t wait any longer…….if she doesn’t get to the junction by 7pm they will know something is wrong” I said.
” we have to go now….. we can’t wait for Vickie any longer” I said and Grace and I left our house.
Author’s POV

About 20mins later Victoria arrived at their house, then she got out of the car carrying a polythene bag and entered the house and she saw her mother on the couch.
” mom, where are they?” Vickie asked looking around.
” they are gone……about twenty minutes ago……did you succeed in getting the drug?” Mrs silver asked.
” yes mom……..lemme call him” she said then put a call through to Desmond.
The phone started ringing and they heard the ringtone around the house which comes directly from Desmond’s room.
” he left his phone at home” Vickie said.
” Grace also gave me her phone ” Mrs Silva said.
” Oh God…….i have to go to them at the school ” Vickie said then went out.
She entered the car and then drove off towards Grace’s school, she drove as fast as she could just to catch up with them.
The cab driver dropped Desmond and grace at the school and they got down, then they walked to the junction.
” whatever happen don’t act as if you know me……just play along” I said then she nodded.
” don’t fight with them…..don’t struggle just play along…..my eyes is on you” Desmond said.
” okay brother” grace said then Desmond left her side then went to a corner to hide.

Desmond watched as Grace stood at the junction for about 10 more minutes then a car parked beside her and she entered.
The car drove off and Desmond came out of hiding then he put his hand inside his pocket to bring out his phone but couldn’t find.
” Oh God….NO” he muttered then he made to pursue after the car. I tried to stop some bike or cab but none of them are stopping.

He look up ahead and the car which grace is, Is almost escaping but he continue running until a car drove right in front of him.

He looked into the car and was happy to see Vickie inside, he opened the car and jumped in.
” Drive……..follow that car……we can’t afford to lose it” Desmond said and Vickie drove faster.
” you left your phone at home” Vickie said.
” yeah my bad…….were you able to get the drugs? ” I asked.
” yeah….it’s there” she said pointing to the polythene bag at the backseat.
” what took you so long? ” I asked.
” I had to run more test and some more simulation to be sure……we can’t put their life at risk” Vickie said.
” and also we are having a function at the hospital in two days time, the preparation is going on already…..they are cleaning the place ” she said.
” whatever just drive faster Vickie….faster vickie……. We are losing them ” Desmond said and Vickie drove faster and faster until they are getting more closer to them.
” now keep it steady….. We don’t want to alert them” he said and she slow down.

They followed the car for another twenty minutes before the car pulled over in an abandoned warehouse.
Vickie parked in a spot very far from them then they see as the girls came down from the car and entered the warehouse.
” it’s time ” he said.
” here, see this” she said giving me the polythene bag.
” each syringe here has the required dosage all you have to do is inject them with the syringe” she said.
” how many syringe are here? ” he asked.
” 40 syringe……i don’t know how many they are so I just gathered 40 syringe, there’s a bottle in there just incase they are more than 40″ she said.
” I stationed the dosage to be in 3ml, anything over 3ml will be an overdose, so just incase they are more than 40 you will have to draw a new one from here” she said showing him the bottle containing the drug.
” is there anything else I should?” he asked.
” yeah, you have to inject them at the back of their neck, make sure you avoid the lungs” she Said.
” okay…….anything else?” he asked and she hugged him.
” both of you, come back safely……in one piece” she said.
” yeah…..we will be out in a minute” Desmond said then went out of the car with the polybag.
Desmond’s POV

I moved towards the warehouse and tried to opened the door but couldn’t as it was locked.
I went round the warehouse to look for another entrance then I saw some girls entering a place that looks like an underground.

I waited for a while later to see if anyone of them is still coming, since no one came I made my way to the underground entrance.
I entered and walk slowly making sure not to get discovered, as I entered everything is darkness but I keep going.

I took a few more step and see a light and noise coming from a corner so I followed the light till I got to where they are.
I was surprised when i see about 30-40 girls before me, they are all $tark nked .
They all are moving around singing and dancing happily.
I tried not to give in to my bodily lu$t as I controlled myself and think of how to execute my plans.
I can’t find my sister among them or any other then I noticed that there are eight men tied on the ground.
They are nked as well they must be the ones my sister is talking about , they are the ones to be killed.
The place is very large which contain them all, i don’t think anyone would know a place like this exist.
As I was looking around then I noticed they stopped singing, I first thought I’ve been discovered not until I heard one of them talking.
” We are the daughters of Jezebel, the descendants of the most beautiful, powerful and brilliant woman this world has ever known” I heard of the girls said.
” we have new members here with us tonight, to be initiated into the the sisterhood…….bring them in” she said then I see as they bring some girls from one corner my sister included.
She and the rest are still in their clothes, I noticed only few of them are happy while my sister and the rest aren’t.
” maybe those are the ones that are forced” I thought then they brought the girls to their middle.
” There are seven of the new recruits and seven men here, each men for each of you” she said.
” Now who’s going to go first ” the leader said to the new recruits and one of the happy one step forward.
” Now str1p and strddle him, after having sx with him…….then you kill him with this kn1fe” the leader said pointing to one of the men.
The girl happily pulling off her clothes and after she’s nked she strddle the guy and was about to impaled herself on him, I can see the fear in the eyes of the men.
” I guess this is time to make an appearance” I said to myself then pull out my gun and I walk into the light, since there’s only one way out of the underground so I stand there.
” EVERYBODY STOPP” I shouted shooting two times upward and they all turned to me.
” Don’t even try it” I said to some two who want to go for their weapon.
” How did you get here? ” the leader asked.
” I don’t think that’s what you should be worried about” I said.
” what do you want?…..you’ve seen all of us nked……so tell me….. Do you want sx?” she asked.
” don’t worry, you will find out soon enough……. Now everybody move back to the wall” I said trying to get them away from me.
” you’re outnumbered….you should leave while you still can ” she said.
” I think I’ll take my chances don’t forget I’m the one with gun here ” I said pointing the gun at her.
” what make you think if you shoot at us…..it will actually hurt us” she said.
” there’s only one way to find out ” I said then shoot at her leg.
” aaaaahhhh” she screamed out in pain and the rest were shocked, three of them turned to me then charge at me and I shot them also on their legs and they fell down.
” look like you’re just like every other girl out there……with no supernatural power” I said.
” so dont try me….. I have enough bullet here to take you all down…..and I don’t waste bullets” I said.
” so if you all want to live……you do as I say” I said then pointed to one of them.
” You…..come forward” I said then she moved closer to me.
” and don’t try anything stupid or else you won’t be alive to see tomorrow’s sun” I said pointing the gun at her as she draw closer.
” Kneel down and turn your back” I said and she did as instructed.
I pull out one syringe then stab her at the back of her neck then inject the syringe into her.
Immediately I did that she fell down unconscious, when the others see this they all charge at me.
I pointed my gun at them and started shooting them on the leg one after the other and they fell down.
About 8 of them were shot and as the others see this they all pull back not wanting to get shot.
” I told you don’t do anything stupid……the girl here is not dead she’s just asleep but don’t worry she will wake up” I told them.
” so I will tell you again if you try anything crazy this time around…..i will kill you all……you don’t want to try me unless you want to be buried six feet under the ground ” I said changing the cartridge.
” Now you……come forward and kneel” I said pointing to another one and she did as I said.
I injected them one after the other and they went unconscious immediately, I injected the ones that I shot earlier, then I moved to the men that are tied on the ground.
” you should consider this me doing you a favour, cause you will be alive instead of dying tonight” I said to the boys.
It now remain the new recruits about eight of them but the syringe has finished which mean I will have to draw new ones from the bottle.
I inserted the syringe and draw to 3ml and called one of them and she move closer.
As I was about to drive the syringe into her she kicked the gun away from my hands and hold my other hand
I made to hit her with my hand and the Five of them charge at me at the same time and started punching me, I tried to get up and they hold me down.
My sister and the other two girls stood where they are and they are looking at us as they pinned me down.
one of them went to take my gun and pointed at me and was about to shoot and I was about jerk myself away from them.
” Waiiiit” my sister shouted and the girl holding the gun turned to her and I was like ” what is this girl trying to do”.
” don’t you think we should ask him how to wake the others before killing him” my sister said.
” Now tell us what you did to the others?” the girl holding the gun asked but I said nothing.
” don’t worry girls, I know how to make him talk” my sister said and I wondered what game she’s playing.
She picked up the syringe that I was about to use on the other girl.
” let’s inject him also” she said then move behind the girl holding the gun and without the girl knowing Grace drive the syringe on her neck and inject her.
As the girl on the gun fell down I jerk my hand away from the others and punch them on the face till I get back to my feet.
I pick up my gun and pointed it at them and they were shocked and look at my sister.
” you brought him here?” one of the girls said.
” Shut up now, you should be lucky….you’re not dead” I said then told Grace to draw 3ml from the bottle.
She did and I injected the others and it remains the other two who are with my sister.
” please don’t hurt us…….we are not part of them……they forced us into doing this…..we never wanted to do it” the girls pleaded kneeling.
” how am I supposed to know you have nothing to do with them” I said.
” please trust us…….they forced us” they pleaded and grace came to me.
” I don’t know them……I haven’t seen them before ” she whispered to me.
” do to know the two of us? ” I asked and they nodded negatively.
” we’ve never seen you before…….we’ve never been here before infact I don’t know anyone here other than the girls that brought me” the first girl said.
” Fine……..let’s get out of here” I said and lead them all out of the underground.
When we get outside I everywhere was dark and silent only few people could be seen and I asked them if they can find their way home and they said yes.
” Alright…..you can go now…and be careful ” I said.
” Yes sir…….. Thank you very much sir….. I’m really grateful” they thanked.
” no problem…..you can go now…. It’s getting late” I said and they ran away.
I took grace to where Vickie parked the car and immediately she saw us coming she opened the door for us and we entered.
” oh my God……you’re back……what took you guys so long?” Vickie asked.
” Some complications on the way” I said.
” how did it go? ” she asked.
” done…..let’s just get out of here…..i know mom will be very worried” I said.
” yeah……she already called like a million times to asked about you” she said as she ignited the car and started driving.
On our way home I collected Vickie’s phone and called the police.
” hello, this is Greymack police station……wh
at’s your emergency?” I heard a man said.
” I want to inform you about some cultist gathering in an abandoned warehouse, under the warehouse is an underground” I said.
” are you sure about this?” the man asked.
” hear me out first, there are about forty of them, I smoked them all and now they are unconscious, and they will be for the next …..uhmm” I said tapping Vickie and she mouthed “12hours”.
” 12 hours……..this is the address No 12 M****n, street……..don’t dally” I said.
” okay…..what’s your name? ” he asked.
” that’s not necessary, just go over there and arrest them” I said then ended the call.
” thank you bro, I don’t know what would have happen if not for you ” grace said hugging me.
” you’re welcome……. And thank you for saving my life today” I said.
” she saved your life?” Vickie asked surprised.
” yeah, and that’s very clever of you” I said.
” I’m just glad all of this is over” Vickie said.
” yeah……me too” i said.

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