Episode 20

Edith was rushed to the hospital, nobody knew what was wrong with her. Charles pleaded with Annabel for the inconvenience, he took her to her house. She was so confused and speechless “baby I’m so sorry over what happened, my sister is suffering from marital trauma and I guess that was why she lost conscious. But I pray things gonna be fine ” he said

She thought of what to do knowing if he leaves her that will be the end, she decided to form sicky. He cuddled her but it was not enough to her, they engaged in kissing.

She unbuttoned his clothes and tried to undress herself but he stopped her “no dear we don’t need to do this now, I’ll wait patiently after our wedding, the night will be for the both of us. I don’t want to defile you because I’ll not be happy if someone will do such with my sister ” he said trying to dress her back.

She began to cry “tell me I’m not beautiful, tell me you don’t like my skin. Why all this? I’m your wife to be and there is nothing bad having sex with me” she said.

He nodded “I’m not saying it’s bad but I want us to do it at the right time, if you are hungry for it then let’s make our wedding preparation as fast as possible. You’re my favorite and I don’t want to hurt you for Christ sake ” he said

She smiled and moved very close to him “Are you scared of pregnancy or what? If I get pregnant it’s still cool” she said
He nodded his head in disagreement “never will I do that, my first child will not be conceived out of wedlock. ” he said
“we can still do the wedding even with my pregnancy and nobody will know about it ”
He laughed “you think so? I’m a member of Redeemed Christian Church of God and you know what it means. Before marriage they will conduct many test on us and pregnancy test will not be excluded. If you’re confirmed pregnant it will be a disgrace on us. ”
She fumed to be angry but he kissed her forehead and left immediately, she called him several times but he refused to answer her. He left for the hospital immediately.


Life has been difficult for Danny, he found it hard to concentrate at work. Ever since Annabel came to his house to tell his wife everything she had not visited or called him. He now knew she (Annabel) was in for destruction.

He was at his office thinking of how he would explain everything to his parents so that they would accompany him to apologize to Edith’s family. He found it hard to go there alone due to the pains he had caused his wife and the disgrace he has brought to her family.

Gift tapped him unexpectedly when he was already lost in thought, he jumped up in surprise “I’m so sorry sir! Actually, I came to inform you that we won the contract ” she said expecting him to be happy.

“That’s good of you. You tried ” he said not even bothering to glance at her, she became very upset because he’s the type that always celebrate winning contract and award people involved in the successful works.

She left for her office immediately also lost in thought but an idea struck her. She decided to give Edith a call. A matured voice that sounds like that of Edith but deeper answered the call…..

She told her Edith was admitted at Harmony Hospital, Gift shouted immediately and ran to Danny’s office to tell him about it.

He was also shocked but scared of going, he narrated everything that transpired between him and Edith to her and told her about his fear of going alone. She offered to go with him and also prayed things move fine for Edith.

She also cheered him up believing Edith still loves him. She told him not to be afraid to face whatever her parents would say and he should still be ready to face the worst from them.

They made working snappy in order to go and visit Edith at the hospital…. Danny’s heart beatt fearfully…. He promised himself that he would stop working if everything works well and make Gift the head of all department.


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