(Cr@zily in love ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??

SEASON 2 Episode 22


I walked to Harry’s house still thinking about our discussion over the phone. What did this Elizabeth really plan?

I got to his door and pressed the door bell. He opened up and he looked like a mess. He seems so hurt than I thought.

“Dude you look terrible.” I said as we walked to the living room.

“I am terrible.” He said tiredly.

“Where is Sarah?” I asked staring at him, and I saw tears around the corner of his eyes.

“Harry? What wrong?” I asked fearfully. I have never seen him this way.

“She left. Sarah left me.” He mumbled weakly.

“What! Why?” I asked In shock.

“Lizzy plan it all. After I left the company that day, I was in my car, on my way back home when some guys crossed me on the road.”

“They shot some thing like that into me and because of the power, I became so dizzy and fell asleep.”

“Then I woke up to feel so so hard.” He said in tears.

“Wow, that is exactly what happened to me too.” I said sadly.

“They must of put it in me too. I woke up feeling this great urge to f**k. Then I saw her on me kssing me already.”

“It was Sarah I saw. I never knew it was Lizzy. I even called her Sarah.” He said breaking down into great tears.

“Don’t carry Harry. You are a man.” I said.

“It hurts Max. I already told her that I would be home soon, and the most annoying fact of it is that she took a vide0 of us having s*x, and sent it to her using my phone.” He yelled and my mouth dropped open.

“What! That girl is a dev!l.” I exclaimed.

“She is a devil. She attached some crazy text to it and that was it. Sarah who had been waiting all night saw it and left me, and I can’t blame her for that.” He said.
“Wow, this is worse than I thought. I said sighing.

“It is Max. I am not getting myself at all. I can’t lose her, I will die.” He said.
“You won’t lose her Harry. Do you know her location?” I asked.

“I don’t! I tried her number and it wasn’t available.” He said in frustration.
“Don’t you think she is at her house?” I asked again.

“I already called her mother and she said no. I am so sick right now.” He said.

“Take it easy Harry. We will sort this out, and Elizabeth will pay for this.” I said clenching my jaw.

“She will. I will kill her myself!” He yelled. He is really hurt ?.

“You won’t Harry. It will tarnish your image, I will sort that out.” I said but he shook his head.

“I don’t care about any f**king image.” He said within gritted teeth.

I breathed out heavily thinking of what next to do.
“What happened to you?” He asked.

“Its nothing compared to yours, forget about it. I am okay.” I said smiling.
“And Gloria?” He asked.

“We are cool. When she noticed how hard and hurting I was when I woke up she decided to calm me down.” I said and he nodded.

“Thank God she is understanding.” He said and I nodded.
“She is very understanding.” I added.

“Max Sarah can’t just leave me, I love her. I love her so much.” He said tearily.
“I know you do, and she does too. You just have to explain to her.” I said.

“She didn’t give me a chance. She is so hurt, everything was going fine not until when I ruined it all.” He said.

“I can’t blame her, and I can’t blame you. I know how crazy that feeling is because I felt that same way. Lizzy is the b**ch here and we need to pur her in her place.” I said and he nodded.

“I am so lonely.” He mumbled laying on the couch and folding his arm.

“Do you mind if we take a walk? You need it right now.” I said but he shook his head.

“I don’t want to.” He said weakly.

“We can’t think of the next thing to do in this house. We need fresh air, so get the f**k up.” I said pulling him up.

“You are a man. You need to be strong for Sarah, for what you feel for each other.”
“We are going for that walk, cheer up and look for a solution to this deep sh!t.” I said and he sighed standing up.

“Good.” I said smiling.


I sat in my living room thinking about Harry. He seemed so angry with me, but I know he won’t anymore when I tell him I am pregnant with his child.

I really wish I can see him again and have another hot f**king round.

And for his miserable wife ???, I am sure she is down in tears wherever she is now. She will never forgive Harry. ?

She really thinks she can mess up with me. I am the boss here,no one tried shit with me or my man.

An idea popped into my head and I picked up my phone to call Tom.

? Hey Tom

? Lizzy What’s up?

? I need you to spy on Sarah. I want to know her every move. I can’t wait for her to leave Harry’s house.

? Consider it done ???.

? Good. Consider your payment intact ??.

I hung up and rested my head on the couch feeling so achieved.

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