Cold ran down my spine immediately I saw Rose standing in front of me, I think she has overheard it. I began to cough immediately, she ran to bring water for me while others came outside, my husband opened his mouth wide when he saw the lady “Just tell me she’s lying and nothing has ever happened between the both of you ” I said faintingly but he didn’t replied.

I couldn’t describe the kind of headache I had immediately he kept quiet, my chest ache not knowing where the pains was coming from exactly.

I ran inside while everyone ran after me calling my name, I took my box where my clothes were well folded inside, I took knife warning that I’ll starb whoever tries to stop me….

I picked my car keys and headed to my family house.

(Danny’s pov)

Without anyone telling me I know I’ve loosed my wife cause she had never leave with her box. She didn’t cry but I know she was hurt deeply, I would have endured everything.

The witch left immediately I came outside…. I know my friends were disappointed of me but what will I tell Edith’s parents….. Tears drop down my eyes…… Alex kept on asking me if what he heard was truth but his voice seems to be sounding from afar…..


(Mrs Brown’s pov)

I was shocked when my daughter narrated everything to me, I’ve never prayed for that upon my children…. Danny has been a responsible person not until when I heard his secret…… I’ll wait to here his own view.


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