(Cr@zily in love ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??

SEASON 2 Episode 30


I sat in the living room deep in thoughts. Why can’t we just get rid of this dev!l once and for all.

“Sarah.” I heard Piper and Bryan call.

“Hey.” I said smiling widely.

“You look sad, and you shouldn’t be.” Piper said sitting close to me, and Bryan sat next to her.

“I can’t help it Piper. She is evil and devlish. And now she is carrying his baby?” I said sadly.

“She will suffer.” They both chorused making me furrow my brows.
“Okay Guys, what are you planning?” I asked eagerly.

“We make her like us and comfortable around us..” Piper said and Bryan continued.

“We then help her get rid of the baby.” He said and my mouth dropped open.
“What! That is murder.” I exclaimed.

“Don’t forget this same Lady killed someone you know.” Piper said and I sighed remembering the good times Kuc and I had.

“But how do you go about that?” I asked.

“We will sort it out. She will never think we did it. It won’t be with pills or guns or anything. But she will lose that baby.” She said boastfully.

“Sometimes I do wonder if you are really four.” I said and I saw her countenance change.

“I am not four anymore. I clocked 5 last week.” She said proudly.
“Really? And you didn’t let me know?” I asked in shock.

“I couldn’t. I was busy making things right ” she said making me furrow my brows.

“The day she came to you asking you to come to Harry, was the day she clocked five.” Bryan said smiling.

“You should have told me Bryan.” I said feeling hurt.

“One thing is more important than the other.” She said smiling.
“Piper you are so sweet.” I said pulling her into my arms.

“I can never let that wicked woman into your happy home. I have experienced how happy you have been, I can’t let them get tampered with.” She said and I nodded kissing her hair.

“Is it because I am a boy that is why I can’t be held like her?” Bryan asked looking hurt.

“Come here.” Piper said pulling him to her as I hugged both of them to myself.

“You are blessings to me. If not for you, I would have lost Harry. I love you so much.” I said kssing her heads.

“We love you too.” They chorused making me smile.

Elizabeth blood sample was taken by my very close friend. He is a very good doctor.

“It will be ready in ten minutes.” He said and I nodded.

We sat in his office waiting for the result of the tests.
“Harry.” Elizabeth called.

“Don’t you try starting a conversation.” I said coldly trying so hard not to hit her.

“Do you hate me so much?” She asked and Kuc’s picture flashed into her memory making me clench my jaw.

“I will be back.” I said standing up and walking out. I moved out of the entire hospital and stood close to my car.

I brought out my phone and dialed Max’s number.

? Max

?Hey Dude.

? I need your help

? Spill it.

? I found something that will be very useful to get Lizzy behind bars.

? And that is?

? She killed Kuc.

? What!

? Yes max, that is enough to pay back for her bad deeds.

? How sure are you?

? I have proof, you should know right from time that I don’t say something I am not sure of.

? How real is it?

? 99.9%. I will send you the number, picture and text now.

? Hold on, how did you get to know?

? Piper helped by taking her phone without her knowledge.
? Geez that Piper is a genius.

? You can say that again.

? Once you send it, should report straight away?

? No, not yet. I need more things to implicate her.

? Okay then. And ain’t you coming to the company?

? Max I can’t in all these mess. I trust all the job into your hands.
? Okay then.

? Bye.
I hung up and walked back into the hospital, I got into the office and I saw the doctor was there already.

“Doc, what does the test say?” I asked eagerly.
“Here.” He said handing the results over to me.

I read it and my eyes caught the percentage.
“99.999999%.” I called out in shock.

“It is your baby Harry.” He said and I felt like I would lose consciousness soon.
“I told you Harry.” Elizabeth said happily making me burn in fury.



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