(Cr@zily in love?)
Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??

SEASON 2 Episode 25

“Thank you so much doctor.” I said happily shaking hands with him.

“You are welcome.” He replied and I nodded walking out of his office with my pregnancy test result in my hand.

I hit the envelope on my hand constantly grinning widely.

I gave Harry the space of two months without disturbances. I wanted to come back to him giving him no choice than to accept me.

Now I am pregnant and there is nothing he can do about it. He will have to marry me.

I got to my car and was about opening the door when I saw a man walk up to me.
“Hi.” He said smiling.

“Hi.” I replied trying to recollect if I know him.

“I am Kuc.” He said stretching his hand to me.

“What do you want?” I asked ignoring his hand.

“I want what you want.” He said smiling.

“What the h*ell are you talking about?” I asked.

“We are on the same page Lizzy.” He said smiling.

“How do you know my name?” I asked suspiciously.
“You are quite popular.” He said laughing.

“You know what? F**k off.” I said opening the door.

“I can’t not until you take that miserable man away from my way.” He said holding me back.

“What the hell?’ I yelled looking at him.

“If you can’t handle Harry, then I guess i will have to kill him myself so he can leave Sarah alone.” He said and my heart jumped.

“Kill Harry? You won’t dare!” I roared and he bursted into laughter.

“I give you 24 hours to move him far away from Sarah, or you may lose him for life.” He said and began to walk away.

I stared at his back in awe till he was out of sight.
“Did he just f**king threaten me?” I asked looking around again to see if I was not dreaming.

“It hurts when you see am handsome young man waste his early life.” I mumbled hoping into my car and riding away from the hospital.

I picked up my phone and dialed another number.

? Another job for you.
I said and hung up grinning.


I got Home feeling a little scared of what I told Elizabeth. I know she is capable of doing something very cr@zy.

But she is taking so much time. I need Harry out of the way as soon as possible, He and Sarah are back and it hurts so much.

“You should have just spoken to her politely.” My senses thought.

Yeah I know. But I am so f**king desperate right now. For two months she was unable to do anything.

Time is going and I am not growing any younger at all. I need her badly, I don’t think I can fall in love with someone else.

I sighed and sat on the chair at my bar pouring out some drink for myself. I really wish Tom is here to hear me out.

Just then I heard a knock on my door.

“Tom?” I thought getting the door.

“Hey dude.” He said smiling.

“You came at the right time motherf**ker.” I said shutting the door.

Then I faced him and to my outermost surprise he helped out a gun to me.
“Tom.” I called fearfully.

“You were so so stupid for threatening Elizabeth.” He said.
“Tom you are my friend.” I said shaking.

“A friend who is desperate for money just as you are desperate to have Sarah.” He replied smiling.

“Tom please drop the gun. We can talk this out, how much did she pay you?” I asked.

“Its not about the pay. Once I don’t do this, she will hunt both of us and kill us.” He said.

“Tom please. Don’t let her come in between us.” I pleaded going on my knees.

“I wished I could decide that Kuc. You know you have really suffered in this world, your love doesn’t want to see you. Don’t you think the best thing is death?” He asked corking the gun.

“Tom come on, fine I will let her go.” I said fearfully.

“Boss gave the order already. I am sorry.” He said and pulled the trigger, hitting me right on the forehead.

I fell to the ground and that was it, my eyes shut DEAD.

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