I paid him off and headed for them “hello beautiful my name is Charles ” I said.
She looked tired “my name is Gift” she said
I smiled “actually I’m on my way home when I saw that you’re having a problem with your car and I decided to try to help”
“Oh yeah, I’m having a real problem with the car, we’ve been here for almost an hour now and the car has refused to move…. ” she was still talking when the car made sound “wow it has started, I’m happy ” she smiled.

I smiled back maybe the car doesn’t need my help….. I stared at her for a while before she cut my attention “join us” she said, at once I joined her at the back seat while the driver was at the front driving…..

She’s cute but I don’t have to complement her because she might blush and think I’m tripping for her…… We chatted, I told her about my journey and how it was outside the country…… She laughed often and said she wished she could visit outside the country and witness all what I was saying…..

It was nice with her….. But I know it will be better with my darling Anabel.


Raymond and his wife decided to visit Alex family to know about their welfare, Mr and Mrs Alex were happy for Ray and his new life. They could see the happiness written all over him.

They all decided to visit Danny and his wife surpringly on Sunday to have their family friendship celebration.

Rose had specially congratulated Belinda, the two women chatted privately for a while about their affairs, Belinda consoled Rose and assured her things gonna be fine some day

? hope you now understand our unknown pov, it’s Charles the brother to Edith and the fiancé to Annabel. Now that Annabel wants to spoil Edith marriage, will her own even work? She doesn’t know she was hurting her sister-in-law else she wouldn’t have threatened to tell Edith.


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