Episode 4

After crying bitterly at the night,I woke in the morning with bells on.

I started praying to God to intervene in my situation as I had no one to speak for me.

As I was praying,I heard a knock on my door. The knock was really abrupt and insistent as I kept praying with deaf ears.

When I finished praying,I went near to the door to descry the birdbrain that was Knocking on my door craggily.

Lo and behold,I saw my husband’s wife with numerous clothes including her undies.

Slothfully,I opened the door and this woman beat the daylights out of me.

We came to blows as Mike separated us. I explained everything to him and he didn’t believe me.

He believed all the lies his wife told him.
I was really dissatisfied and disappointed.

Mike instantly instructed me to take her wife’s and her mother’s clothes for laundry.

My heart started hammering and I wasn’t keen on washing those clothes but I had to do as I was instructed because I had no other alternative.

While I was washing those clothes,I heard someone yelling my name from the foremost side.

The call was insistent and I listened circumspectly in other to grasp who was calling.

I left the fabric I was washing to see who was calling and behold it was Ken, Mike’s younger brother.

I hugged him blazingly as I was out of the blue.
He went inside instantaneously to see Mike his elder brother and his mother.

When he got inside, he saw Mike’s wife and was bolt the blue

“Who are you “Mike’s wife asked curiously”

“I should be the one asking you that question “Ken replied”

Well,my name is Cynthia,this is my husband’s house “Mike’s wife jabbered as though she was bouncing off the walls”

Are you for real? When did you people get married? “Ken asked inquisitively”

“Last month,by the way who are you? “Cynthia replied”

Ken didn’t introduce himself to Cynthia and he left as though he was cheesed off.

He came to where I was doing laundry and started asking me numerous of questions.

“Who is that girl in my brother’s house? (Ken asked)

“Well, she’s your brother’s new wife” (I replied)

“Tell me you’re joking” “Ken muttered pensively”

My dear, I’ve suffered. Your brother and your mother now take me as their slave.

I’ve been beaten severally by your brother and I also lost my pregnancy because of him “I said all this with tears streaming down my Wang”

Ken went ballistic as he didn’t allow me to finish the story.


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