He still couldn’t understand why Lola had set him up at the restaurant, he had resolved not to ask her and made up his mind to have nothing to do with her after what she had done.Almost as if reading his mind, Lola came down to the kitchen to join him some 10 minutes later.

Jeff had gotten carried away just recapping the day’s events while he sat in front of the kitchen counter sipping his juice and was startled by Lola’s footsteps when she entered the kitchen; she had initially pretended to go to her room and waited till Lara had gone to bed before coming back down.“You again?!” Jeff exclaimed picking his glass and heading out of the kitchen as Lola walked in, “please wait, I really need to talk to you” Lola said pulling him back into the kitchen”“I have nothing to say to you” Jeff said yanking his arm out of Lola’s firm grip, “please just hear me out” she begged holding onto his shirt, “I didn’t mean to putyou on the spot earlier today, I was just scared” she began, “really? And you thought pushing the blame to me and putting my marriage at risk was the best thing to do right?” Jeff hissed, “I was scared she would throw me out. I thought she had discovered about our secret love affair” She added.“love affair?” Jeff asked looking confused, “what nonsense love affair?” He questioned looking disgusted, “what do you mean by that question? Are you saying what we have is just sex and nothing more?” Lola asked trying not to raise her voice, “yes that’s what it was” Jeff replied, “sleeping with you earlier today and the other day was a mistake that should never have happened” Jeff barked.

Suddenly, they heard a loud noise, it sounded like one of the doors slamming shut. “what was that sound?” Lola whispered, “I thought Lara was supposed to be sleeping?” She asked looking puzzled,“Yes.. she’s….supposed to be asleep” Jeff stammered standing frozen against the kitchen counter and listening to see if he would hear footsteps coming from the staircase, “Not again! Not again!” Jeff panicked wishing the ground would open up to swallow him, “this can’t possibly be happening” he cried to himself, “what am Igoing to say to her this time? I don’t even know how long she has been listening for?” he thought, “Do you think she heard anything?” Lola whispered, “I don’t know” Jeff hissed, looking at the glass of juice in his hand like he wanted to smash it on the wall for causing his current dilemma, “I really hope not” he added, as they both fellsilent thinking of how they were going to escape Lara’s wrath this time….


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