(Cr@zily in love ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??

SEASON 2 Episode 29


“Baby its morning.” I heard Sarah say kssing my l!ps slightly.
“Good morning.” I said stretching on the bed.

“Morning.” She said smiling and I smiled back sitting up.

“When are you going for the tests?” She asked looking sad.
“Soon.” I replied and I saw her sigh.

“I am so eager and at the same time scared. I don’t want her anywhere around me.” She said looking so sad.

“Sarah look at me.”

“She won’t be anywhere around us because I won’t let that happen. Whatever she is carrying in her tummy whether mine or not doesn’t matter.”

“That child is bad luck.” I said and she nodded.

“I can’t get Kuc off my mind.” She said sighing.

“Please Sarah forget about him okay?” I said and she nodded putting a smile on her face.

“Time to bath.” She said standing up and pulling me to her. I was up and I stood in front of her staring into her eyes.

“You look so beautiful.” I said making her giggle.

“You tell me that everyday Harry, stop flattering me.” She replied shyly.

“Your beauty renews everyday in my sight.” I said and she hugged me tightly.

“Enough of the talks now. Go take a bath.” She said disengaging.
“Kss me.” I said smiling.

“Harry.” She called rolling her eyes.

“Do it.” I said closing my eyes.

I heard her sigh and soon felt her hand wrap around my neck and before our l!ps could meet she released me quickly running to that bathroom.

“Sarah.” I called running after her, to see her puking into the basin.
“Are you okay?” I asked fearfully.

“I am fine. Just a stomach upset.” She said rinsing her mouth with water.

“Should we go see the doctor?” I asked again and she shook her head negatively.

“I am totally okay.” She said smiling.

“Sarah.” I called insure.

“Baby I am okay.” She said holding my hand tightly.

“Okay.” I nodded reluctantly.

“Take your bath.” She said walking out of the bathroom.


I took my bath happily knowing we are going to run some tests which will defiantly be positive because I didn’t fraud anything.

He f**ked me and it lead to pregnancy, is it so hard to believe.

I walked out of the room to the living room to see Harry and Sarah waiting there already.

“You were waiting for me?” I asked grinning.
“Let’s get going.” Harry said coldly.

“Hold on, she is coming?” I asked looking at Sarah in disgust.

“And what if i come b**ch.” She said walking close to me but Harry stooped her.

“Sarah I wil be back soon, please stay home with Piper and Bryan.” He said kssing her l!ps making me scoff.

“It will be over soon.” I cursed.
“Over for you.” She added making me laugh.

“Elizabeth enough of this sh*t and let’s get the test done okay?” Harry said making me laugh.

“Your wish is my command baby.” I said making him shoot me a deadly look.

“Be back soon love.” Sarah said watching us as we walked to the door.
“I will Baby.” He replied as we finally got out of the house.

“You know it is amazing knowing we are going out in the same car. Isn’t that amazing.” I said happily.

“Shut the f**k up, no more words from you till when necessary.” He said hopping into the car.

“You know you look extra h0t when angry. You make me” I said sitting at the front close to him.

“Sl*t.” I heard him curse.

“Don’t you ever call me that Harry. I didn’t force you to f**k me.” I said angrily.
“You didn’t? Oh right you didn’t, but you had the f**king guts to inject me?”

“You know what? Anymore talks from you, I swear I will hit your face so hard till it damages.” He roared making me shiver.

I wanted to talk but then I remembered Harry can be so cr@zy when angry so I kept my precious mouth shut.

I know he will get gentle as soon as he sees I am really carrying his baby. And he will love me more than even he himself.

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