M.I.A (Merciless In Action) SEASON 2: Episode 11-20

M.I.A (Merciless In Action)

Written by: Seunnzzy

Season 2 Episode 11

Desmond’s POV

“Did you just say mercy?” I asked.
” yes” she replied.
” woww, what a coincidence” I muttered as I continue driving.
I decided not to take them to Hanford City cause there will be alot off danger for them.
So it’s better I take them to my Mom in Lagos cause that’s the safest place they can be.
I looked through the rear mirror and see the girl already asleep, she must’ve been tired from running.
The baby didn’t even flinch like anything happen, she just kept sleeping like a baby she is.
So instead of going to Hanford City I head straight to Lagos state, I hope my mom won’t snap at me.
(Few Hours Later)

After driving for some hours I pulled right in front our house and parked then I honked three times.
I waited for someone to come out but no one did so I did it again for few more times.
” Are we at the place?” the girl asked and I turned to see her awake.
” yeah…….this is the place ” I said to her then horn again which woke the baby time around and she started crying.
” Great,…..why is no one coming out” I said just as I was about to get down the gate opened and my sister came out.
” Brother ” she said excitedly and came to hug me tightly.
” who a……. ”
” open the gate first okay ” I said interrupting her.
” Right” she replied then went to opened the gate and I drove in.
I parked the car and get down and I carry the baby from the girl and helped her get out of the car.
” Brother who……. ”
” c’mon Grace, let’s get in” I said interrupting her again.
” yeah sorry” she said then we entered.
We entered and I saw my mom sitting on the couch and her reaction shows she must’ve seen me outside.
I gave the baby to my sister and went right in front of her and prostrated before her.
” I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry for leaving like that……..please forgive me” I apologized then she pulled me up and hugged me.
” I’m not angry my dear, I’m just happy that you returned ” she said.
” Thank you mom” I said then we disengaged then she turned her attention to new face.
” Who’s she?……..and the baby?…….. Desmond don’t tell me that’s your ch……..”
” No No, No Mom…….Not what you’re thinking” I said.
” woww, that’s disappointing?” she said and I smiled.
” c’mon Mom, This is Goodness and this baby girl here is her sister Mercy ” I said and they were surprised.
” did you say Mercy? ” Grace said.
” Yes, I know it’s such a coincidence, Well they will be staying here from now on” I said.
” Mom are you okay with that?” I asked looking at mom.
” it’s okay…… Come here dear ” mom said to Goodness and she looked at me.
” Go ahead, that’s my mom” I said then we went to meet her.
” Goodness right?” mom said and she nodded.
” Welcome to our house darling………you can stay here as long as you want” mom said.
” thank you ma’am ” Goodness replied.
” you’re welcome dear” my mom said then took the baby from my sister and kissed her forehead.
” such a beautiful Girl” mom said as she plays with her.
” They need to clean up and they could really use a good meal” I said.
” Right I’m on it” my sister said.
” C’mon Goodness, let’s get you cleaned up ” my sister said then she took her away.
” Desmond” mom called.
” yes mom ” I said then sat beside her.
” how did you find them?” mom asked.
” I was returning back from a mission this morning then I saw her came out of the bush that I almost knocked them down” I explained.
” Whaat” mom exclaimed.
” I saw her with the baby and she told me they are being pursued, it was then I heard a scream which belongs to the girls mother “I tried to helped her but it was too late but before she died she told me to help her children ” I concluded.
” that’s so unfortunate” mom said sadly.
” yeah……which is why I decided to bring them here” I said.
” you know I don’t have any problem with them staying here……but what about their family, someone is going to be looking for them” mom said.
” They don’t have any family, at least none they know of…….there parent is all they have and they are dead” I said.
” I really feel sorry for that kid…….she must’ve been terrified” mom said.
” yeah……she’s too young ” I added.
” we need to find out what they want with them” mom said.
” yeah, I wanted her to rest and relax before I could asked, which is why I never brought it up ” I said.
” I’m very proud of you Desmond……..I’m so proud ” mom said.
” Thanks Mom ” I said.

In the afternoon mom and my sister went to get the things our new guest will be needing.
They bought some clothes and diapers and some other necessary things, with their behavior I knew they are happy to have them.
Goodness is still sleeping in the guest room while my family and I are in parlour talking.
I was watching a movie, my sister Grace is chatting on her phone while my mom is playing with the baby.
” I’m chatting with sister on whatsapp, she says Hi” Grace announced but I said nothing.
” Do you want me to tell her you’re here?” she asked.
” No, please don’t……..I can’t stand her incessant nagging…….just let her be” I said.
” she’s not angry with you anymore” mom said.
” you can’t be sure of that” I said.
” seriously she’s not” my sister said.
” whatever but just don’t let her know I’m here……..at least not now” I said.
” Okkay” she said.
” Thanks ” I said then Goodness came out to the parlour.
” Good evening, Everyone” she greeted and we replied her.
” you’re awake……..how are you feeling?” I asked.
” A lot better…….Thanks to you all” she said.
” You’re welcome ” I said.
” uhmm…..Goodness, I’d like to ask you some questions if that’s okay with you” I said.
” Okay” she replied.
” ummm…..who are those people?…..and why are they after you?” I asked again.
” They work for Mr Davis” she said.
” who’s Mr Davis? ” I asked.
” A loan shark” she replied.
” Loan shark?” I repeated and she nodded affirmative.
” My father owed them some amount of money and he couldn’t pay on time, so they decided to take me in exchange for the money ” she said.
” oh my God ” Grace exclaimed.
” My father couldn’t let them and they killed him for that, so my mother took us away” she said with tears dropping.
” I’m so sorry about your parent dear” mom said.
This are the kind of people I killed, they are supposed to die for their evil deed but I really don’t know why I’m not enraged to take revenge.
I don’t feel like going after them so an Idea came to me so I went to my room and put a call through to Col. Bright Martins.
” Col. Martins speaking ” he said as he picked.
” Sir, this is Agent Blackbird ” I said.
” Ohh….hey, I heard you left early this morning ” he said.
” yes sir……..i had to get back to my city ” I replied.
” that’s good hope you got home safe?” he asked.
” yes Sir,…… Ummm Sir I have a favour to ask of you” I said.
” A favour?…… Okay let’s hear it” he said.
” on my way back to my city I saw some thugs murdered a woman, I tried to stop them but unfortunately they ran away” I said.
” that’s very bad, things like that happened around here among the locals, do you have any idea who they are?” he asked.
” Yes Sir, They are Loan Shark working for the man called Mr Davis ” I said.
” Davis?…….i heard about him, he’s a big fish……. A very bad big Fish” he said.
” I just want to asked if you can help me trash him” I said.
” Trash him?……. Is that all? ” he said.
” Yes sir” I replied.
” consider it done ” he said.
” Thank you sir……. I owe you one” I said.
” I’ll keep that in mind” he said.
” thanks ” I said then ended the call.
The urge and will to take take revenge like before suddenly left, it’s like the heavy burden on my heart got lifted.
After I ended the call the Col. Martins I went back to the parlour to meet the others.
” You have nothing to worry about okay, consider us your new family and we will do anything for you two” Mom said to her.
” Thank you” Goodness said.
” whatever you need don’t hesitate to tell okay ” moms said again.
” Okay” she replied and i smiled.
( Few days later)

Since I’m still on one month leave which only remain two week I decided to spend it here with my family.
The girl is connecting well with my family and we connected with her just fine like we’ve know each other for a long time.
The baby just made everything perfect, whenever I’m holding her it’s like I have my lost sister with me.
There was at a moment where all I want is for me to stay here with all of them without having anything to worry about.
Though I’m still thinking about it, nothing is certain but I think that’s what I’m going to do.
I was in my room with my sister Grace and Goodness, I was asking about her schooling.
” school is fine, I have the highest point” she said.
” you must have a lot of enemies” Goodness said.
” No enemies just friends, I tried my best not to have anyone as my enemy” she said.
” that’s brilliant, any boyfriends? ” I asked and she smiled.
” c’mon don’t be shy……. I’m not against it” I said smiling.
” well there’s this guy, his name is Greg and I think he’s cool” she said.
” that’s good” I said.
” Brother, this ring you gave us there are people asking whether I’m engaged to someone” she said.
” when you mean some people’s……i guess you mean Greg” I said.
” yeah and some of my friends ” she said.
” is he offended by it?” I asked.
” not exactly, he just don’t want me to put it on” she said.
” Did you tell him there’s nothing wrong with the Ring?” I asked.
” Yes I did” she said.
” And he didn’t believe you? ” I said.
” No bro….. He just………”
” Listen Grace,…. If he can’t trust your word on it then he won’t trust anything you say” I said.
” if he wants to break up with you because of the ring then let him cause you can’t take off that ring……..do you hear me? ” I said.
” Yes Brother ” she replied.
” I like the ring,…… It’s beautiful ” Goodness said.
” Don’t worry darling, I’ll get you one too” I said.
” thank you ” she said then we heard a car honked.
” That’s sister” Grace said and I stare at her.
” Don’t look at me, I didn’t call her” she said.
” then why did she come today?” I asked.
” she visit us every month and she haven’t visited this month ” she said.
” that’s great, Now let the nagging begins ” I said.
” you have nothing to worry about……she will be cool” Grace said then went out to open the gate.
” Is she bad or scary?” Goodness asked.
” No she’s not……….we had a quarrel the last time I was here” I said.
” Your family is cool, they accepted me like I was their own……..please brother I want to stay here with you all” she said pleading with both her hands.
” Heyy…c’mon, I told you we are here for you……..we will do anything for you, you’re one of us” I said then she hugged me.
” thank you brother, thank you for finding us, thank you for bringing us here?” she said.
” you’re welcome sweetheart?” I said then we disengaged.
I looked through the window and saw my sister Vickie coming out of her car and hug Grace.
” is that her? ” Goodness asked.
” Yep…….that’s her” I replied.
” she’s beautiful” she complimented.
” Is she?……i don’t think so” I joked.
” Of she is” she said laughing.
After they disengaged they went in and I heard the front door opened and I went out of my room.
” who’s baby is that?” I heard her asking my mom.
” Hi sis” I said as I entered the parlour and I can see her expression changed.
” Desmond I……”
” I know what you’re going to say sis and I………” I said interrupting her.
” No you listen, I wanted to tell you that……… ” she interrupted me.
” Look Sis, I know you said I shouldn’t………. “Shut Up Desmond and let me speak ” she shouted and I stopped.
” I know I said you shouldn’t come here again that doesn’t mean you should abandon your family ” she said.
” I only said all that out of anger, I didn’t mean any of it” she said.
” I’m sorry Sis, I know what you’re saving is for me and I’m so sorry we ended things the way we did” I said then she came to hug me.
” don’t you dare do that again ” she said as I hugged her back.
” I won’t, I promise ” I said then we disengaged then I noticed the Little baby bump.
” Vickie…… you’re pregy….pregy” I said staring at the bump.
” Yeah…..just a few months” she said.
” So are the new guest and the baby?” She asked referring to Goodness and the baby.
I explained to her how I found them and what happened to them, just like the rest of the family she accepted them as well.
” You’re welcome to our family, my name is Victoria” Vickie said.
” Thank you” goodness replied.
” Okay everyone, I have an announcement to make” I said and everyone stared at me.
” What announcement?” Mom asked.
” I’m resigning, I think it’s time I stop being a police officer”.
Unknown POV

Since I heard the news about my uncle I’ve been trying to reach to him but I was unable to, I can’t lose him he’s the last family I have left.
Then I saw my Assistant Bosar coming to me, I’ve asked him to find out what happened to him.
” Bosar, Any news?” I asked.
” Boss, I’m sorry it’s a bad news” he said and I was curious.
” What do you mean bad news?…….what happened?” I asked.
” Boss, I’m afraid your uncle is dead” he said and I was shocked.
” Whaaat?” I screamed.
” I’m sorry Boss” he said.
” How did it happen?……..tell me everything, what went wrong?” I asked.
” He was being escorted back to Nigeria and our men tried to get him out exactly as planned” he said.
” Then what happened?” I asked angrily.
” Things didn’t go as planned, they were unable to, but according to Intel he was brought to the army base half dead this man” he said showing me picture of the man.
” Who is he?…….who is the soldier?” I asked.
” Unfortunately he’s not a soldier, one of my men said they call him Agent Blackbird, they brought him to the mission” he said.
” Agent Blackbird?” I said checking the picture of the man something about him seems familiar.
” I asked for the identity of the man but no one knows, they said it is confidential” he said.
I look more into the picture trying to get where I’ve seen those eyes before, then something snapped.
” Wait Bosar, give me one of MIA’s picture” I said then he went to my drawer and brought it out.
I placed the picture beside each other and used a pen to draw a beard and mustache to that of MIA’s.
” Allaah……. he’s….. he’s… he’s the same man” Bosar said.
” This man has taken everything from me, he killed my father, My brothers, now the last blood I have left” I said angrily.
” He will pay with everything he has and everything he hold dear……I will make him pay”
” Bosar……. it’s now or never”.

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