MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY : Episode 1 – The End

??Married to a celebrity??

?All I want is his love?

By Rachel Fadipe

? Prologue ?

A famous artist, known by everyone, he never believed in marriage, but get wrapped by it as his mom who is suffering from cancer forced him to marry her friend’s daughter Sharon.

Sharon happily agrees to the marriage but she didn’t know that her worst nightmare is just about to begin.

??Married to a celebrity??

?All I want is his love?

? Chapter one ?

?Joe pov?

“No mom, you can’t force me to get married to a girl I don’t love, I don’t even know her. And also am a celebrity. I can’t do that” I protest.

“You have to, remember before you became a cele……… Or whatever, you were my son first” my mom yelled.

“Look mom, I love and respect you but I ain’t getting married, am still young for Christ sake!” I said.

“Look here boy, am not asking” she said.

Let me introduce myself, My name is Joseph Adams, age 25, son of Mrs Loveth Adams, am freaking handsome, every girl’s dream, am an actor, very popular, am also rich, my family is wealthy, am an actor and also the heir to my mom’s business. And when I thought am about to enjoy my life to the fullest, my mom brings up this marriage stuff and I ain’t getting married.

“Mom pls, I don’t want to fight you on this” I said.

“I don’t care….. ” she said and passed out.

“Mom!” I called and rushed to her.

“Dylan!” I shout. Dylan is my PA.

“Dylan!” I called again.

“Yes sir” he said and dashed in.

“What is going on?” He asked surprised.

“Get the car ready,” I said and carried my mom.

“Ok” he said and ran out.

I took my mom into the car and entered as Dylan drove us to a hospital.

?Sharon pov?

(In her room listening to some music when her mom dashed in without warning)

“Mom!”I called.

“What?” her mom Mrs Deola said and sat down.

“What is this about?” I asked.

“Do you remember a friend of mine that I told you about, that is looking for a wife for her son?” she asked.

“Yea, you always talk about her” Sharon said.

“Well, both I and her have decided her son is getting married to you” my mom dropped the bomb.

“What!” I shout.

“Look mom, it is not possible am not ready for any marriage” I said rudely.

“Am just 22” I said

“And so what? I got married when I was 18” she said.

“That was then, I can’t get married to any guy that came from nowhere, I don’t even care to know about him but I am not getting married to him” I said moving my hand along as I talked.

“Why do you think I agreed to this marriage” her mom said as she brings out her cellphone.

“What is that for?” I asked frowning.

“Here” her mom said and hands over the phone to her.

“Oh my God, Joe! You mean you know Joe’s mom” I asked excited.

“Oh my God, am f***king getting married!” I said elated.

“I know you will say that, I will give her a call now, and pls try cleaning your room and also stop saying f**king especially when she is around and pls try not to dress like a tomboy when he is here” my mom said.

“As you wish, as long as I get married to Joe, I will do anything” I said

“Am coming” she said and left.

I stood up from my bed, picked my bra and put it in my wardrobe.

My name is Sharon, a tomboy, not really that pretty but yeah am pretty, a huge fan of Joseph Adams, AKA Joe. Damn, I can’t believe am getting married to my crush.

“Am f***kin excited, dreams do come true” I said and jumped on my bed.

“So am going to be the new Mrs Adam, oh my God I can’t believe this” I said jumping on the bed.

?Joe pov?

(In the doctor’s office)

“Please what is wrong with my mom?” I asked.

“I guess she hasn’t told you, but your mom is suffering from cancer, she has a limited time to live” he said.

“What?” I asked as hot tears dripped down my face.

‘This is the reason she want me to get married’ I thought.

“Is there anything you can do?” I asked.

“We are trying our best but I can’t guarantee a solution” he said.

I exhaled deeply, “ok” I said and left his office.

I went to mom room and saw her awake.

“Hey” I said to her.

“Hi” she said smiling. I didn’t even know my own mom was suffering, I should at least make her happy.

“Mom, I think I want to get married” I said.

“Really?” my mom asked happy.

“Yes but no one must know, just a simple court marriage” I said.

“No problem as long as you get married” she said.

“Thank you so much” she said smiling while I hugged her.

Am doing this for my mom, but that doesn’t mean I will pity the bitch that wants to be my wife.

‘I will frustrate you till the end, you want to get married to me, be Mrs Adam let see how that goes for you’ I thought and smirked.

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