MY EX IS MY BOSS: Episode 21-The End

My ex is my boss

Episode 21

Selena’s POV

Two Weeks Later

‘I’m tired’..I murmured inside my pillow as Xander began kssing my shoulders all over again….

‘Tired?? Okay I’ll stop then’..He replied and tried to leave but I held his hair back..

‘Does’nt mean you should stop?? You know your lips are magical’..i whispered and he smiled again as he kssed me softly on the mouth..

‘Good morning’..

‘Wait it’s morning already?? I’ve got to prepare Emily for school!!!’…I flinched trying to leave but he pinned me back on the bed..

‘Janet took care of that’.

‘Really?? What about work??’..I asked..

‘Mac is handling it and besides I don’t want to go anywhere’..He replied..

‘The last time I checked Xander Work was all you cared about and now you’re so lazy to save get up??’..I frowned deeply as I tried getting out of the bed again but he still held me down..

’First all I cared about was just work now all I care about is you and my daughter and I can’t live without the way have you told me you love me this morning??’..He whispered in reply and I shook my head…

‘Now tell me you love me’..He added and I still shook my head..

‘Selena don’t be stubborn tell me you love me’..




‘Okay just tell me you like me’..he begged furthermore but I still refused..

Two weeks with Xander has been the most wonderful in my life and he was right..

All i had to do was let go of the past and then move on to get to know him more and I did,he wasn’t the rude and Arrogant ba$tard!? .

Only the sweetest person I could ever meet and I love him even more..

If no one knew us they would think we were married due to the public display of affection and Emily seems to enjoy every bit of it..

She turned five last week and he got her an iPhone!!!…

I say he spoils her too much but he doesn’t listen to me anyways so I back out like I should…

‘So you’re not going to say you love me huh??’..He whispered and I nodded not going to say something to him and the next thing I knew his hands slipped under the nightie I was wearing…

‘You know we haven’t done anything yet’..He whispered and I slapped his hands off..

‘I’m not ready for that Yet And yes I love you’..

Alexander’s POV
I’ve been trying to show how much I love this woman for two weeks and she still won’t let me touch her??….

I get her gifts..

I say I love her every minute…

I make her feel so special but she still wouldn’t let me even see her nked on my bed even though she $educes me a lot with her revealing clothes…

What do I have to do what to make her mine fully??..

‘You look lost in thought’…Mac muttered and I sighed deeply.

‘It’s Selena’..


‘Yeah Selena..You just heard me say it!’..I snapped..

‘Okay what’s the problem brother,the love doctor is here’..He replied as I sat on the edge of my table..

‘We love each other and you know we do.. I’ve done my best to keep her from remembering the past and still she wouldn’t even let me in the shower with her or see her nked’..


‘Yeah yikes and she does it on purpose!! She wears sexy things anytime she’s spending a night with me and walks around with her hair pulled down!! She slides onto my thighs and ksses me to the point that my little man gets up and when I want to do it she just pushes me off!!’..I groaned loudly and he couldn’t help it but laugh.

‘You know you’ve got one crazy woman in your hands and yeah…She’s doing it on purpose but you also have to play the game you know?? $educe her back to the point where she begs for it’..

‘Really?? You think it’ll work??’..I asked and he nodded.

‘Why do you think Mila is always around me?? I $educed her so badly now she can’t do without the D’..

Selena’s POV?

At Night ?

I yawned loudly as I walked into Alexander’s room only for me to gulp hard seeing him all sweaty in jogging pants…

Mmmh mmh mmmh….

How have I not seen that tattoo before..

‘Hey’..I whispered with a flirtatious note in my voice…

‘Hey’..He replied quickly and kssed her hurriedly..

That’s strange??..

Xander has never kssed me hurriedly like this before??..

‘What’s uhhh what’s up with you??’..I asked not being able to concentrate seeing how sxy he looked…

‘Nothing,just about to take a shower and go to bed is there a problem with that??’..He replied and walked into the bathroom…

Okay what is wrong with you?

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