(Cr@zily in love ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??

SEASON 2 Episode 24

I laid on the bed anxiously waiting for Piper to show up with Sarah. I really pray and hope I am not wasting my time doing this.

Sarah can be so Adamant you know.

I nervously checked the screen of my phone and I saw it was already 7pm.
“Is she still coming at all?” I thought when I heard the door of the living room open.

“Sh!t they are here.” I said sliding the duvet over me as I began fo shiver. My eyes closed automatically and I felt I was beginning to look pale.

Don’t be surprised, the same way Piper is good at acting, the same way I am too. It is in the blood.

“He is here.” I heard Piper say and my heart skipped. They sounded close.

She is here! She is here! I kept my eyes shut waiting eagerly for her to walk in.
The door of the room opened and I heard them walk in.

“Harry.” Piper called almost like a whisper placing her small hand on my forehead.
“Sarah! Sarah!” I called with my eyes still shut. Tears began to drop down my eyes real quick.

Well it was easy for me, because I actually do miss her and feel so hurt for doing this to her.

“Sarah please come closer.” Piper said in a shaky voice.

I heard footsteps walk closer to me and soon I could perceive her.
“She is really here?.”

I felt her touch my forehead and I could hear her weep silently.

“Sarah?” I called holding her hand to my forehead and opening my eyes tiredly.
Then I saw her clearly. Her face was wet and swollen like she cried all the way down here.

“Sarah.” I called as tears kept dropping persistently.
“I will be outside.” Piper said walking out. God bless you for me kid sis.

She removed her hand from my forehead and looked away crying.

“I heard you are not feeling okay. How are you feel now, I need to go back.” She said standing up.

“I am not fine Sarah. I feel like I will die soon without you by my side. I feel like I am going cr@zy knowing you are hating me everyday.” I said weakly in a shaky voice.

“Harry you can’t deceive me. You are totally fine, you have Elizabeth by your side. Why do you need me?” She asked looking at me angrily.

“I was set up Sarah.” I said and I saw her furrowing her brows.

“Don’t give me that f**king shit Harry! You were f**king set up and you were kssing her and f**king her like you really wanted to hun!” She yelled in tears.

“Sarah I am sorry. I swear to God, I was injected by some stupid sedative that made me think it was you.” I said sadly raising my hand to meet her.

“Don’t you dare touch me! Harry hear yourself, you thought it was me? Do we look the same? Does she smell like me? It is so stupid.” She said within gritted teeth.

“I love you Sarah. I really do. If I don’t, I won’t be looking for you everywhere. I would have just stayed with her, but I don’t feel anything for her.” I said trying to sit up.
“Arrrgh.” I groaned and she rushed to me looking at me.

“Are you okay?” She asked and I stared at her.
“I am not Sarah’. I feel so bad right now, I can’t do anything knowing you think I am the bad one here. I know I have no reasonable proof and I sound stupid.” I said bowing my head.

I heard her sigh as she sat on the bed.
“I love you so much Harry. That night I got your message, I rushed to the kitchen to make dinner. I couldn’t wait for you to come home.”

“Time began to fly and I kept checking the time, calling your phone but it wasn’t going. At the edge of me almost going cr@zy I saw the vide0.”

“Wtf! I saw the f**king video. I was home cooking and waiting for you, almost going cr@zy, and you were out there f**king someone else.”

“Do you know how that feels? It sucks! It hurts! It’s wickedness! Selfishness!” She smacked angrily.

“Sarah I swear it wasn’t tensional. I was under an influence of drugs, I was injected on my way home by some men.”

“The next time I opened my eyes, I felt so hard and it was like I was going to burst. Then I saw you kssing me.”

“I took you in my arms happily, feeling you had come at the right time.”
“Not until morning when I saw it was Elizabeth. I was shocked, unstable, scared, I looked so stupid!”

“I rushed back home to see you had gone, I called you but it wasn’t connecting anymore. I called mother and she said she doesn’t know where you are.” I explained wishing she would give me a chance.

“How do you expect me I believe these?” She asked looking at me.

“Because it is the truth Sarah. I would never do anything to hurt you.” I said and she smirked.

“Men lie. Men are liars.” She said standing up and walking to the door.

“Sarah once you step out of that door without forgiving me, then I will die. But if you insist, allow me say this.” I said and she stopped walking facing the door and backing me.

“I fell in love in the right way with you. You changed me from the rude and arrogant man to this sweet and loving man, ready to do anything for love.”

“I am cr@zy about you Sarah. I know you may not believe me and I guess this is my fate. Thank you for giving me the best days of my life. I will never forget you in the other world.”

“I know Heavens sees me heart and knows I am saying the pure Truth. People told me my past would hunt me but I didn’t heed.”

“I guess this is it. I think dying is the best because once I lose my first and one true love, I don’t think I need to keep living.”

“Thank you for coming, I will always love you even after death.” I said in great tears and laid on the bed facing the wall.

I heard her weeping and soon she opened the door and walked out.

“She really hates me.” I thought feeling so so hurt.

Just when I was at the edge of losing hope, the door opened again and all my thought was it is piper. It is Sarah.

She turned me to her and sat on me giving me a very h0t slap on my face.

“I deserve more.” I said in tears as her tears dropped on my face.

She bent her head to me and placed her l!ps on mind kssing me so hard like her life depended on it.
I kssed her back running my hands over her back.

“The day the same repeats itself, I will kill you myself.” She said smiling.

“Okay.” I nodded happily as I pulled her to me kssing her again.

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