(Cr@zily in love ?)

SEASON 2 Episode 28

I laid on the bed holding Sarah very close to myself. We had a very nice time together, i can’t wait for her to get pregn@nt.
“Baby.” She called looking at me.
“Yes love.” I replied staring at her.
“You won’t leave me right?” She asked fearfully.
“I will never leave you Sarah.” I said kissing her hair sweetly.
“I am not comfortable with her here.” She said sighing.
“I know baby. But it is for the mean time,I promise you.” I replied and she nodded slowly.

There came a knock on the door making us sit up.
“Its me.’ Piper whispered making me rush to the door.
“Piper.” I called as she walked In and I locked the door.
“Sarah I am sorry. I had to say all those nonsense about you to get close to her.” She said hugging Sarah tight.
“I understand Piper. And I must say, that was a smart move.” She replied smiling.
“What are you up to Piper?” I asked walking back to the bed as she sat between us.
“I got something!” She said bringing out a phone from her dress.
“Omg, this is Elizabeth’s.” I said collecting the phone from her.
“How did you get it?” Sarah asked her in awe.
“I helped her carry her bag, so I took it while she was unaware. I knew very well there would be something beneficial on it.” She said making me smile.
I opened the phone and to my advantage it had no passwords.
The first thing I checked was the call log. I saw different names that I wasn’t even familiar with.

I was still searching when a message popped into the phone.
“Done boss.” I read out opening the message to see a photo attached.
I opened it and I saw Kuc laying dead in his own blood.
“F**k!” I yelled in shock.
“What is it Harry?” Sarah asked collecting the phone from me and Piper kept staring at us in confusion.
“Omg!” Sarah said as tears rolled down her face. Her hands began to shake and I knew she was destabilized.
“I need to take the phone back before she notice.” Piper said trying to collecting the phone but I stopped her.
“So she killed him? Why would she do such a thing?” Sarah asked and I took my phone to send the message and number to it.
“Piper take this back smartly.” I said giving it to her and she nodded walking out.
“No, he didn’t deserve that.” She said shaking her head and crying so hard.
“I am so sorry Sarah.” I said pulling her to myself.
“What could he have done to her to deserve this? Why?” She askrd holding me so tight as she kept crying.
I placed my head on hers kssing her very hard.
“Please don’t cry.” I said sadly.
“I can’t Harry. I can’t stop crying.” She said and I felt so much pain for her.
Though I really didn’t like Kuc, but I never wanted him to end this way. I wanted him to see Sarah and I succeed.
“I will kill her Harry.” She mumbled sadly.
“You won’t do such Sarah, I wil take care of this.” I said petting her as she kept crying.

I sneaked to her room then I stopped suddenly. How will I return the phone when she is still awake?
What if she finds out it isn’t there.
“Piper think.” I mumbled holding my head and an Idea popped inside my head.
I ran to the living room and sat on the couch looking for any games on it.
Almost immediately I began to hear Elizabeth yell my name.
“Piper.” She called as she came to the living room.
“Yes?” I said smiling widely.
Her eyes widened as she saw the cellphone with me.
“How did you have that?” She asked in horror collecting it from me.
“I am sorry, I just wanted to play games.” I said as tears began to roll down my cheeks instantly.
“You should have told me.” She said in anger.
“I am sorry. Please don’t hate me.” I said going on my knees in tears and I saw her soften.
“Am sorry piper. I just don’t like the fact that you took it from my bag without my consent. ” she said pulling me to herself.
“I am sorry. I thought you saw me.” I replied soberly.
“It’s fine. You tell me next time okay?” She said and I nodded happily.
“Thank you Elizabeth, I love you.” I replied hugging her while I kept a disgusted look as she brushed my hair with her palm.
G0sh, she is so stupid to believe I like her.
She smells awful.

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