(Cr@zily in love ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??

SEASON 2 Episode 26

We all sat in the living room, Sarah, Bryan, Piper and I. The television was on, and we were watching a movie.

Sarah sat on my th!ghs and I wrapped my hands around her. These two months have been the best.

No Kuc, no Elizabeth just me and Sarah.

Piper and Bryan has been so happy about our reunion and the happiest thing is that, they are on vacation.

They will be staying with us till the end of holiday. It has been nothing but sweet and loving.

“Bryan don’t tell me you are asleep already.” Piper said tapping Bryan on the cheek slowly.

“I am sleepy.” He said rubbing his eyes.

“You told me you won’t sleep till the end of this movie, so get up.” She said pulling him to her making us laugh.

“Piper please. If I don’t sleep now, I don’t know what will happen.” He said like the baby he is.

“Fine. Suit yourself.” She said standing up and walking away.

“Piper, I won’t sleep anymore.” He said standing up and running after her.

“They are the cutest.” Sarah said smiling.

“Yes Love.” I said kssing her hair.

The door bell rang stopping our love act.

“I will get it.” She said standing up while I kssed her l!ps before she stood up.

She opened the door and then I saw Elizabeth push her aside and walk in.

“What the h*ell are you doing here!” I yelled standing up and walking to her in anger.

“Harry calm down, I am not here to fight nor argue.” She said making me grow more in fury.

“Get out.” I said within gritted teeth.

“I can’t, I am carrying your baby.” She said and I saw Sarah gasp.
“What?” I asked.

“Yes Harry. Here are the results, so I am going no where.” She said throwing the paper at me and walking to sit on the couch.

I looked at Sarah and I saw she was at the edge of crying.
“Sarah.” I called.

“Open it.” She said as tears rolled down her eyes.

“No, it isn’t relevant.” I said shaking my head.

“Of course it is. You got her pregn@nt, and now she is here to meet the father of her child.” She said smiling.

“Sarah No.” I said but she shook her head.

“How many months?” She asked making me sigh.
I finally opened it and read it.

“Two months.” I said sadly.

“Perfect.” She said walking away but I held her back.

“Sarah I don’t even know if I am the owner.” I said sadly.

“You slept with her, anything could have happened.” She said.

“Yes anything, apart from also getting pregn@nt. Sarah please calm down, we need to fight this together.” I said and she looked at Elizabeth who sat like a Queen on the couch surveying the house like it is her first time.

“Did she hear our conversation?” She asked looking at me.
“No, we didn’t speak up.” I said and she breathed out heavily.

“Well, if truly she carries your baby, I don’t know what to do about that.” She said folding her arms under her bre@$ts.

“We will sort it out, trust me.” I said and she nodded slowly.

I held her hand and we both walked to the living room like the couples we really are.

“Here, I won’t accept anything you say or that baby you claim to have for me until I run a test for you myself.” I said holding Sarah very close to me.

“I know you will say that, but i am not scared. I am ready to go for any test to prove you impregnated me.” She said and I felt so sorry for Sarah.

“You know even if he is the father, it won’t change anything because he won’t marry you.” Sarah said smiling.

“Let’s wait and see bi*ch.” She said and I felt so angry.

Sarah wanted to walk to her but I held her back.

“She is cunny, let her be. I will deal with her.” I whispered into her ears making her calm down.

“So when are we going for the test?” She asked smiling.

“Test? What test?” Piper asked cutting in.

She looked at us before looking at Elizabeth who was beaming widely.

“Wow you look so beautiful. My name is Elizabeth.” She said smiling sweetly at Piper.

“Elizabeth, wow. I have heard so much about you.” Piper replied walking close to her.

“Bad ones right?” She asked.

“No, good ones. Harry really likes you and I do too. Unlike her.” She said shooting Sarah a disgusting look.

“She knows what she is doing.” I whispered into Sarah’s ear.

“I know Piper well Harry, she will kill her before I time.” Sarah whispered boldly making me smirk.

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