Written By Mezuo


My husband and I did our wedding recently and we were living peacefully until my mother in-law visited.

Initially,she did as if she liked me not knowing she is a villain.

Anytime I cook,this woman will be grousing that the food is either salty nor watery and each time she grumbles,my husband will take her to a restaurant.

MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 1 - 10.

This continued and it was really frustrating.

So one day,I boiled a rice and made a delicious stew. I didn’t add much salt neither did I add much water.

I was elated when I finished cooking because it was really tasty.
I was sure my mother in-law will enjoy it.

Lo and behold,this woman tasted the delicious delicacy I cooked and Jabbered that it was nauseating.

I was dumbstruck and stunned.

Ah! Mama this food is delicious, taste it once more “I muttered stunningly”
No! take this thing away from here “she replied wrathfully”

My husband came back and asked his mother what was the problem as he heard her thunderous voice.

Your wife doesn’t know how to cook “His mother gibbered”
Ah! Mama,no nah, darling, you can taste the food yourself,it is very delicious. ‘I uttered thoughtfully’

My husband did not say a word to me, he went into our room and came out.

He said “Mama let’s go somewhere”

I was full of fury and I tried to obstruct them but my husband gave me a hot slap that made me dash to the ground and I fainted.

Luckily,my house help came around and took me to the hospital.


When I got to the hospital,the doctor immediately put me on infusion and also run series of tests on me.

My house help stayed with me all through the night because the doctor said that I should sleep in the hospital.

In the morning,the doctor disclosed that I was two weeks pregnant.

I was like a dog with two tails and I couldn’t believe what I heard.

After the infusion had finished,I was discharged and I couldn’t stop my countenance from wreathing in smiles.

When I got home,I saw my mother in-law enjoying one of the weekly programs in DSTV.
I greeted her passionately and this woman didn’t even drool a saliva at me.

I went to my room instantly because I was drained. I was waiting for my cousin Temi to come so that I will tell him what I was going through.

Temi came and I ordered him to come to my chamber.I told him what I was going through and also that I was two weeks pregnant. We conversed and crack some jokes as usual.

Temi stayed for an hour before he left and I was patiently waiting for my husband to come back so that I will share the great news with him.

As Soon as Temi left,my husband came back and her mother told him in her Words “Michael, your wife’s boyfriend came here and they copulated in your matrimonial bed”

My husband was stunned hearing this and he rushed to my chamber wrathfully.
I saw him and I was trying to embrace him and show him the letter I got from the doctor.

My husband pushed me and I fell to the earth with my waist. Tears rolled down my face, streaming into the corner of my mouth and tasting like salt.

As I was trying to stand up,I saw blood gushing out from my thighs. My husband picked up the letter, read it and he was shocked, dumbfounded and perplexed.

I became unconscious and was taken to the hospital.


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