M.I.A (Merciless In Action): Episode 31-40

M.I.A (Merciless In Action)
Writer: Seunnzzy

Episode 31

Desmond’s POV

(Next Day)

I woke up very early in the morning to get started with what I needed to do, I don’t think I will be packing too much things.
Just my clothes and some few other things, I packed my clothes, removed all the cameras in the house even the one outside the house.
I bring out my guns all my guns that I hide all over the house even the sniper rifle I collected from the DIG, I put them all in a bag.
I look all over the house to see if I miss anything, after seeing that I’ve taken everything I need I took them all to the car.
I went to the gate then removed the burglar alarm at the gate then put it in the car.
I entered the car and drove out to the address sent to me, and after driving for three hours I arrived at the house.
The house is beautiful, it’s a bungalow with a mini storey on it, I unlocked the gate and drove in.
I got down then moved to the house and unlock the front door, I entered and see the beautiful design in the house and also it is well furnished.
I inspect everything in the house and see that I won’t be needing much of things then I went to my car.
I took all my things inside the house and start making some new settings of my own.
But before I start anything I bring out my laptop see if I can see any recording device around the house.
I found no bug or camera just like the DIG promised then I started making the arrangement.
I went to my bag and bring out my cameras and put it all around the house, the camera are small enough and no one will be able to notice.
After placing some of the cameras in the room, I went outside and place one outside to be able to see anyone coming in.
Just like I did to my old house I installed an anti-hacking device in the house so no one will be able to hack into my house.
Even though I know the firewall in my system is very strong to breach but there are some great hackers out there which is why I have to use the anti-tracking device.
I continue the arrangement for the house after setting the CCTV cameras , I stocked my house well with guns just like I did my other house.
I hid three guns in my bedroom, one in my bathroom, then I went to the kitchen and hid two, two in the parlour as well, and one outside the house, just inside the flower jar.
The only gun that is still in sight is the sniper rifle, so I went to the mini storey in the house.
Though it’s not that big but it’s enough, I placed the gun there and direct it to the living room.
I went to the gate side and made a security line with the burglar alert and linked it to my phone, it’s good to be prepared always.
The camera in my car is still intact the only thing I need to do is hide some guns in it, so I hid two guns under the seat.
After settling everything I made a double check on it all as confirmation then now I can now rest and relax.
It’s evening already I don’t think I can cook anything tonight, I will have to go to an eatery to eat.
I went to the bathroom and shower to wash off all the sweat in the body then get dressed.
Author’s POV

All of the Wilson family gathered in the living room before they go for the hunt.
” our order this week is quite much Remember our order” Mr Wilson said.
” remember make sure you’re discreet and no one must notice you and also be smart” he added.
” since we will be needing eight heart, anyone can bring more than one person ” Mr Wilson said.
” you know the rules, don’t fall in love, don’t be merciful either, those things are nothing but weakness” Mr Wilson said.
” Alright fams…….let’s hunt ” he added then they went out.
They all got into each of their cars and drove out of their compound and went their separate ways.
Desmond’s POV

I went out of my house to look for a place to eat, I started looking around the hoping to see an eatery.
I asked some people around and they direct me to a street around the corner and after a while I saw the place.
I ordered for food and after a while the waitress served me, as the waiting was attending to me I noticed her looking at my d@gger from time to time.
” you can calm miss, I’m a police officer which is why you see that , I meant no harm ” I said to her and she heaved a deep breath of relief.
” okay sir” she said smiling and left and I eat the food.
I didn’t bring my gun so I bring a backup just incase I come across some unknown enemies.

A while later I finished eating and paid then I went out.
I made my way back to my house and on my way home, I heard someone Moaning down the dark alley.
I first thought I was hearing things not until I heard something like a muffled sound again then I know I’m not mistaken.
I moved closer to see what’s happening and as I get closer the cry becoming louder.
I continue moving stealthily then I saw three guys with a lady, one is holding the ladies leg while another is holding her hand.
A cloth is stuffed in her mouth which make her unable scream, the third guy already pull down his trousers and about to pounce on the girl.
I looked around and see a plank on the ground I pick it up and move to them then smash it on the third guy’s head.
” Aaahhh” the guy screamed and he fell to the ground and the two other guys charge at me.
I hit the first with the stick and kick the other one to the ground, the first guy came at me and tried to kick me.

The third guy that I have stbbed is bl.eeding on the ground while I continue hitting them.
I removed all their belts and tied them all togethe.
I looked over and see the girl crying trying to cover herself up as the her clothes has been torn to pieces, her b ra is out in the open.
” it’s okay Miss…..you’re safe now…..what’s your name? ” I asked.
” Alright Sofia, how are you feeling?……did they hurt you?” I asked.
” No…..they nearly raped me, if you hadn’t interrupted they would’ve raped me” she said crying.
” it’s okay dear, there’s nothing to worry about” I said.
” thank you very much, thank you” she said and she turned to leave.
” where are you going? ” I asked.
” I’m going home….my clothes are ruin” she said.
” I’m sorry you can’t, I’m taking these guys to the police station and I think you should be around when I explain to them so they can believe the whole thing” I said.
” here…..have mine” I said then took off my shirt and gave It to her.
” Thank you sir ” she said and took it from me then she wore it while I remain in singlet.
I dragged the guys out and I told the girl to wave down a cab and she did, I took the guys into the car then we took them to the station.
We arrived at the station and I dragged them down from the car to the station.
When the officer saw this they were shocked and surprised and they came to meet him.
” what happened?” one of the officer asked.
” these scumbags tried to rape this young lady here, so I brought them here” I said and they are looking at me.
” really…..and you stopped them all by yourself” he said.
” I’m just trying to be a good citizen that’s all” I said.
” that’s good, miss are you alright? ” they asked the lady.
” yes, I will be fine ” she said .
” write down the statement of what actually happened ” the officer said and the lady did so.
I started looking at the place which is going to be the station I will be working at but these officers don’t recognize me then I decided not to disclose my identity.
The officers untied them and took them to one of the cell and lock them up.
” why is that guy bl.eeding? ” he asked.
” ohhh……that’s because I stbbed him with this” I said showing him my dgger.
” is that your dgger? ” he asked.
” yes it’s mine” I answered.
” why are you going around with dgger?……are you looking for trouble?……Are you expecting trouble?” he shouted.
” it’s for my own protection sir, and fortunately it come in handy today ” I said.
” then you’re under arrest for carrying weapon in street, endangering the life of civilians and yours as well” the officer said and I smiled.
” are you guys serious at all, I just saved a lady here, I helped you do your job while you’re busy sleeping here and all I get is for me to be arrest ” I said as another officer put me in jail along with the others.
” is that how you save people while you wore singlet round the street, you must be one of the thugs we are looking for……and now you’ve been caught” he said.
” well if you open your big eyes wide open you will see the lady wearing my shirt” I said back and he looked at the lady.
” officer he’s telling the truth, he saved my life……..he shouldn’t be arrested for saving my life” the lady said.
” Miss, you don’t know these boys……that’s their plan, they don’t do anything for free” the officer said.
” Oh God…….you guys are so stupid ” I said.
” if you say anymore word……i might as well just kill you now” the man said angrily.
Woww, I wonder how their reaction will be when they see me tomorrow as their boss, I’m so going to love their reaction.
Just then a lady in uniform entered and they all saluted her, from my guess she must be the ASP here since I’m going to be the DPO.
” what’s happening here?” the ASP asked.
” Ma, this thugs were arrested for attempting to rape this young lady” he said referring to us.
” Ohh” the ASP exclaimed.
” Yes ma’am, and I’m the one that saved her instead of applauding I was arrested for being a good citizen ” I said from where I am.
” what’s he talking about ?” the ASP asked and the officer find it hard to speak.
” ma’am, remember we are looking for some hooligans for some weeks, well we has a dgger with him and we thought he must be one of them” he said.
” what’s your proof of that?……you arrested me all because your of thoughts, that’s so lame officer” I said then the ASP move towards me.
” why are you with a d@gger? ” she asked.
” it’s for my own protection and beside I didn’t hurt anyone, except these bad guys ” I said.
” I saved a lady and I was arrested for it, if my lawyer gets here and I got out of this place, you have no idea what could to you all” I said and the lady stare directly in to my eyes.
” Release him and let him go” she said then went to her office.
The officer came forward and unlock the cell, I walked out grinning as I enjoy the look on the officer.
” it’s good to know the Law, you know…….no one can never cheat you, not even the police ” I said smiling.
” My dgger…..i want it back” I asked.
” Never, and if I see you with another dgger, that time I will arrest you and no one will bail you out ” he said.
” it’s good to dream officer, dreams do come true but not this one, we will each other very soon and you will begging me to collect the dgger from you” I said then turn to leave.
” thank you mister ” the lady said.
” you’re welcome, see you around officers” I said then left the station.
(Mr Wilson)

Mr Wilson checked his phone to look for who to call among his sexy daughters, he always makes none of them knew each other.
He called them and told them to meet him at the club and because the girls know how much they are going to get so they agreed immediately.
He arrived at the club and went to the VIP section to wait for his girls, and not very long after the girls arrived one after the other.
The girls are just college girls in their early twenties, they saw each other But none of them mind the other cause they knew they will get alot from the man.

The girls dances for him in their scanty dress and he continue to spray money for them as they dance.
” he told the girl he’d like to take them home with him and without any second the girls accept.
He lead them out of the club and took them in his car and he drove to his house.
Inside the club is very dark that you can bare see your hand just the multi-color light in the club.
The club don’t have a CCTV cameras either so it was easy for him to take them away.
(Mrs Wilson)

Eliza went to a party filled with both young and adults, and they joined everyone as they danced together.
She looked around and see herself surrounded by men, gorgeous men, adult as well as the youth are scared of approaching her.
” Hey gorgeous ” one of the men said.
” Hey handsome ” eliza replied.
” Has anyone ever told you, you’re beautiful even at your age” the man said.
” I hear that alot, thanks for the compliment though ” she said.
” uhm…..how about we go over to that corner and talk? ” the man said and Eliza looked at him for a while then she smiled.
” okay” she said and they went to a corner.
They got to a corner and started flirting with each other, Eliza moved closer to him. You know what?…..how about we get ourselves a room?” the man said.
” no problem, but we’re using my place” Eliza said.
” are you sure? ” he asked.
” yes, my husband has travelled like he always does, he just abandoned me without caring how I feel” she said.
” I have my needs and I’m going to enjoy myself to my satisfaction ” she said.
” your husband must be blind not to notice how Hot you’re, if I have you as my wife, I wouldn’t even look elsewhere ” he said.
” if my wife is as beautiful and we’ll endowed as you are I wouldn’t even dare look at another person ” he said.
” enough talking……..are you here with anyone? ” she asked.
” No” he replied.
” fine….. Time for action then……. let’s go” she said then lead him to her car and they drove off.
(Frederik Wilson)

Frederick and Angela went to a college party but not the one for their school.
Frederic was vibing, drinks everywhere, having fun then he started dancing with lots of girls.

At the end of the night he was able to get two girls cause he offered them money and he took them to his house.
(Angela Wilson)

Angela also went to another party and also started mingling with everyone.

Her beauty caught everyone’s attention as boys gathered around her, the crowd was very good.
There are so many hot girls in the club, with everyone drinking beer and having fun.
There was a guy that has been eyeing her ever since she Walked in, he keeps staring at her luscious and perfectly in shape b©©bs.
He thought of approaching her, after completing his drink, he summoned courage and then approached her and started dancing.
Lots of guys are trying to talk to her but she ignored them cause most of them are friends then the guy came to her.
He complimented her of her beauty and sexy body and she smiled, they introduced themselves and they went out together.
They started talking then he took out a cigarette and they both started smoking and drinking.
They started kssing each other then he asked her what’s her plan for the night and she said nothing.
He asked her if she wanted to come to his flat for some drink and stuff and she said her place will be better.
” did you come here alone? ” she asked.
” No, I came with my friend” he answered.
” you know what I have a very high sxual llbido, I’m what they call a nymph©maniac, I’m always sx starved” she asked.
” don’t worry baby……i will take care of everything” the guy said happily.
” you’re not getting me, I don’t think you alone can handle me, why don’t you call your friend to join us” she said and his eyes bulge out.
” My friend?……are you sure?” he asked.
” I cannot be anymore certain” she said and the boy ran into the club and came out with his friend.
With the look on the friend’s face it means the guy already explain everything to him.
” Shall we go boy?….. Or are you scare you cannot handle me? ” she said.
” No way……let’s go there ” they said.
She took them to her car and they drove to her house.

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