By: Mister Allen

Episode 21

Before I return” she jokingly said once. She was home for only two weeks before she had to travel again, “I promise all these numerous trips will end soon” she said to Jeff when she was leaving for another city again, when I’m fully confirmed as the new head of unit, someone else is going to be doing most of the traveling for me, we only have to go through this for six more months and it’ll be over” she assured, giving him a peck on the lips as he dropped her at the airport to catch yet another flight out of town; the more Lara was away, the closer Jeff and Lola became.

One day, Lola returned home from campus with the good news that she had passed one of the semester courses that had been giving her a tough time, “Uncle Jeff, I passed” she said jumping up and hugging him excitedly when he opened the door, “wow! That’s fantastic!” He exclaimed returning the hug, “I knew you would make it” he said giving her a pat on the back, “thanks for your support” she said, ” I couldn’t have done this without it” she added looking up at him, she suddenly found herself leaning forward to give him a kiss.

Jeff was a very handsome man, his good looks made it difficult for many ladies to resist him, hence the numerous advances he received from the opposite se.x, if it wasn’t for his principled nature, he would have cheated on Lara countless times in the past, but the vows he had made to her always kept him from doing that. This time however, for some reason, he found himself kissing Lola back, which eventually led to them tearing at each other’s clothes till Jeff found himself sweating n@ked on top of Lola on the living room couch, this time with no regrets, he had not been to “the promised land” in over 2 months because Lara was always too tired to do anything when she was around; Lola on the other hand didn’t care that the man she was holding on to tightly was her sister’s husband, she didn’t like the way her sister neglected him and felt he deserved more love and attention than he was getting.


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